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Saeco Royal Gran Crema V2

Product Description

Royal Gran Crema is the perfect example of balance of performance, ease of use and design. This system is a renovation of Saeco‘s offer to the OCS and Ho.Re.Ca. markets with new smart functions. A large graphic display makes it especially easy to select beverages, thanks to essential and intuitive messages and icons. The preferred beverage can be selected with just a touch, it is possible to change the intensity of the chosen coffee beverage at any time, in an intuitive way, and to save the setting for all subsequent deliveries. Maintenance and cleaning, too, are easy, as all the components that need to be serviced regularly are removable.

A truly pleasant break

Royal Gran Crema can dispense coffee, hot water, steam, and create excellent milk-based beverages, such as cappuccino and latte macchiato. Indeed, thanks to the exclusive, integrated “Tuono” cappuccinatore, enjoying a creamy and tasty beverage is a very simple matter. The cup warmer and the powder option that allows pre-ground coffee to be used, round off the experience of drinking a cup of coffee in the best Italian tradition. Just choose your drink and Royal Gran Crema shall deliver.



Saeco Royal Gran Crema V2

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Technical Specification

350 gr coffee beans 2.2 l water 18 coffee grounds 1 l drip tray Milk from steam wand 2 coffee cups simultaneously Hot water / steam wand Single circuit Cappuccinatore Tuono on steam wand Cup warmer Pre-ground coffee option Steel conical blades

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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Coffee Pure enjoyment ....

Also I can count myself among the lucky ones who have been able to test more of these little machines. And as the title suggests, even with this new model, I have little reason to complain. In this machine, Philips has probably also responds times to customer needs and the reaction can hardly criticisms. The first positive to be mentioned aspect is certainly the most that All parts to be cleaned are constantly time Dishwasher safe. This was hardly the case with the previous models. Secondly, the water tank is time been much more drastic with 2,2l. With 38 cm in height, this device can also be more in the kitchenette integrated with wall units than the larger predecessor. Please note: The water tank needs additional fee of 15 cm for filling. So once you have between the kitchen plate and hanging cabinet to 55 cm space above, then this machine is just right. Optically also this machine is a pleasure to behold. One sees immediately that here was "noble" stands. Always good to the mother to make a little envious. And if they should still tear the flap ... proffer simply times a latte macchiato. Then the mouth by itself falls again. One thing I can say for sure, here the designers have done a great job. To get this coffee from the taste in a restaurant in Dresden, you have to look damn long. And we are being called the "Coffee Saxons", we have a clue  to mention negative is actually the pulp container (where the coffee grounds are deposited). He was always very smooth with the predecessors in the inner wall. Why the now delivers roughened I do not know. I sink now unfortunately often so that attaches no mold. So was previously dissolved better. Well, however, I find again that no separate milk container is supplied. It sounds stupid, but actually benefits. First, I have only the tubes that are inserted into the respective container and on the other I have: No Cleaning If someone has a previous model, so the one who knows for sure how hard it is sometimes, these containers residue to free the germ. In the bottom corners was always some white, and to discover hardened milk germ. Too bad that you can not rankommt there by hand. Also usual brush cleaner do not come into these corners. I then pointed something a Chinese chopsticks in my need and advance the Verdreckung now as to his body. With this machine, I put the hoses in the Tetra Pack the milk container and when the pack is empty ... I throw it away. Good solution. Also worth mentioning is certainly the fact that this device is also designed for commercial applications such as bakeries, bistros etc. smaller. With the other machines I have all four lattes either the refill water tank, empty the pulp container or fill the milk carafe. It's all here at greater distances possible. In order to explain all individual settings, it would now go beyond the scope. And to be honest: one must also find a little self-experiment to hit the right taste. A real fully automated with intelligent milk supply has not happening. But that is not a problem Simple rules:. Only inject milk, then froth and finally the coffee ... then you have one of the best lattes in the world. Promise! The question is, I give four or five stars? Because I know the previous models and also their price, I give here like 5 star. The price-performance structure is really very good. A clear recommendation.

