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Product Description

Mahlkonig Vario GENERATION III

The Mahlkonig Vario generation III is now equipped with a new bracket holder and is now much easier to use than before. It has 54mm ceramic burrs which will give up to twice the life of regular steel burrs. It will grind approx. 1.6g per second.

The other amazing feature is the ability to change between espresso setting and say French press. The grinder has two sliding levers. one is for macro changes to the burrs and the other is for finer micro changes. Once you have dialled in your micro setting for espresso to then grind for filter or French press just slide the right hand lever down to your brew method. Once you've finished slide back up to espresso and the micro lever is still locked in at your previous setting. Brilliant!!
The other nice feature is the belt drive motor. Most grinders are pretty noisy but this is super quiet. Plus its looks great and only takes a small amount of bench space.



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Technical Specification

Grind on Demand
•    Electronic grinding control. Only grind what coffee you need down to nearest 0.2g
•    Timer adjustable to 0.1 seconds
•    Three user programmable buttons. One each for Espresso, filter and press.

Innovative Dual Control
•    Twin lever control. Right hand sets the method of brewing and left hand lever allows fine tuning of the grind.
•    Over 200 grind settings available

Cutting edge Design
•    54mm Mahlkong Ceramic burr set
•    Belt drive for quiet operation
•    LC-Display
•    Easy to clean
•    220g container to grind into or a port-filter holder for hands free operation
•    Automatic Thermal Reset Switch
•    Burr speed 1000rpm
•    Hopper Capacity 220g

Mahlkonig Grinder
Model     Height     Width     Depth     Weight     Watts
    Burr Size
    Flat Ceramic

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