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SAECO Philips Intelia EVO Intelia EVO Class Metal HD8752/85

Product Description

One touch espresso and coffee With 100% ceramic grinders
Only the Saeco Intelia super-automatic espresso machine offers you the perfect Espresso 
experience, easy to use, easy to customize, easy to clean. Prepare a tasty Espresso or 
creamy milk froth with just a touch of a button.
Authentic Italian coffee perfection
• Delicious milk froth thanks to the classic milk frother
• Coffee without the wait thanks to the quick heat boiler
• Coffee without burnt taste thanks to 100% ceramic grinders
Set the beverages to suit your taste
• Save your favorite coffee length and strength
• Play with the coffee's richness with our adjustable grinders
• Avoid heat loss and fit every cup with our adjustable spout
Ease of cleaning and maintaining
• Always a clean machine thanks to auto-clean and descaling
• Easy cleaning thanks to removable brewing group
• Easy cleaning thanks to dishwasher-safe parts
Super-automatic espresso machine
Brews 7 coffee varieties Black, 5 step adjustable grinder
This espresso machine is equipped 100% ceramic grinders. Saeco uses ceramic grinders 
because of their consistent grind without overheating the coffee bean for an impeccable espresso. Ceramic also ensures long-lasting performance and a totally silent operation.
This Saeco espresso machine comes with the classic milk frother that baristas call a “Pannarello”. It dispenses steam and is immersed in milk to prepare gorgeous milk foam. Unleash your inner barista by preparing your delicious milk specialties the traditional 
You will always get a perfect cup of espresso brewed according to your personal preference, thanks to our memo function which allows you to adjust the coffee length and strength to suit your taste. Enjoy a superb coffee drink in your favorite cup with just the press of a button.
The adjustable spout on our espresso machines will fit every cup and thus prevents the coffee splashing or cooling down while pouring in your cup. This way your espresso is always served at the right temperature while maintaining a clean machine.
For your convenience, you can put the Saeco’s drip tray and milk frother or milk carafe in the dishwasher. This will save time and ensure a 
hygienic cleaning.
Different coffee blends require different levels of granularity for the full flavor to unfold. The grind granularity of this espresso machine can 
be adjusted in 5 settings, from the finest grind, for a full bodied espresso, to the coarsest, for a lighter coffee.



SAECO Philips Intelia EVO Intelia EVO Class Metal HD8752/85

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Technical Specification

Super-automatic espresso machine
Brews 7 coffee varieties Black, 5 step adjustable grinder
Technical specifications
• Boiler material: Stainless steel (Inox)
• Pump pressure: 15 bar
• Power: 1850 W
• Automatic Stand-by Option
Perfect Expresso
• Espresso technology: Saeco adapting system,
Aroma-system: pre-brewing
• 2-year worldwide guarantee
Easy to use
• Cleaning and maintenance: Automatic coffee
circuit rinse, Descaling cycle
• Usage: Adjustable coffee dispenser, Cup holding
surface, Rapid steam, Removable brewing group,
Normal / long espresso option
Weight and dimensions
• Water tank capacity: 1,5 l
• Maximum cup height: 130 mm
• Product weight: 8,0 kg
• Product dimensions (L x D x H): 256x440x340 mm
• Coffee bean capacity: 300 gr
• Dump box capacity: 10 servings
• Hot water / Steam Nozzle
• Pannarello: Stainless Steel
• Simultaneous brewing
• Brita Filter compatible: Optionable
• Colour: Black
• Materials and finishing: Plastic


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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Super price-performance ratio

We had previously had a Saeco Incanto, which has unfortunately given up the ghost. We were pleased with the machine should be a Saeco it again. We initially tried a "Saeco Odea", but this was extremely loud and the vibrations while preparing the coffee so much that you had to hold the cup. We have returned this machine therefore. After careful deliberation, we have now decided to use the Philips Saeco HD8751 / 11 and are therefore very satisfied. It is much quieter than the old Incanto (as the Odea anyway), the operation is very simple and clear, the arrangement of the water tank and collecting tank (both front and without having to open the entire front) is clearly improved compared to the old Incanto. The coffee tastes as usual, but the setting of 3 different coffee strengths can here easily be done by pressing a button - a significant improvement. The preparation of frothed milk is also much more pleasant, because here you can toggle a button between steam and hot water. The quality of the milk froth is perfect. The normal delivery via Coffeeitalia carried out by the way the day after the order. Really great! Conclusion: The machine we would buy at once, and thus also a friend at any time.