M. Reimer

Easy to use, good coffee

The Crema Royal Saeco is now for some time with me in use and is used daily since then. However, we are only beginning even at the first impressions of the device. The coffee machine is heavy, visually appealing and stable. In the grinding process, or use is no annoying rattling or the like to be heard and any component from the unit is easy to remove and clean. Because the coffee machine cleans with a flushing process even at each start-up and shutdown, is a here saves a lot of work. Only the water supply must be relatively frequently refilled. The beans stock holds compared with significantly longer. The ground coffee quantity and the grind can be easily side on your machine using the slider. That the grinder may only be adjusted when it is running is a bit cumbersome. So I have to either remove the beans and give a "placebo Coffee" in order, or a cup of coffee received surplus before I can test the new grinding adjustment in its entirety. The device is quickly and easily connected (thanks to the enclosed Quick Reference Guide). The complete manual is included on CD and very helpful for other settings and the understanding of coffee variations. The buttons are a bit strange. In the age of ever more sensitive displays and buttons, the buttons of the fully automatic machines have a slightly stale. Ask formally by a that you press quite strongly, to function. For the first time off I needed three attempts until the device has to press and hold the Power switch like. All in all a reasonable coffee machine with a nice look and feel. Who is satisfied with a functional device and no elaborate display with time programming (keyword: wake you up with coffee) or an internally installed milk supply needed can not go far wrong here. What is not should be mentioned that it is wise a second person at the Unpacking this to have the support a. While it has been shown located on the carton pictograms that we should lift the machine at a large flap of the packaging, this was missing however completely. The polystyrene alone held off the tug was not, so I had peeled the coffee machine from the package only after some of force / time / polystyrene confetti amount.

Unbreakable "Holger"

Modern Classic!

I have had a Saeco Royal Digital Plus since 2003 Brewing 16,000 cups of coffee. Still working in my summerhouse! The Royal Gran Crema is a modern version enhanced with better water and coffee compartments, cappucinatore and modernized electronics and menus. Great coffee and reliable machinery!


Solider fully automatic coffee machine

I'm very satisfied with the device. Although it is not a one-Unbutton solution, whatever requires some effort. But there is then the cleaning much easier. Simply peel off milk nozzle and Rinse off under running water. The rest of the machine automatically cleans. The other parts to be cleaned can also be very easily removed and Rinse off underwater. Coffee tastes very good. The quality fits! Definitely a buy recommendation!


Good device , .

About the technology has already been much written in other reviews that other users can the machine much better than I was. For a coffee machine of the HD8920 / 01 is surprisingly compact, my old machine from another manufacturer was there much bulkier. Also, the weight is surprisingly low. The color is matte, so it leaves no unsightly fingerprints. The operation of the buttons has surprised me, there is not this me unpleasant switch similar to a touchpad, you can hardly touch. The buttons on this unit must be "pushed" properly. The water tank and the container for the bean are both big enough for my single household. But you can also use instant coffee. The brewing time is relatively low, since I'm from the other machines, and industrial machines in the office, a long wait -. And warm-up times usual I must admit that I use the device at the time only for "normal" milk coffee. This coffee tastes fantastic when you have once found his own attitude to the strength of the corresponding switch, which takes some time to complete because one must try in every cup. If one of my guests even want cappuccino or espresso, I'll furnish any appropriate functioning. My conclusion: Optimal for household fully automatic. Relatively low space requirements, easy, after a short time easy to use and to clean (material is the machine at). Negative There is nothing to report, especially since the price is certainly reasonable, although it is to get anywhere else 625 €.

Coffeeitalia Customer Reviews "S + T" (NRW)

