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New Gaggia Titanium Twin Boilers

Product Description

Finally one of the besteseller Super-Automatic Espresso Machine from Gaggia is back and ready to be in your Kitchen ! The Gaggia Titanium have outclasses just about every other super automatic available. A sleek stainless steel front panel and steel outer shell house the Titanium’s pride and joy – a stainless steel lined brewing boiler and additional steaming boiler. These boilers create what we call Rapid Steam and eliminate the wait time between brewing and steaming or frothing milk. Add this up with the Titanium’s programmable brewing buttons, the option of using either the stainless steel Gaggia Turbo Frother or the included auto-frother, and an electric blue LCD display, and you have one machine that refuses to be outperformed!
This is more than just an "Espresso Machine!" It is easily capable of making any style of cappuccino or latte. In fact, most of our customers use their Super Automatic espresso machines for "crema coffee" instead of drip coffee. Crema coffee is simply an espresso brewed to fill a regular coffee mug. This produces a much more aromatic and flavorful cup of coffee. As a result of the pressure brewed process (8 to 10 atmospheres of pressure!), the gravity based drip coffee systems simply cannot match. The Gaggia Titanium will also produce hot water for Tea or Steamed Milk for Hot Chocolate!
The Gaggia Titanium is equipped with Rapid Steam which allows you to instantly go from brewing to steaming and back again without the wait time normally associated with single boiler systems. There is no faster way to make cappuccinos and lattes in your home!
It really does not get any easier then this. Just press the brew button and the machine does the rest. It will automatically grind and extract the coffee to your desired taste. When the coffee is finished brewing it will place the coffee grounds into an internal dump box for later disposal (it will even tell you when it is full). Depending on the size of the coffee that you are brewing it will be done in as quick as 35 seconds and ready to brew again.
The LCD display of the Gaggia Titanium, will show you in words what is happening in the machine. It will tell you when to add beans, add water, when to decalcify and even if the brew group is out of place. Use this also for system programming that includes temperature control, language, auto-shut off, pre-infusion, pre-grinding, cup warmer, temperature and cycle count.
You have total control over the coffee volume (liquid) that is dispensed with three programmable buttons. These buttons come preprogrammed but can be changed easily to suit your needs.
The Gaggia Titanium has an adjustable doser which controls the amount of ground coffee used for each beverage (6 to 9 grams for a single shot). Combine this ability with the "adjustable volume control" and you have total control over coffee strength and flavor at the push of a button. Drop the drip machine forever!
One special feature of the Titanium is the ability to control the temperature of the coffee. There are 5 different settings for maximum control. The settings are Maximum, Minimum, High, Medium or Low. For those of you that like a very hot cup of coffee select Maximum for the hottest coffee available. Temperature range according to our performance tests show 7 degree delta between the extremes which is very noticeable.
The Gaggia Titanium has a Coffee Pre-infusion system which is another advantage of the Super Automatic coffee center. The first step takes about 2 seconds as it moistens and conditions the ground coffee. Next a 2 second pause allows the aromatic oils to leach from the interior of the coffee. The second step activates the high pressure pump to ensure absolute maximum flavor extraction with a perfect crema topping.
The dispensing spout slides up or down to adjust for different size cups. It adjusts from small espresso cups up to large mugs with no splashing.
The grinder has 18 settings providing plenty of control. You can grind from fine to coarse to accommodate any style of coffee roast. Light, medium or dark, espresso or regular coffee beans.
Preheating your cups is important. The Titanium will hold up to six espresso cups and is actively heated. When the machine is on, the cup warmer will be on.
Hot water is instantly available by turning the steam/hot water control knob. Makes 8 oz for a cup of tea or hot cider in 30 seconds
The Gaggia Titanium comes equipped with a new stainles steel Turbo-Frother frothing wand. The new design makes great froth every time with no problems. Also, it comes with an automatic frothing attachment. This attachment will drop pre-frothed milk directly into your cup. No matter which attachment you use frothing is a breeze.
The Gaggia Tittanium brew group is easy to remove. Just open the front panel and remove with the thumb release lever. This gives you access to everything that brews the coffee. Normal maintenance would include a quick rinse and dry.
The dump box is located inside the machine and is easily accessed from the front by sliding out the drip tray. The digital display will indicate when the tray or the dump box need to be emptied.
Program the energy saving mode to automatically turn on whenever you desire. This will shut the boiler down but keep the controls on and ready.
The swivel base makes accessing the different parts of the machine for maintenance, refilling water reservoir and bean hopper easy. Just rotate the machine, no lifting required!
This feature lets you keep count of how many cups the machine has brewed.