Great value for money

I am very happy with this coffee machine. One must be aware that you buy a fully automatic in the lower price segment, thus you can things like not adjust brew temperature or stand-by time. For me incomprehensible are here bad reviews, where things are left negative, refers specifically to the. An example is the amount of water: already in the headline can be found that the tank holds 1.5 liters. In my opinion this is quite enough and dear to me, as stagnant water. Also cleaning before and after each power on / off is more of an advantage for me. Decisive for the purchase was, in addition to price, the removable brewing unit. How important is that, I have seen after the first cleaning after a week! Finally, the most important thing: the coffee. After trying out the different settings (Mahlgradeinstellungen, amount of water, coffee strength) makes the machine really good coffee, even frothing the milk is easy. So if you just want good coffee without a lot of extras, is served really well with this machine!

Theresa P

class Maschin

We have this fully automatic (it's our first) since now 2 weeks. I have allowed myself to consult extensively, and have then decided Finally, for this machine. Operating with a very good display, it is even so to state differently illuminated (green = everything OK, yellow = eg for heating, eg red = no water) like a traffic light very easy to understand. The strength of the coffee, espresso is simply controlled by the machine, and goes from 1 bean in the display (mild) 2 beans (normal) to 3 Beans (strong). The grind of the coffee's done in my opinion not too loud of equip, noticed little difference for capsule machine. As written in the other review I also class, the water tank and container residues are removed easily forward. There are still 2 higher versions, with a milk jug and a hose with pulling the milk, but I think it is not really difficult to foam milk on his Panarello this. And for the other variants then either 100 € or 200 € has to spend more then do not be;) I would highly recommend this machine fully and find it just great!


And she runs, runs and runs

Shortly before her 2nd birthday, I can now say about what long-term effect experiences. First the Bedinung - Is completely self-explanatory, get even 2 years without problems into existence care - As with all coffee machines you have the feeling, whenever one wants a coffee, the machine affection needs first in the form of fresh water or the emptying of the collecting container -> The other goes well so;-) Be used solely by the Saeco maintenance material, the water filter in the tank all around 4 Wochn needs to be replaced - - Normal course went in a day (every drip trays empty etc.) - A basic cleaning is carried out about every 3-4 months The coffee is delicious, the coffee cream is perfect milk froth keeps the cookie stand test (read the cookie does not sink) And one should mention that the machine in a, frequent coffee drinkers is household and Ca. 10-20 cups of coffee per day is cooking

Viktoria cup

Top machine

Property me a few days ago this Saeco granted, and am perfectly happy! Have long sought and, and prop was fixed on Delonghi since we already use a higher quality model to be just under 2 years. because me from Delonghi currently in my price category nix spoke I reached for Saeco Intelia focus after much consideration, and the results speak for themselves! The machine is beautifully finished, and must under no circumstances before hoherwertigeren machine Hide! The coffee tastes great and is compared to some other devices properly hot. The Programierfunktionen and the display leave nothing to be desired. This machine can only compare with more expensive models and have to say, expensive does not equal better! Grinder is also very pleasantly quiet, although I ceramic grinders anyway only recommend! Hope could help to a purchase decision.


For the price is really good

Property me this machine for 299.00 buy after I read the reviews here. Have they now have a few days testing and must say that I am pleasantly surprised. Unpacking, make some adjustments and you're done. It was really child's play. The machine is very quiet. Had previously diverse DeLonghi machines that were definitely louder. The crema is top, arrive safely on the coffee. The coffee also has the correct temperature. Latte or cappuccino is made quickly. Pay me now the essay for the milk froth order as it will be even easier. As a small disadvantage I find the coffee trade. The spoon is included, it is always a gamble the coffee to fill directly into the hole as you can not settle the flap. But with the teaspoon it suits then. The display is also excellent read and is self-explanatory. So really recommended 300 €. UPDATE 16/11/2012 Unfortunately, the machine needs after a week in repair due to a display error. Processing via Philips free and very fast. Packaging is sent, let the machine clean and send or pick up. Let's see how long I have to do without the machine. But better than if ic would have in the store where I bought it. For hotline: No waiting and very good advice. Am positively surprised.

Stefan Landgraf "Stefan"

Top Kaffeevollautomat

Hello, have now for 5 Weeks This coffee machine is really great, is very quiet, the coffee has a great taste, can not be beat for the price Technically, am much coffee drinker and this can only Maschiene recommend

Sebastian Froelke

after 1 month to use, highly recommended !!!