Proven good quality Saeco

The design of the Philips HD8920 / 01 Royal Gran Crema is designed very appealing. The matte black finish and not too bulky design create a noble impression. This coffee machine so it will fit in almost any kitchen. The control elements are clearly arranged and practical on the front panel, and the amber-colored display helps the user reliably through the individual operating steps and are among other message if coffee or water must be replenished, or coffee grounds container needs to be emptied. Overall, the machine makes a very robust impression. It is no wonder that Philips Royal Gran Crema releases also for professional use, but which in this case to a shortening of the equipment warranty for 1 year. coffee beans and water be filled from above into the device, wherein the water tank also can be easily entnommmen from the device on retractable handle. The amount of coffee and the grind of the coffee grounds is simply set over 2 slider, located right side of the unit. As with a fully automatic this price range usual, be tuned by Philips Royal Gran Crema a variety of drinks produced: Coffee Espresso Cappuccino Cafe Latte American Coffee Hot milk hot water for tea while can be produced by pressing a button, the coffees without milk additive simply, you need to prepare cappuccino, cafe Latte and hot milk the included Cappuccinatore which easily attached to the frothing nozzle and the hose is plugged into a receptacle with milk. Use the steam nozzle function the result is a delicious and not too coarse-pored milk froth. In addition, the Aufschäumstärke can fine tune by means of a small adjustment wheel on Cappuccinatore yet. When the machine starts work, happening not just the noise. So you can in a badly soundproofed apartment sometimes even the late risers from sleep tear when one indulges in the first morning coffee. Extremely evaluate positively the possibility of higher cups or Cafe Latte to use glasses. For this purpose only the adjustable coffee spout simply has to be temporarily removed. A very good idea! taste all coffees are excellent, which should be self-evident for a fully automated system in this price range on the one hand, on the other hand, of course, also depends on the coffee used. As for the maintenance of the Royal Gran Crema, the operator also helps here the machine with corresponding well understandable display messages through the different steps of cleaning or lets you know when it is time to descale the appliance. Both for cleaning and descaling, the Royal Here's menus are available, all maintenance steps will help a breeze. Overall, we obtain with the Saeco Royal Gran Crema a very well equipped fully automated system which is fun and is also robust enough to withstand a professional use.

Blu Ray "film buff" (Kiel)

Bien qu'aucune opération 1 touche mais toujours simple et délicieux

Je suis un grand amateur de café de toutes sortes et de la technologie excités et avais hâte conséquence sur la machine et le goût du café. La livraison est gratifiant vaste comme dans tous les produits Philips Saeco. En plus de la machine, il comprend un manuel imprimé et un tutoriel sur CD, une cuillère à café si vous voulez utiliser de la poudre, une brosse de nettoyage, graisse silicone pour lubrifier le groupe de distribution, le Cappuccinatore, tuyau et le tube de rechange. Contrairement aux machines toujours plus chers disparus ici détergent tel que le café d'huile-Tabs, détartrant ou un filtre à eau. Parce que une fois de plus encourir des coûts totalisant environ € 20 (assez pour plusieurs transactions). Depuis que je possède déjà plusieurs machines à café, de la mise en place initiale était pas un problème. Le manuel est, cependant, très bien décrite et illustrée. Je suppose que ça fait toujours à la main quand il vient à le processus de détartrage et le nettoyage. En outre, les instructions à l'écran aident déjà suffisamment lors de la commande. La boisson est également importante. Il peut y avoir des boissons infusion suivant: - Espresso - Cappuccino - Latte Macchiato - café - café américain - lait chaud (buse de lait) - cacao (poudre + buse de lait) - l'eau chaude pour le thé expiration de préparation de boissons: Construire un verre ou une tasse sous le Cappuccinatore "met le tuyau dans le cappuccinatore un carton de lait (par exemple 1,5% de lait UHT, 1L) et exploite la buse vapeur. En conséquence, le lait chauffé moussé est livré dans le récipient. Il arrête le remplissage comme souhaité. Prenez verre / coupe, placée sous la distribution de café, et appuyez sur le bouton pour l'espresso après quelques secondes de Latte Macchiato terminé .. FYI: Il ya aussi la version de la machine, où le fabricant de cappuccino est l'écoulement de café en même temps , de sorte que vous changez plus aux besoins de verre, mais reçoit aussi la boisson finie. expresso, café ou œuvres de café américains en appuyant sur un bouton sur les touches pré-programmées. Il est pas spécifiquement d'un fonctionnement entièrement automatique 1 bouton, mais cela peut être chaque fois créer des mélanges individuels selon votre goût. Un autre avantage de la Cappuccinatore est beaucoup plus facile à nettoyer. Dans l'équipement entièrement automatisé de Philips toujours le réservoir à lait doit être rempli et caché sous la machine. Après le lait de distribution de nettoyage à la vapeur effectuée à une touche. Après cela, vous pouvez alors placer le récipient dans le réfrigérateur. Après environ 2 jours de purification coûteux. Dans les modèles avec cappuccinatore vous suffit de remplacer le carton de lait dans un verre d'eau, mettez un verre vide sous le bec, appuyez sur le bouton de nettoyage et tout est nettoyé. Carton de lait dans le réfrigérateur et vous avez terminé. Eh bien, je l'aime aussi le grand réservoir d'eau 2,2L dans ce modèle. Surtout si plusieurs personnes veulent un verre, vous ne l'avez pas encore séparés en complétant l'eau !!! Le plateau de tasse chauffée Personnellement, je trouve redondante est tout simplement «nice to have". Comme avec tous entièrement automatique est également détartrage et le nettoyage des pattes de roll-up huile de café et de la poudre d'un assez grand effort. Parce que vous pouvez permettre à environ 90 minutes pour se nettoyer et est prêt pour une nouvelle utilisation. Ceci est assez ennuyeux, mais est il ya seulement tous les 2 mois. Puis il suit le nettoyage quotidien et hebdomadaire, qui ne soit pas un grand effort. Le goût je ne peux pas faire la différence avec d'autres entièrement automatique. En choisissant le bon lait, du vrai café et de l'eau adoucie obtient des résultats super délicieux. Seul le type de préparation arrêt diffère entre les différents dispositifs. Le service que je ne vous avait Dieu tester. Je suis à ce point, mais signaler si il ya des problèmes. Toutes les autres fonctions telles que l'indice d'égouttage différent, etc. résultant de l'emploi. De mon côté forte recommandation d'achat pour les gens qui ne nécessitent pas d'utiliser un bouton 1 complète!