New Gaggia Titanium Twin Boilers

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Technical Specification

Product weight: 10 kg 
Coffee bean capacity: 250 gr 
Dump box capacity: 13 servings 
Product dimensions: 29x37,5x42,5 cm 
Water tank capacity: 2,3 l

Milk Variations: Pannarello: milk frothing

Boiler: Stainless steel 
Frequency: 50 Hz 
Power: 1250 W 
Pump Pressure: 15 bar 
Voltage: 230 V

Colour: silver 
Materials and finishing: metal and S/S

Cappuccinatore: Yes 
Coffee powder option: Yes 
Cupwarmer: Yes 
Hot water / Steam Nozzle: Yes 
Interface: Soft touch button 
Pannarello: Stainless Steel 
Pre-brewing system: Yes 
Removable watertank: Yes

Energy saving: Automatic stand-by

Espresso technology: Aroma-system: pre-brewing , Cup warmer

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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Have to give it 5 stars

It arrived in good time. Sadly, just two weeks later it had to go to Philips for a repair. A common problem I was told, the tap for the steamer blocks. Swapping it for a new one wouldn't be the end of it, the tap assembly needs replacing with a new item. So off it went, in packaging sent by Philips for the job. It was back a week later. So why 5 stars? Credit where it's due. It's a really good machine now, and since the initial problem so very well taken care of, it's been going strong ever since. That was three years ago! Too many kitchen gadgets go in the cupboard or in the bin. This one is used daily, several times. It's made thousands of coffees now and has never given us any problems. It's our own personal Barista! Thias is our second B2C machine from Gaggia, the Synchrony Logic being the first. Would I buy another? without question, yes. UPDATE: For those with a leaking Gaggia Titanium, I urge you to read this. Mine leaked for months before I saw this and the bunged up drain was the culprit and was a 30 second fix :-)

Mohawk "Mohawk"

Great machine with no problems.

I have had my machine for almost 3 years and haven't had a single problem. I de-scale and clean it when I am prompted by the display. I have made almost 2000 cups of coffees with my machine and the taste is as good today as when I first bought it.

darren morson

Early days, expensive, but FANTASTIC coffee!!!

We purchased this product from Peter Maturi in Leeds and would recommend this product if you have a spare £500+ to spare! Why 4 stars? Well, the machine is just amazing. It makes fantastic coffee and it's just so easy. We very quickly adjusted the setting to full strength and fine grind to produce coffee the way we like it... Italian style in all it's glory. As mentioned above, we have only had the machine a short while: 1 week, so you may question the reliability of my review and of the Gaggia(as mentioned by others). The reliability issue prompted us to visit the above store and seek out advice. The store talked us through various machines and did say that other brands such as Jura were more reliable, but not to a level that was excessive. The Gaggia was also a bit noisier than others, but we found the sound to add to its charm! The store did say that their experience of Gaggia was good and that on machines that had been returned due to a fault, the repair resolved the problem and was not seen again. Just as a final note, this machine looks so cool in your kitchen. Yes it is an exorbitant amount of money to spend on coffee, it has a rival that is more reliable, but the coffee is sublime and it just oozes Italian style. PS although we purchased from another retailer, I buy from Coffeeitalia with confidence and have found their customer service excellent.

S. Jones "S Jones"

Problems - not with my machine!

I have owned a Gaggia Titanium machine for 7 years. Despite many long periods when I was away it has registered almost 4000 cups to date. It failed after almost 5 years but only because I was in the middle of some DIY and didn't clean it properly. Was fixed under the extended warranty with a note to say that was what caused it to jam. I deducted one star because it is too fussy about the beans. Shiny beans in particular stick in the chute and it say Beans are empty. A bit of juggling gets it moving again. Still makes perfect coffee. I am surprised it is still for sale. Support seems to have dropped since Philips took over, although my experience with Philips on other products has been excellent.

Michael TB

HUGE recommendation!!!

This machine replaces a semiautomatic Delonghi, which, I thought, was decent. Well...after using this for 3 weeks, I can honestly say that my old machine was barely competent. The Titanium is a wonderful machine. Not only is the espresso excellent but the panerella wand makes awesome froth and the thing looks great. It's fully programable and, once set, it's just a matter of pushing a button to brew a delicious espresso - every time! It warms up in UNDER A MINUTE, has a large bean hopper, large water resevior, very cool blue lcd display...i can't rave enough. I've had no problems at all with this machine and I recommend it heartily.