We had a Dolce Gusto capsules with, they were us in the long run too expensive and all the crap to .... In the work there was always fresh coffee and was much better, so as I needed a fully automatic machine with grinding function. After 1-month use, we can say that it is very good value for money, the coffee (depending on variety) is super. The coffee itself could be a little hotter, but if you previously warms the cup with the rinse cycle, the coffee stays hot longer. Tip: Be sure to try different types of coffee that is really a matter of taste. The cleanings (weekly, monthly) are also easy and Enforcers and not too expensive. For optimum enjoyment should be the necessarily performed. And if you do not understand a maintenance times, there also learning videos [...]. So all in all, very easy to use for great coffee.

benekatrinchen "alternatively Tester" (Ebersberg, Bavaria)

Coffee great

That's the main thing: the coffee is very good! Of course you have to try different varieties. The cheap beans not go anyway. But as Bio of Aldi fits! Taste (in the intensive level) very deep and dense and spicy. He's also really hot. The mill is very quiet (a bit long though), so that longer sleepers are not disturbed. (Light) negative: you have to make sure that the electronics everything correctly maintains in memory and correct if necessary. Water shortage will not appear until it is too late and the cup is half full. The machine would calm can be somewhat bulky, so that the two containers for water and waste as well as pressing the coffee stock, sent housed above, would be greater. This is probably the influence of marketing: small - cheap / great - expensive !? Ultimately, for this money, a clear buy!

Sieghard Maier

coffee perfect

As for me, this is critical, there are 5 points. All previously noticed errors are minor: there is always water in the tank, even if it appears to be empty, sometimes after 2 brewing operations of the pulp container will be emptied. If one uses the machine by Britta filter tank is very small. The intensive rinse the machine of extractable soil is very fast full and must be emptied. Much more important is the quality of coffee and is inspiring. The machine is quite low, the operation via the key failures around the display simple and clear. It is also quite small and fits well under the kitchen wall cabinets. The Milchschaumdüse I have not yet used. It is a small, than for private use designed machine and to compare them with professional equipment or even much more expensive devices is simply inappropriate and irrelevant.

Michael Garda (Berlin)

Nuestro bono de Navidad

Compramos nuestro bono de Navidad de este Kaffeevollautmaten. En la casa hay 4 bebedores de café. Todos estamos muy satisfechos. Facilidad de uso, pantalla Edeles, gran crema, aspecto elegante, no tan riesieg de consumo, limpieza automática continua. También fue la visita a totalmente entusiasmados con el café.

Heike K.

Notre nouvelle sparkler

Nous avons acheté la machine à café trois jours et nous sommes tous très satisfaits. La poignée est simple et clair. Le fonctionnement du réservoir d'eau et le nettoyage ne nécessite aucun effort. Après plusieurs tentatives en ce qui concerne la quantité de café que nous jouissons maintenant chaque fois que nous voulons café ou expresso fraîchement infusé. En outre, le moussage du lait est facile et la mousse toujours réussir. Catégorie prix / performance. Je ne peux que recommander cette machine à café.


Très bon rapport qualité-prix

Je dois cette machine pendant environ un mois et jusqu'ici suis très heureux avec elle. Le traitement des matériaux et correspond à la fourchette de prix. Au travail, je bois chaque jour à partir d'un DeLonghi la fourchette de prix 800-1000 € - le café de Saeco goût au moins aussi bon. Le broyeur est relativement calme. Avant d'acheter était encore une autre machine à café dans ma courte liste, mais cette 1.0L avec un réservoir. Je suis maintenant heureux que je décidai pour une machine avec réservoir 1.5L - le cycle de rinçage automatique avant de passer et après l'arrêt du réservoir d'eau se vide plus vite. La mousse de lait avec la buse vapeur fonctionne bien - à condition que vous avez pratiqué quelque chose. Un verre de latte macchiato de 12cm de hauteur correspond à un peu moins de la machine. Toute personne qui veut quitter le moussage de la machine à café et un couple de mâles a laissé, devrait prendre le grand frère "Philips Saeco HD8753 / 11". Bottom line - forte recommandation d'achat!

Marcel F.

Rundum zufrieden!

Im Vergleich zu den Kaffee-Vollautomaten, die sich in den Regalen bei den lokalen Elektrogroßhändlern tummeln, war dieser Automat vergleichsweise günstig. Darüber hinaus waren die Bewertungen überaus positiv. Davon angeleitet habe ich den Automat prompt bestellt und bin seitdem vollstens zufrieden. Die Bedienung ist sehr intuitiv und der Kaffee schmeckt wirklich sehr gut (habe schon verschiedene Bohnen und Mahlgrade ausprobiert). Wer einen guten Kaffe-Vollautomaten sucht, der keine zahlreichen Zusatzfunktionen ( z.B. zusätzliche Bohnenbehälter) bietet, ist mit diesem Gerät bestens beraten. Der Milchaufschäumer funktioniert auch bestens. Espresso gibt es natürlich auch auf Knopfdruck und man muss nichts am Gerät um-bzw. einstellen, was ebenfalls sehr praktisch ist. Die Stärke des Kaffees lässt sich auch ganz einfach und schnell einstellen. Insgesamt ein top-Gerät für einen guten Preis ohne optische Schnörkel und übertriebene Zusatzfunktionen.

fg85 (Koblenz)

Gute Neuanschaffung!