T. Schroeder (Allemagne)

Nicht unser bestes, aber immer noch ein großes Produkt !!!

Wir haben jetzt unsere vierte Kaffeevollautomaten. Zweimal hatten wir eine vollautomatische Maschine von Krups und jetzt die zweite Maschine von Philips Saeco. Der Vorgänger Saeco Energyca uns in der Tat besser gefallen ein wenig, aber das ist es, die Kraft dieser vollautomatisch in irgendeiner Weise zu verringern. Wir haben nur die Qualität der Milchschaum auf Energyca besser und auch die Art der Milchschaumerzeugung besser war mit meiner Freundin an. Aber der Gran Crema überzeugt. Der Milchschaumerzeugungs arbeiten hier über die Cappuchinatore. Dies ist mehr oder weniger ein Absaugrohr, das in den Milchbehälter eingeführt wird, und erzeugt auf der Dampfdüse zu schäumen dann. Dies ist Cappuchinatore spülmachinengeeignet Hersteller. Sie können in diesem vollautomatische Maschine programmieren die Kaffeestärke, die Brühtemperatur und die Menge an Kaffee. Der Unterhalt (Reinigung und Entkalkung) arbeitet automatisch. Die Brüheinheit zur Reinigung mit wenigen Handgriffen entfernt werden. Darüber hinaus hat diese vollautomatische Maschine eine Tasse Heizung, so dass die vorgewärmte Tassen entfalten den Duft von Espresso besser und die Crema hält länger. Das Paket beinhaltet neben der vollautomatischen Ersatzschlauch für Cappuchinatore, eine gedruckte Anleitung, ein Lehr-CD im PDF-Format, Reinigungsbürste, Fett für die Brühgruppe und einem Teelöffel enthalten. Zwischen dem gedruckten Handbuch und der PDF-Anleitung, gibt es einige Unterschiede, aber es nur am Rande erwähnt. Der Wassertank fasst 2,2 Liter und der Bohnenbehälter ist knapp 350 g recht großzügig. Die Maschine arbeitet mit 15 bar Druck, um den perfekten Espresso zu produzieren. Der Satzbehälter hält rund 20 Cookies. Im Normaltrinker (1- 2 Tassen pro Tag) sollten Sie mit der Entleerung des Kaffeesatzbehälter nicht warten, bis die Anzeige, da sie in den Behälter, um Schimmelbildung anders kommen. Die Reinigung ist eigentlich sehr einfach. Alle Behälter sind spülmaschinenfest. Die Brüheinheit kann leicht entfernt werden und anschließend unter fließendem Wasser und Fett einmal im Monat zu spülen. Der Milchschaumrohr nicht einfach Milch in Wasser tauchen und Schalter. Es ist so sauber und desinfiziert etwas. Und dann, wenn sie benötigt die Maschine einfach zu entkalken oder in Abständen mit Reinigungstabletten im Inneren. Die Tabletten sind nicht enthalten. Die Kaffeemaschine überzeugt uns, wie gesagt, auch wenn wir fanden das Saeco Energyca etwas besser. Aber auch hier können wir nur zu einem sehr hohen Niveau klagen wegen der hohen Qualität und damit mit 5 Sternen ausgezeichnet.

