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New Isomac PRO 5.1
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Product Description

Professional heavy duty brewing group with progressive coffee infusion. This system allows smoothest extraction for optimum aroma, body and "crema".
Group's weight (4.050 kg approx 9 lbs) guarantees best thermic stability for maintaining a constant group temperature.
No-burn stainless steel steam and hot water wands* (only the end nozzle gets hot.)
Thermosyphon Circulation System: built with professional size components results in increased efficiency.
Copper boiler with brass endplate. Insulated boiler for energy savings and increased thermal stability.
Boiler automatic water refill, electronically controlled.
Coffee, steam and hot water can be prepared simultaneously as on a professional machine.
Sirai commercial pressostat and Ulka vibrating pump.
Commercial dedicated gauge for boiler pressure control.
Water supply 2.9 litre fresh water reservoir.
Body frame and Body work in stainless steel AISI 304 quality.
Fresh water reservoir with electronic level control which shuts off pump and heater when water level is low, protecting the machine.


New Isomac PRO 5.1

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Technical Specification

Stainless steel shiny bod. (AISI 304)
Press forged chromed brass groups with valves infusion chamber.
Boiler in copper equipped with transversal heat exchanger. Capacity : 1,8 lt
15 bar vibration pump.
Water tank capacity 2.9 liters.
Electronic control reservoir water level.
Electronic automatic water level.
Electronic control of the boiler water level
Anti – vacuum valve.
Steam wand anti sunburn
Hot water outlet anti burn
Manometer for the boiler pressure control.
Pressure switch commercial SIRAI
Manual reset safety thermostat
Width / depth / height 300 x 430 x 395 (mm)
Power feeding 220-240 Volt 50Hz - 120 Volt 60Hz
Potenza assorbita 1400 W


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