JB Kelly

Great new Gaggia Super!!

I just purchased the Gaggia Titanium, and boy, what a machine! This thing is idiot-proof, not to mention it looks great on my counter top! I was so impressed by the styling, that I didn't pay attention to the actual "function" of the machine at first, but when I did, I was in awe! Never having used a super auto, I was used to an old Krups I had purchased at a flea market that actually worked once every other blue moon! So using the Gaggia every morning for my cup of joe made me feel like I was in heaven! The speed of making a latte in the wee morning hours is unbelievable, and the machine's ability to automatically froth my milk for me really makes it a breeze! I highly recommend this machine to anyone who is looking for an easy to use super automatic machine.

alicat "alicat"

Five Stars

Great machine

Coffeeitalia Customer

Makes great coffee!

No complaints! Machine is easily adjustable, makes great, consistent shots and has enough pressure to steam milk in a reasonable time.

Percy Olson

5 Star Review For A Reason

I did months of research on which espresso machine I wanted. I ended up purchasing this Gaggia Titanium and I do not regret my decision. The thing is really amazing for how small it is. The heat up time from turning it on, to the time it is ready to brew an espresso is really fast. It actually makes an amazing shot of espresso. Recently I've been making a triple shot, adding some 1/2&1/2, and it's been treating me really well. The steam wand is one of the reasons I bought this machine. It moves in a full rotation, making it super easy to steam some milk. It also heats up the milk rather quickly. Summing it up, this is a fast working machine capable of delivering an amazing cup of coffee or espresso, latte, or what have you. There is only 1 negative to this machine - the volume of the noise of the machine during grinding/brewing operation. It is louder than I want it to be. I live in a 2k square foot house and my family can hear it in the morning when I get up before them. That is the ONLY drawback. If that's not issue for you, or you don't care, then this is a FANTASTIC machine. There are so many cool features it does: such as warming of the demitasse cups up top; brews from ground coffee as well... it does it all. Plus, it looks sharp. The stainless steel looks great in my kitchen. The size of the machine is perfect, it easily fits on the back of the counter under my kitchen cabinets. The water tank in back is easily lift able due to an in-tank handle (great idea!). All in All - I easily rank this machine 5 stars. Without hesitation, as I've had this machine for a year now and it still works as well the day I got it.

Greg Hoon

Much Quieter and Quicker

I bought my first expensive espresso machine to restore fiscal sanity to our household. Although the DeLonghi was expensive, it paid for itself in a matter of months because my wife was a $tarbucks $neaker. I've bought two DeLonghi espresso makers since then. I liked the coffee, but they were made cheaply and needed frequent repairs. So I bought the Gaggia 90500 this time. Although it takes a little time to familiarize oneself with the unit controls, it is MUCH QUIETER AND QUICKER than the DeLonghi. The Gaggia Titanium is easier to use than the DeLonghi, and appears to be at least as well made, but only time will tell. Most of the Brew Unit is hard plastic, just like the DeLonghi, so I doubt it will last forever. But it's easy enough to use that my wife has started making her own espresso! -- which is a BIG victory for me! The milk steaming apparatus is actually pretty easy to use, and works great. Not that hard to rinse, but may be a pain if I ever have to clean it well. The side panels have an unfinished industrial Euro look which I don't prefer. Although the exterior of the unit looks like a "built in" unit, it's supposed to sit on the countertop. Occassionally (for instance, right out of the box) the unit has to be "primed" with this goofy suction tool. Seems like it would be a pain, but hasn't been a problem so far. Overall, I'd say that this unit is superior to the DeLonghi.

J. Smith

Best espresso machine I have ever had

Great creamy coffee. Only thing I do not like is the milk froather, to low and so difficult to use. It does not extend much outside so not very functional.

Vito Russo


I didn't know if I wanted to invest this much money in a coffee machine. But now that I have one, it is worth every penny!!

James H Gresham Jr

Excellent machine; we love it

It does what you'd expect. No problems. Will buy another for my home up north. what else can I say?


Been working for me over 3 yrs

I bought my Gaggia Titanium super automatic 3 yrs ago last Sept, so that is 2008. I usually used Illy coffee beans as they are drier but sometimes i switch it out with oilier beans. I have made over 2500 shots-countless foamed milk for coffee and cocoa and i have never had a problem. I have actually probably only cleaned it 5 times, taken the "push the sides" thing out and brushed it off. Other than just emptying the dredgedrawer which takes 2 seconds-that is it. I think this is the best machine, and if it ever breaks i will get another.