Sven Schirmer - (Schildow)

Aspecto elegante y delicioso café

De hecho se podría evaluar la Philips HD8920 / 01 opinión en una palabra: muy buena . Ahora estos son antes de los 2 palabras, si bien no debe permanecer naturales , Pero ahora desde el principio ..... La entrega fue como siempre muy rápido y la máquina se embala cuidadosamente y cuando yo ordeno que escribo mi máquina y accesorios en montones de espuma de poliestireno - Todo el asunto en una caja firme - y esto de nuevo ... en una caja de cartón 2. Después de haber liberado la parte buena de su embalaje y establecer, la máquina utilizando la Guía de inicio rápido está configurado en 15 minutos. Para mirar Quiero revisar muy brevemente que el "negro mate" gustó mucho - Por la sencilla razón de que uno no es igual a todas las huellas digitales, etc .. - Pero eso es una cuestión de gusto .... Después de unos cuantos Spüldurchgängen y establecer la cantidad exacta de café, todo está ya hecho. Algunos ajustes, como el tiempo de espera o si el calentador de tazas debe estar encendido, etc., puede ser equipado incluso más tarde. En el lado derecho hay 2 palancas, donde se puede ajustar la intensidad del café y la finura de molienda. Estos son para nosotros dos en la etapa intermedia. Así que ahora todo está listo amueblado y listo para ir .... Nuestras expectativas de esta máquina son iguales superó el primer sorbo. El espresso sabor es muy bueno y el café es que en todos los sentidos. El "estirado" o tal como aparece en la pantalla "café americano" no es nuestro caso. Además, el programa tiene una duración en comparación con el café muy largo ya que se detiene de nuevo y sólo pequeñas cantidades en la copa son. Pero ya que de todas formas no utilizamos este programa, que es para nosotros ningún valor pena. Entonces, por lo que ir a la gran batalla de la espuma y la preparación de Latte Macchiato y Cappuccino con el Cappuccinatore incluido. A diferencia de nuestra vieja máquina, en la que un recipiente de leche estaba allí, preparar a la espuma de leche aquí más fácil. Sólo hay que poner la manguera en un tetra pack o una botella de leche atascado y pulse la boquilla de vapor. Si uno ahora incluso una taza o un vaso debajo de la boquilla da una espuma maravillosa leche, que trabaja con nosotros ambos con 1,5% y 3,5% de leche. Cuando llegue a la cantidad deseada de leche pulsar el botón ESC y todo el proceso se detiene. En realidad, creo que este sistema sin recipiente de la leche, incluso mejor, ya que ningún contenedor adicional, pero sólo la manguera y debe limpiar el Cappuccinatore. La limpieza real también es muy rápido, ya que todas las piezas son fácilmente accesibles y parcialmente Apto para lavavajillas. Por último, uno puede realmente satisfecho con la máquina sea y puedo lo recomiendo

Libros adictos "Manja" (Bayreuth, Baviera)

use the machine in law firm

The machine still works well, but is always grown louder after prolonged use and squeaks in between the coffee run. Machine is fine, but for professional use - we use it in a law firm - not recommended primarily.