Ich mag auch meine neue Saeco, die vorherige hielt 7 Jahre. Ich habe sie mir gekauft, weil ich einfach nur Kaffee machen möchte, ohne Schnickschnack...Trotzdem ist der Milchaufschäumer tatsächlich super und wird manchmal benutzt. Im Gegensatz zur alten Maschine nur Vorteile, vor Allem, das der Wasserbehälter "innen " ist und sich.somit besser reinigen lässt, sowie auch alle anderen Teile. Habe mir noch zusätzlich einen BriTa-Wasserfilterdingens zugelegt, passend für den Kühlschrank, um Verkalkung hoffentlich einzudämmen.... Alles in Allem... Macht frischen Kaffee ... Und ich bin bisher sehr zufrieden...

Maren Schroter

einfach super

Die Maschine habe ich hier bei Coffeeitalia um einiges günstiger erhalten als im Geschäft. Wir wollten eine einfach zu bedienende Maschine mit herausnehmbarer Brühgruppe. Wir sind absolut zufrieden mit der Maschine und würden sie jederzeit weiterempfehlen. Der Kaffee schmeckt sehr kräftig und intensiv und die Maschine ist außerdem sehr einfach zu bedienen. Außerdem ist die Intelia Focus sehr leise, was wir auch als sehr positiv empfinden. Alles in allem eine top Maschine zu einem erschwinglichen Preis.


Máquina de café hermosa con pequeñas debilidades pero sabroso café

El Philips Saeco HD8752 / 85 Intelia es una máquina de café de gran calidad de aspecto alta pequeña, hermosa y. Una cosa, el café de la máquina sabe muy bien y es sorprendentemente caliente. Tengo que anotar tres máquinas más para comparar y aquí el Intelia realmente. El café es aromático y tiene una bonita crema. Grinder y el compresor son tranquilas. La interfaz de usuario en la pantalla es clara y explica por sí mismo. Para producir espuma de leche es probablemente principio requiere algo poco práctico. Por el momento y después de que puede ser suficiente, me di por vencido. Debido a las pequeñas dimensiones de la unidad de café, contenedores de agua y los residuos son de tamaño pequeño y por lo que "quiere" la Intelia siempre algo. El depósito de agua puede ser insertado mal. ¿No es hermoso que la placa de metal en la que la copa es, está rayado después de un corto tiempo. Además, Philips Intelia es un gran, café pequeña máquina totalmente automática, lo bueno en la cocina - o en cualquier otro lugar - hace y produce un delicioso café.


Bin zufrieden!

Wirklich tolles Gerät und der Kaffee schmeckt einfach köstlich. Ich war erst mal etwas skeptisch ob so eine günstige Kaffeemaschine auch einen guten Kaffee kocht und ich bin wirklich positiv überrascht. Meine Mutter hat eine 3-mal teureren 'Jura' Kaffeevollautomaten und ich schmecke da aber keinen Unterschied heraus. Einziger minus Punkt wäre, dass der Kaffee ein wenig heißer sein könnte, denn wenn man kalte Milch dazu gibt ist der Kaffee schon kalt aber man kann die Milch vorher oder auch nachher mit dem Pannarello/Dampfdüse wieder warm machen oder man macht sie halt schon vorher auf der Herd heiß und damit kann ich leben. Also ich würde diesen Kaffeevollautomaten wärmstens weiter empfehlen, denn der Preisleistungsverhältnis stimmt, der Kaffeegeschmack hat mich überzeugt, das Gerät arbeitet angenehm leise und ist einfach zu bedienen.


Espresso como en Italia

No es mi primera máquina de café, pero hasta ahora el mejor. Aroma Prima, tranquilo, buena operatividad y sin relación de campanas-Schnack.Preis rendimiento innecesaria en cualquier caso.


buena máquina

Café tiene buen sabor. Máquina muy tranquilo. Manual de un poco finas y superficiales. De lo contrario, muy satisfecho con la compra. Relación calidad-precio.

Michael Bach


Estamos muy satisfechos con la máquina. los gustos de café muy bueno y también la operación y mantenimiento de la máquina son fáciles de tratar.


une bonne et entièrement automatique moins cher

fait ce qui devrait faire une machine à café trop (bon café) Donc peu d'argent pour une bonne partie, je ne peux que recommander

Christine (Hof, Allemagne)

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