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Prestige Series DG25 vacuum Packing Machine

Product Description

“PRESTIGE” range of vacuum packing machines with chamber for desk definitely turns to those extremely demanding customers who look for high quality, solidity and working performance.

The latest version of this line is no doubt the best customers might be looking for, thanks to its new available functions: regulation of vacuum phase by sensor to get the most accurate result, self-cleaning pump system to keep pump oil clean as long as possible, the opening carter to make any after sale technical servicing much easier and faster…etc..

All the technical and structure details consider three basic aspects:

- High quality

- Long time granted reliability

- Total flexibility of the different models to operate in the most different sectors of use.

On demand, customers can apply for ATM system and old fashioned analogical control panel.


  • Simplified digitale control panel (one program- vac stop- Rapid sealing)
  • Oil made auto cleaning system
  • Entirely printed stainless steel vacuum chamber, with internal round corners
  • Removable sealing bars
  • Connection for the gastrovac system
  • 90° openable carter
  • Waterproof control Panel
  • Polyethilene filling squares set


  • Arrangement for idle gas
  • Special double height vacuum chamber to pack liquids (DG40)
  • Busch Pump
  • Exceeding cutting bar
  • Lid Hook
  • Charriot on wheels
  • Inclined plane for liquids
  • Analogic control panel


Prestige Series DG25 vacuum Packing Machine

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EUR €14,205.00

Technical Specification

  • Model : DG25
  • Structure : inox digit
  • Overall dimension : 360 x 400 x 400 H
  • Size of the Chamber : 260 x 300 x 160 H
  • Sealing bar : mm 250
  • Vacuum pump : Q= 6 m3/h-OIL
  • Weight : KG 32
  • Absorption : W 350
  • Voltage : 230 V/50 Hz

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