Firm Zacharias

Good fully automatic coffee machine but .... "Update"

. My first fully automatic coffee machine and my impression of this device in a nutshell Positives: + power really good coffee + operator menu easy to understand + Large water tank + Large bean container + Cleaning uncomplicated + user manual properly Negative: - Cappuccinatore installed too deep, it will fit only small cups including. , other machinery sits this higher. Why is he not placed on the same level as the coffee nozzles (Why?) - The suction hose of the Cappuccinatore could sein.Sieht better placed not fancy from when it hangs in a loop in front of the machine. For example, could the side of the machine, a holder or tube to be where you could store the hose when not in use. Ok, you might also pull him, but then he is somewhere around. - Coffee could be hotter. I have stayed here in the menu all are on maximum temperature. Grind adjustment and flavor adjustment also brought no significant improvement. If someone has a tip, he may like to share with him. Please not recommend the cup warmer. ! ! Update 23:12:13! ! . Now times have the exact temperature of the delivered coffee measured and come just at 70 degrees According to the description of Saeco states: The coffee / espresso is output with 80 to 85 degrees! depending on the degree of grinding and flavor preferences. Of that I am still far away with my machine! Tested have different settings of the degree of grinding and flavor for days off and landing each time again at 70 degrees +/- 2 degrees. Also preheated cups bring no improvement, as well as the capacity of the cups does not affect the temperature. So can of "pretty hot" as is described in various other comments, be absolutely not spoken in my case. The description of some commentators, such as making nice hot coffee or may be hotter than many other machines was with me actually buying decision, as I myself beforehand the opinions of "Coffeeitalia Vine - Club members have "read. Therefore, this fact of Neutral converts in negative order and the machine gets to me a star less.


Guter Kaffee!

Was ist das Wichtigste an einer Kaffee? Sie müssen einen guten Kaffee zu produzieren! Ich hatte mehr als fünf Jahren, ein Vorgänger von den Büroalltag. Das hat mich überzeugt, eine andere Saeco kaufen. Der Unterschied gegenüber dem vorherigen Modell kann in der Erscheinung gesehen werden, da sonst nur noch wenig auffällige Unterschiede zu finden. So der Wassertank hat jetzt einen Handgriff und der fehlende Deckel auf der Kaffeebohne Spender erscheint. Leider ist diese Maschine nicht die tägliche Entleeren des verbrauchten Mahlgut in den Sammelbehälter zu erkennen. So sind sinnlos Übungen vor der Maschine weiter notwendig: Wenn eine Meldung des Gerätes einmal nehmen Sie die Sammlung, Erhaltung und wieder verwenden. Darüber hinaus ist die Mühle wesentlich lauter als unsere Vorgänger. Wer telefoniert, sollte einen ausreichenden Abstand zu halten, da sonst das Gespräch in dem Lärm der Mühle geht unter! Wenn die Maschine in Rinse-Modus, entfernen Sie bitte alle wasserempfindliche Gegenstände und bereit Put ausreichend Handtücher. Der Wasserdruck ist so stark, dass das Wasser aus jedem Behälter eingespritzt wird. Zur Beantwortung der Frage, produziert das Saeco guten Kaffee!


Good fully automatic

The coffee machine will be used for several months and we are very satisfied. The water tank offers plenty of space and also the beans do not need to be constantly replenished. It is very convenient that the Kaffeedüse can be adjusted and thus find more glasses / cups space. Also the milk foam is very good and I think the concept is absolutely not awkward, but practical. The easy cleaning through the quick-drying plastic pleasant round off the system (but you have to dry it neither the collector nor the drip tray - lt instructions.). Easy to use, but the coffee on the highest heat level could easily be even hotter. However, one should note that the grinder is a bit noisy, but that does not bother us, but stands out when compared to other devices. the important thing is that we, however, the coffee tastes much better :-)


