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Francis Francis Y5 Iperespresso

Product Description


 Espresso Y5 Iperespresso

The new model Iperespresso Y5 is coated with an aluminum body and black glass.
Its small size, fully frontal use the control panel to
extraction, water tank and used capsules , makes it the most versatile and
more compact range . Y5 is a stylish and functional machine and guarantees
above all optimal thanks to the innovative electronic card performance, the
touch technology and illumination of the cup during extraction. The range consists of
Two models: black and white / aluminum .
The machine comes with 14 capsules Iperespresso .


Francis Francis Y5 Iperespresso

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Technical Specification

Machine dimensions :
14.50 cm (W) x 28.50 (w ) x 24.50 ( h)
Body : aluminum and tempered glass
Heat exchanger: stainless steel
Water tank : 0.90 liters
Used capsule compartment capacity : 10 capsules
Pump: 19 bars
Weight: 4 kg
Voltage: 220 -240V, 50 /60 Hz
Power: 1250 W
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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Perfect machine

Ok, bit of background first: I have previously owned various espresso machines and last reviewed the X7.1, which I recently decided to replace with the Y5. The reason behind my upgrade was simple; convenience. As a bit if a coffee nerd, I love experimenting with and perfecting my barista repertoire, which is why my previous machines have all featured dedicated steam functions to allow as much faffing around as possible in the milk department. Recently however, I have struggled to make time in the morning to make my perfect cup (part of the reason I switched to iperespresso in the first place) but lo, along came the Y5 with its one touch milk/latte/cappucino function and it was just too tempting not to try out... So with some trepidation at losing my ability to manually steam milk, I dove in. 1 month (and far too much caffeine) later, here is my review: Delivery: Huge props the NewPop. My machine was tracked from Italy to my door by DHL within a week. Over Christmas and to the Channel Islands no less. Couldn't have been more impressed with that. Build: The machine is nicely put together. It feels very premium with no wobbly bits and nothing to rattle as it pumps water or steams milk. The light under the dispenser, the touch buttons, the pod release mechanism all feel/look robust and high quality. Thumbs up all round. Use: Extremely easy to figure out and use. Learn what the symbols mean and you're ready to go. Very simply to clean. Takes a bit longer than the X7.1 to heat up, but one you're there it will produce cup after cup of near perfect coffee. Coffee: Espresso is, as you'd expect with a pod system, fabtastic every time. No pump issue or drip issues as with my previous machine. Regarding the milk function, I was prepared to put up with a bit of disappointment, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Cappuccino measurement is absolutely spot on and the milk texture is great. Latte Mach isn't really my jam but again it seems to produce a great rendition, all with one touch. I'm a little shocked at how good this thing is in all honesty. All my instincts are telling me somethimg will definitely go wrong with the milk as it surely can't compete with the deft touch of a barista.....but for me it really does. This is EXACTLY how I like my coffee and near enough exactly how I expect illy to be poured wherever I've travelled (from illy's flagship London cafe to various locations in Europe). It really is a remarkable feat for an automatic function. To sum up then, this machine does precisely what I wanted it to do. It makes my coffee how I like it at the touch of a button. It could be fluke that it happens to mach my particular tastes and I'm sure there are folk who will not have the same joy (we all like different things after all); but I can confidently say that from somewhat of a coffee snobs perspective this is very good coffee all round. If you have time to tinker in the morning then by all means stick with a standard machine with separate milk function. But if, like me, you just want a nice cafe quality illy coffee every day then you could do much, much worse than the "Y5 Milk" and still be drinking good coffee. Short review - Pros: Good build quality Compact Easy to use Truly very, very good coffee No mess Easy to clean Cons: You lose the flexibility of a steam wand if you have very specific tastes.

Coffeeitalia Customer

Great Kapselmaschine

I have delighted this Kaffeekapselmaschine since 2 weeks in operation and I am. Previously I had a fully automatic, the cleaning of the machine, however, had me sometime get annoyed and every year so you should bring a machine for cleaning in a specialist. The Illy machine looks very good, almost sophisticated and is quite compact. The milk frother works very well for me, but here I had before taste with several milk brands, until I found the right milk makes a good foam. The taste of the coffee capsules is also very good, better than that of Nespresso, as I find. The espresso has a beautiful crema, which also holds a long time and not immediately disappear. Cons: Slightly longer warm-up time, so about 50 seconds. The cost of Illy capsules are slightly more expensive than Nespresso advantages: - Espresso, Capucino, latte macchiato , warm milk, hot water for tea - Very good taste of coffee (compared to Nespresso) - Easy cleaning of the machine - Good milk frother - warming plate for cups - Easy operation


Pyszne cappuccino !!

Bardzo Dobry, domowy, express po !!! paru próbach ze zrobieniem pierwszej kawy, Udalo mi they dojść jak to wszystko działa.express Delikatny w obsłudze, żeby wszystko zadziałało jak trzeba, potrzeba dokładnie połączyć wszystkie części !! ... ale pozniej naprawdę Dobre cappuccino,


Great service and a fantastic machine

Great service and a fantastic machine, the wife uses it all day every day, would highly recommend both seller and machine to anyone

K P Steventon

Easy to use

A big purchase but well worth it. Easy to use, expert cup every time. Would recommend it without a doubt.