Tom Madrid

... it would produce espresso and coffee that rivaled our favorite coffee house

Bought this machine in hopes that it would produce espresso and coffee that rivaled our favorite coffee house... it does. It's easy to operate after a quick trip through the instructions and has given continued excellent performance after (6 months and counting) of high volume use. This machine allows you to program it for the qualities that you prefer and is easy to adjust. The steamer is EXCELLENT. It does require 10 seconds or so of warm up sputtering before the perfect steam.


I Want To Marry It

Once set up, this little guy pulls delicious double shots of espresso with a minimum of muss and fuss, and it counts shots so I can keep track of my addiction! 1100 shots since October, but who's counting? The Gaggia Titanium, you bet your ass! Makes great espresso with great beans. Makes really good espresso with any beans! Costco brand, Starbucks- still not a bad cup! Be the hit of any party that happens at your house! Have friends over and make them delicious lattes! Lie in bed and feel your heart pounding out of your chest! I really love it. Once I got over the initial anxiety of setting it up, it was fast and easy to use. Paid for itself in three months!

Virginia L. Jones

Oh. GAGGIA !!!!

Makes a great cup of coffee....we have one for our home in canada and just had to have one for Florida ..

jack Book

My Gaggia Espresso Machine

I had previously drank espresso at my fiance's home. I loved the bold flavor and ease in preparing. I have only used number 3 for a large cup not too strong. There are several options according to your taste. You can use expensive beans but I have been buying 8-0'clock coffee available at most grocery stores and it tastes great. It is super easy to fill the water tank. I am very pleased with my purchase.

kaye e. steadman

Excellent for coffee addicts!

I bought this product and loved it totally... Appearance: 4/5 Value: 4/5 Performance: 5/5 Functionality: 5/5 Noise: 3/5 Coffee: 4/5 Included Equipment: 5/5 Overall, this was an amazing buy, the steam wand does drip slightly and the descaling program takes a long while when it needs it but its an excellent coffee and all round drinks machine!

Ross Brunton

14043 coffees, no breakdowns

This machine replaced a manual one in the lab, lotsa people use it daily for over two years, no problems so far. Doesn't take very oily beans too well, after trying lots of different brands we settled on Molinari Platino - work well, taste good, and get be obtained as rather economic 1 kg bags. We descale the machine when it requests it, no maintenance is done otherwise. The wear and tear starts to show - not surprising with 14 000+ individual cups made - like the metal screen in front of the dispensing taps comes off every now and then, but considering the usage the machine keeps it together remarkably well.


9,000 Cups and Still Going Strong

We now have over 7,000 cups on this machine and it is still operating flawlessly. Yes, expensive, but even if it died tomorrow it would have cost about 13 cents a cup. And I am betting we will get another 5,000 cups out of it. Coffee quality is excellent. It is sensitive to the bean you use. High oil beans like starbucks will clog the grinder trap door after ~200-400 cups. This is not a problem to fix, you just need to go onto You Tube and watch the very good step-by-step instructions for cleaning the grinder. This takes a bit of mechanical aptitude and about 30 minutes. So if you just have to drink high oil beans just be ready to do this cleaning every few months. If you use low oil beans it will go a year between major cleanings. Just an update to say we are now at 9,000 cups. The little machine that just keeps going and going.

RobertinHouston "HarriedTraveller"

Super Latte!

No more Starbucks! This machine will pay for itself within a year since I'm saving over $30 a week by not buying coffee and lattes from stores. It's extremely easy to use; press OK to start rinse cycle and warm up machine (takes around 10 seconds), press small, medium, or large for the size of coffee (press twice to make it a double!), use the frothing wand to warm up milk if desired. Entire process takes about a minute to complete.

A. Momon "TMo"


I have owned a previous Gaggia super automatic and really loved it but then a kitchen fire destroyed it. I purchased this one because it was most similar to my other and I LOVE this one more. It froths milk quickly and oh so creamy without having to move my cup up and down. Also like the Energy Saving stand by mode it goes in to automatically. Would definetly recommend this machine.

the mommy

Great product.