Good coffee machine with good price / performance ratio

The coffee machine Philips HD8920 / 01 Royal Gran Crema comes securely packaged by a bunch of Styrofoam wrapped in. Transport safety as one would expect. Unwrapped, one is first surprised by the size of the machine. The Saeco is very bulky, therefore, is nearly wide as high and low. In smaller kitchens it is unlikely to find a place - or at least appear oversized. This size is also your greatest asset. Water and bean container have ample volume. Once filled, you can prepare the machine a lot of drinks. But first things first. Large volumes make you happy I have now gained experience with various coffee machines. Most disturbing I found always that small volumes, had the water and / or bean container has to offer. Who does not want to give rise only to feel the need to fill the water tank after every third coffee, is solely by virtue of having the HD8920 / 01 installed large water tanks his great joy on this machine. The container holds 2.2 liters of water. This is top - and also applies to the bean container holds a whopping 350 grams of beans. Annoying, because too frequent refilling, here is a non-issue. Who instead prefers to use ground coffee beans, which provides the HD8920 / 01 also the possibility. Using the teaspoon contained in the scope of supply simply specify the appropriate amount of powder in the containers provided. And you can start the preparation. From Espresso, Latte Macchiato over to tea variety is the key. Who likes to drink several coffees, will be found in the HD8920 / 01 a good friend. A button-press can be espresso, prepare coffee and American coffee. In addition, you can use the cappuccinatore froth / warm milk and coffee specialties such as latte macchiato so producing cappuccino and espresso macchiato. However - because this suggests the set on this page product description give a false impression - does not work, the preparation of these milk-based specialties with a single push of a button. It requires two such handgrips. Milk and coffee are produced separately. Of course, can be combined with the Cappuccinatore and produce hot water, so that you do with the machine for example, can "cook" a tea. It is worth mentioning also that the machine has a cup warmer function. This has the nice effect that you have not only a great place for keeping his cups, but the vessels are also preheated. Such preheated reserves the Crema their strength -. And the coffee develop its full aroma cleaning and maintenance are not a problem who will stop at buying a coffee machine due to the supposedly high associated maintenance costs, can sit back and relax. Or relax. Cleaning and maintenance are not a problem - and involved far less effort than you might think. The machine will automatically perform a cleaning before it switches to standby mode. The cappuccinatore can and should be cleaned regularly with water by holding the hose simply filled in a glass of water and this can go through. After dozens coffees the machine asks to conduct a about a descaling operation. Requires this is a descaling agent (not supplied). This process itself takes some time to complete, but relatively rarely needs to be done. More often turn you have to clean the individual components. These include the drip tray as well as the grounds container. Both can be taken easily and offer a large volume. They should rinse with water, but can enter into the dishwasher - without concerns. Once a week should also be cleaned with water the fully removable brewing unit - and are greased occasionally. The same silicone is included. Despite many advantages, it is sufficient for "only" 4 stars Although the machine offers many advantages (large containers, less maintenance, diversity making facilities) and a good to very good price / performance ratio comes up, it is sufficient not entirely for full credit. The main reason is that the product description is not one hundred percent with the actual capacity of the machine matches (keyword: "with a single push of a button", see above), but especially the subjectively perceived loud preparation. The noise level of the HD8920 / 01 is significantly higher than other machines that I had been in use. Whoever it does not interfere with - or even better opportunity a picture / sound has itself to make, receive with the HD8920 / 01 a good coffee machine at a very reasonable price.