Five Stars

Great machine and great coffee!

David William Rixon

Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis

Sehr schnelle Lieferung, wie immer. Genau, wie beschrieben und Niedergang ideal für einen früheren. Wie neu. Wir freuen uns sehr, eine solche Maschine für einen solchen guten Preis erhalten haben. Unser alter (Saeco Incanto de Luxe), hatte den Geist nach 9jahren gegeben. Somit sollte ein Saeco wieder sein. Erster Eindruck des Kaffees in Betrieb. Sehr gut.



Aber bedeutet nicht, dass mir alles überzeugt. es läuft ganz gut und Kaffee schmeckt.

Irene Harms


Preis-Leistungsverhältnis und Qualität gut. Die ersten Schalen sind i. O., sind aber immer besser von ihr ragten. Im Großen und Ganzen sind wir sehr zufrieden und würden das Gerät weiterempfehlen.



Ainsi, en dépit des critiques négatives, je dois dire que je suis très heureux pour le prix. vous ne pouvez rien dire. Qui plus est, je à tout moment pour obtenir mon fraîchement moulu et de café moulu et moi ce très bon goût. Dans l'ensemble, un bon achat et recommande vivement aux autres.


Petit prix - beaucoup en elle

Avoir la machine est en cours depuis quelques semaines et je suis très heureux. Pour le petit prix absolument génial. Il est également pas aussi bruyant que je m'y attendais. Ainsi, même dans la matinée absolument agréable. Le café est délicieux. Livraison Rapide. Fortement recommandé pour le budget conscient. En outre, il est adapté pour les petites cuisines!

Yvonne W.


Completamente satisfecho


Todo bien hasta ahora!

Dispositivo de prueba de inmediato! Manual era muy bueno y fácil de entender. Hasta el momento todo está bien y funciona a la perfección!

Yilmaz Cemil

Súper Leche - no muy tranquila

La máquina nos agrada muy bien, pero es un poco ruidoso. Al final todo se reduce a que el café y que es grande. Yo recomendaría esta máquina para el precio.

Elmar Busch Kuhle "Elmar Busch Kuhle" (Erwitte - Horn)

Sabores de café, pero un cuidado Tamagotchi

Los sabores de café, la máquina también es fácil de usar. Algo está acostumbrando a los altos requerimientos de limpieza de la máquina. Yo había imaginado un poco más fácil. El personal bien entrenado y paciente.

Stefan Endres "iStefan"


Nous sommes très satisfaits de la machine. les goûts de café très bon et aussi l'exploitation et la maintenance de la machine sont faciles à traiter.


Bon prix et excellent qualité de caffe

Si vous cherchez une grande machine à expresso, veulent investir un peu, sans oublier la qualité ?, ceci est le choix! SAECO il est une grande marque, a expriencie et apportez-vous à l'accueil au bon prix. Ne pas hésiter, cette est la prochaine machine de caffe pour les amateurs de expresso et Capuchino.


Zufriedenen Kunden (bisher)

Ich mag es, vor allem für den Preis. Ich habe einige Probleme hatte, aber ich denke, die Bedienfehler. Wir hatten es nur für eine kleine Weile, aber wenn es hält, werde ich glücklich sein.

mike Girlande

todo bien

Elegí esta máquina después de una larga búsqueda, porque prometía la mejor relación calidad-precio. El funcionamiento es muy sencillo, una vez que se veía en el manual y lo entiendes todo. El café es delicioso y la espuma de leche muy buena y esponjosa. Se puede ajustar la intensidad del café y también variar la cantidad


Saeco machine à café, facile à utiliser

L'affichage est très clair, je suis juste un peu déçu parce que la crème était mieux avec mon vieux Saeco. Sinon, rien à redire.

Helga Mark Mann

gute Einrichtung

Für Haushalte, ist dieses Gerät wirklich ideal. Der Kaffee schmeckt gut und auch die Reinigung der Einzelkomponenten ist einfach. Lassen Sie mich klären Begriffe, ich kann sagen, dass der Schaum eigentlich nur festgelegt.

Samis Hundeschule "Hundetrainer"

just for espresso

Hello, the machine is top handles and makes a great impression. For espresso or small coffee cups also completely okay, but for cups from 100ml of coffee is very watery even at the highest level.


Super coffee machine

We have given away the machine and they came super and makes brilliant coffee. Definitely recommendable: Easy operation and good introduction.

Anna Worle

Bonne valeur pour l'argent.

Le meilleur "à la maison" de café ont goûté!


Voy a recomendar a todo el mundo

Cafetera Fantastick. Entrega rápida. Voy a recomendar a todo el mundo.


Nach einigen Anpassungen an den Einstellungen und Marke von Kaffeebohnen es funktioniert wie ein Traum

Hatte mir für einen Monat jetzt, nach einigen Anpassungen an den Einstellungen und die Marke von Kaffeebohnen es funktioniert wie ein Traum jetzt


Tout bon jusqu'ici!

Dispositif testé immédiatement! manuel était très bon et facile à comprendre. Jusqu'à présent, tout est bon et fonctionne parfaitement!

Yilmaz Cemil

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