I have been using Gaggia Titanium for about almost 10 month now (making about 6-8 cups of coffee per day). Everything works perfectly so far. I only regret not purchasing stainless steel option (extra $200), because dregdrawer made of plastic (painted titanium grey) is already showing wear (missing bits of paint) even though I only hand wash it (but mostly just rinse it, really).

Peter Charter

Aussen hui, innen naja

Bonjour, j'ai acheté cette cafetière il y a des années en Sicile... l'électronique est tombée en panne après avoir fait..... 12 000 cafés!!! J'en ai racheté une d'occasion, mais j'ai quand même fait réparée celle qui était tombée en panne. Je la réutilise à nouveau, celle rachetée d'occasion est dans un carton (au cas ou). Ma première titanium a aujourd'hui 13 000 cafés (avec toujours la même mécanique!!!!!). Bref, je ne peux pas en être plus satisfait!!!. De plus, elle n'est pas en plastique comme tous les expresso d'aujourd'hui!!! Je suis amateur de café, et si, lorsqu'elle était tombé en panne j'ai racheté la même, c'est qu'il y a une raison!!! C'est devenu "sentimental"!!! J'y tiens énormément, c'est un magnifique produit!!!


Gut, als sie funktioniert hat

... was sie auch rund 6000 Bezüge lang tat. Das Edelstahldesign entpuppt sich allerdings als schlecht zu reinigen, da es es sich um eine aufgesteckte Verblendung handelt. Schlimmer ist die klare Plastikblende des Bedienpanels. Dahinter sammelt sich Dampf und irgendwie auch Kaffeetropfen, an die man nicht mehr rankommt. Die Kappilarwirkung tut ihr Übriges, den Sabber beim Putzen weiter zu verteilen. Ansonsten ist sie gut und vielseitig zu programmiern, am Kaffee ist auch nichts auszusetzen. Mittlerweile hatte der Durchlauferhitzer ein Loch (250€!!!!!) und ein halbes Jahr später schon wieder. Ich denke nun über eine Neuanschaffung nach und werde sicherlich etwas weniger Geld in die Hand nehmen.

Alex "Poobear" (Weinheim, DE)

Machine à café Gaggia

Très bon produit. Excellent Rapport qualité prix. Machine très peu brillante par rapport à d'autres marques, elle est très compact et fonctionnel. Je la recommande à tous.

Cardile Gaetano

Le café est bon et il ne lui manque rien !

Impression de bonne qualité pas trop "plastique", bonne contenance du réservoir de grains à moudre, facile à nettoyer, un bouton direct par type de café, possibilité de rendre le café plus fort, programmation de la quantité d'eau par type, mode détartrage, économie d'énergie... bref elle a tout ! Même des statistiques pour les geeks. ET Surtout le café est bon !!! Enfin ça dépend du grain qu'on met dedans ;-)(on peut aussi mettre de la poudre) Bref je la recommande sans hésiter !!! Après faut quand même avoir un brin de place pour la stocker forcément...


Vielseitig funktionell gut durchdacht

Wir haben die Kaffemaschiene von einem Freund empfohlen bekommen. Haben sie jetzt ca 2 Monate und sind total begeistert. Es gibt ein kleines manko der Bohnenbehälter ist ein bisschen zu klein und die Bohnen rutschen schlecht ins Mahlwerk nach. Ansonsten gibt es viele möglichkeiten die Maschiene auf seine bedürfnisse einzustellen z.B. die richtige menge an Kaffee damit die Tasse nich zu leer oder zu voll ist . Können die Maschiene nur weiter empfehlen


Ein Kunde

Habe die Maschine seit Dezember 2005. Bin super zufrieden, sehr guter Cremekaffee, klasse Espresso, hervorragender Milchschaum für Caapuccino. Einziger Nachteil, Maschine ist ein wenig laut und braucht ca. 30 bis 50 Sekunden wenn sie längere Zeit im Standby Betrieb ist. Es ist mein erster Kaffeevollautomat und als Kaffeetrinker kann ich diese Maschine für den Ersteinstieg nur empfehlen. Die Maschine ist super wartungsarm, nicht wie ich des öfteren bei Jura-Maschinen gehört habe dass diese regelmäßig in den Kundendienst müssen und dies nur mit Ärger verbunden ist. Sollte die Gaggia wirklich mal zur Reparatur müssen, ist der Kundendienst lt. Stiftung Warentest sehr gut. Wie gesagt wer wie ich monatelang einen Vollautomaten sucht und nicht weiß welche, dann kauft Gaggia Titanium.

sehr zufrieden

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