El clásico de las oficinas

Anticipando los puntos positivos:. 1 El sabor del café es (como lo conocemos desde Saeco) muy bien. 2 Tanque de agua y posos está dimensionado lo suficientemente grande como para que usted no necesita para funcionar constantemente. 3 Fácil y el menú de navegación intuitivo. 4 café tamaño deseado con un solo toque seleccionable (en la gran variante es ahora 2x suelo, por lo que una gran café ya no acuoso es como antes). 5 Refinado y frijoles en el lote lado negativo son fácilmente ajustables:. 1 En la pantalla de color naranja es bastante una cuestión de gusto, el tamaño de fuente es por desgracia muy pequeño. Para los mensajes individuales es necesario draufschauen precisión o estar lo suficientemente cerca. Para las personas con discapacidad visual, este tiempo de prueba necesariamente antes. Personalmente, me gustaría pantallas con negro / blanco debido al mayor contraste prefieren (tales. Como en el Saeco Exprelia Evo). También cae de manera adversa en la pantalla que el vapor ascendente empañado la pantalla curvada. . 2 El diseño es, por supuesto, una cuestión de gusto, pero me parece que el muy amplio Real para musculoso. Desafortunadamente, ella no es completamente para operar desde arriba también, por lo que aún necesita más espacio, tanto a la derecha y de la izquierda (de la leche). El blanco impreso los símbolos de los botones de control negro y el logotipo impreso en también un impacto negativo en el valor percibido. Se nota claramente la diferencia en las máquinas más caras tales. A medida que el Saeco Exprelia Evo (que por cierto está en Coffeeitalia muy barato y un poco más caro). 3 El mayor inconveniente de esta máquina es la falta de opciones de personalización para mí. Frijoles cantidad y la fuerza de café se pueden establecer para cada café en Exprelia Evo, así que mi marido puede disfrutar de su café fuerte y creo que justo después de cappuccino elaborado cerveza suave. La SBS (Sistema Brewing Saeco) funciona muy bien! En el Royal, no hay SBS y la cantidad de café puede ser utilizado solo lado para los cambios a más largo plazo. Conclusión: en resumen, por el precio de un buen café que nada deja que desear. Para grupos más grandes, restaurantes u oficinas ideales. Quien bebe principalmente capuchino o latte macchiato, sino que debe basarse en una máquina de "un solo toque" como el Exprelia. El recipiente de la leche se puede almacenar fácilmente en la nevera también se limpia automáticamente, así que no hay "trabajo" con un capuchino. Además, cada huésped puede conseguir su café individual en el espesor deseado. Busque en casa así que en lugar veces el Philips Saeco HD8855 / 01 cafetera Exprelia Evo o modelos similares.

Christina Beyer

cafés jouissance de la classe supérieure

Clairement à l'avance, cette machine à café de Philips joue dans la ligue de classe supérieure comme quelque chose Saeco (Philips), la loi ou d'une autre, car il est maintenant de ne pas avoir un prix raisonnable. Le HD8920 est uniquement disponible en noir, le grand frère HD8930 (y compris mousseur à lait programmable et - ce dernier vraiment d'importance), il est en argent. À propos pour le goût connu, donc il ne peut vraiment pas être un critère ici. Bien que le noir semble bon et de haute qualité, je préférerais une médaille d'argent. Pour cette raison - et en raison de prix non seulement écossaise - serait une autre couleur, bien sûr, gratuitement, très utile pour le client. Après "Installation initiale" de la machine à café, qui peut prendre en fonction de l'expérience pertinente de l'utilisateur éventuellement un peu de temps pour terminer, rend cette machine Cappuccio vraiment bon cappuccino (et bien sûr les autres cafés). Cependant, il est vraiment important que les grains de café sont achetés appropriées, sinon le café de spécialité peut aussi consister en une machine haut de gamme quasi vraiment mauvais goût (pas de théorie - propre expérience). Pourquoi l'étoile Philips n ° 5, mais seulement 4 get est rapidement expliqué. Il appartient à la classe supérieure, pas la classe. Par rapport à la Philips Saeco HD8944 Xelsis il est juste ce cafés manutention, de qualité et spécialisés ne concerne pas égale. Mais ce ne sont pas nécessairement un vrai problème, parce que les deux séparée - à partir d'un point de vue purement monétaires - mais déjà 1, 2 euros. Seul le mot-clé Milchaufschäumig devrait suffire. Lorsque Xelsis qui est comme vous le savez le propos de Starbucks ou Mc Café. Voici le travail manuel ennuyeux. En conclusion que Philips est tout à fait capable de construire une bonne machine à café. The Royal Gran Crema joue très bien dans les ligues majeures, faisant ses tâches vraiment bien. Le traitement et l'apparition est wertig, il peut être Duch constamment bon usage et il fait raison amuser seul à avoir une crème de café! Si vous aimez beaucoup et bonne mousse de lait, doit examiner si elle dit le travail manuel est fait ou peut être recouru dans leurs poches beaucoup plus profond.

Karsten Kisser (Hanovre, Basse-Saxe)

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