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Gaggia Brera Silver
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Product Description

The Gaggia Brera has been thoughtfully designed to maximize user convenience. The dregs drawer, drip tray, and water tank all within reach, accessible from the front of the machine for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. Gaggia has even simplified machine programming and beverage selection with the Brera. Push-button controls and an LED display with illuminated icons make it easy to navigate through your options, which are plenty with this Gaggia super automatic. Coffee aroma, strength, and volume are all customizable; additionally, the ceramic grinder takes advantage of the Gaggia Adapting System to adjust the rpm and guarantee the correct quantity of coffee grounds.

The Brera is an aesthetically pleasing machine with a contemporary stainless-steel front panel and chrome-plated accents. Functionally, the Gaggia Brera is great for entertaining as it can accommodate a wide variety of user preferences. If you prefer to serve guests pre-ground decaf coffee, or specialty coffee you can do so with the bypass doser. For special treats, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and lattes can be made easily and quickly, since the Brera comes equipped with a stainless steel Panarello wand and Rapid Steam Technology. Consider the Gaggia Brera if you’re a little short on space but don’t want to compromise on convenience and espresso quality.

The Gaggia Brera comes with a ceramic grinder to ensure grind consistency and reduce heat transfer—resulting in flavorful and aromatic coffee. For your convenience, the Gaggia Adapting System automatically adjusts grind time and rpm to deliver the desired coffee quantity, regardless of whether you’re using light, medium, or dark beans.

This Gaggia model comes outfitted with a bypass doser, allowing you to skip the grinding process and brew with pre-ground coffee. The Gaggia Brera unit has a telescopic coffee dispenser, allowing you to adjust the height to accommodate your cups and mugs. Simply select the desired drink and it will be brewed directly into your cup!

An Optidose function allows you to customize the aroma of your coffee; choose from light, medium, and strong brews. You can also make- an espresso or café lungo with the push of a button; beverage volume is programmable and the Gaggia Brera will “remember” your preferences for future use.

This machine is equipped with Rapid Steam technology, which translates to quick heat up times and robust brewing and steaming operations. You’ll be able to steam and brew back-to-back with ease, thanks to the Rapid Steam feature.

The easy-to-maintain Gaggia Brera has a self-rinse cycle that activates when the machine is switched on and off and enters or exits standby mode. This rinse cycle will help to preserve machine performance and keep the unit in brew-ready shape. An icon will appear on the display screen to alert you, should the Brera need to be descaled.


Gaggia Brera Silver

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Technical Specification

Power supply 230V 50Hz 1400W
Stand by energy consumption < 1W
Water pump pressure 15 bar
Brewing group Removable
Electronic control panel Electronic
Display LED icons + 4 function keys
Boiler Stainless steel
Removable water tank Removable
Removable water tank/ capacity 1,2 l
Coffee beans container capacity 250g
Ceramic grinder
Grams of coffee per cup 7-10,5g
Grind regulator 5 selections
Gaggia Adapting System
Pre-ground coffee option
Rapid Steam
Coffee grounds container Removable
Coffee grounds container capacity 8
Hot water and steam output
Cappuccino accessory Metal Pannarello
Coffee delivery 1 o 2 coffee simultaneously
Adjustable dispensing head max H. 110 mm
Cup shelf
Automatic rinsing
Automatic cleaning cycle
Descaling cycle
Water filter
Front panel finish Stainless steel
Size WxHxD 25,6x31,5x44,7
Weight 8,5 kg
Colours Silver, black

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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

gaggia brera

Nice espresso machine. Gaggia is a superb brand, it does what is should. Bought 8 of them for Christmas presents for our clients.

Andrea Navy

Alaways superb !

I will not attempt to re-write Gaggia's marketing stuff, but should weigh in on my experience with this machine. I brew about 9 double-shots a day to fill my .75 liter thermos in the morning. It runs quieter than most low-end SA's though not as quiet as some mid-level machines I have used; though taking off the bean hopper cover during grinding turns up the volume impressively. That rubbery cover earns its keep! I have had it in service for a year, and it is running nicely.


one of the best Espresso machines I ever had,

I bought this machine two months ago and I've been using it since that day ,it is a great machine make a great espresso, latte and cappuccino ,I'm using it daily to fix my mode , its really worth it price 5 Stars


Fabulous coffee, a great price - and easy to use,

Bought this after much research and indecision - I had a budget of around £350 and it was between this and a Delonghi. The Delonghi won top rating from Which magazine for bean to cup machines, but well... this is GAGGIA! The company INVENTED the modern espresso machine! Obviously I don't know whether the Delonghi is any good, but I certainly don't regret choosing this machine. And this seller offered a fabulous price. If you take the time to read the manual properly, it's easy to set up and makes fabulous coffee really quickly. You have to spend some time tweaking the various options (grind, strength, short/long, single/double shot) to get it just how you want it, but really the quality of the coffee is amazing! Better than you get in the High Street shops - and I'm a fan of most of them. Makes great frothy milk too! It's not without it's quirks - the warning level for a full grounds bin is very inconsistent and it has given me a cup of hot water and thrown the ground coffee all over the place once - but I can forgive it when the coffee tastes this good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Steve Benson


My partner bought me this for a presant.It's the best coffee machine ever.The coffee is as good as any in the best coffee bar's.Having used a Gaggia traditional coffee machine for the last 3 years,I warn you that you will drink more coffee after purchasing this little beauty.It doesn't take up any more room than my old machine.Some of the bean to cup machines are monsters.Hope this helps.


Stylish, elegant and functional,

The machine is easy to operate, you can make a "long" or a "short" coffee that is "weak", "medium" or "strong", it rinses itself when you take it off or put it on standby, it has a wand to quickly heat milk, highly recommended affordable luxury, worth it just to smell the aroma given off when the coffee is being made, I use it just about every day to make the best cup of coffee I have had from a domestic machine, it has quickly become a "treasured possession".

Reg Sport "Reg Sport"

Love it!!,

We've had this machine for 2 years now and it hasn't missed a beat. Produces perfect coffee time and time again. I never realised how bad instant coffee was before we got this but can't stand the taste of it now. Yes the water tank is small and so is the grain dispenser but for be it is worth every penny. I'm sure as long as you clean and descale regularly it will last you a long time. I throughly recommend it!!

Stephen Fuller

Gaggia Brera coffee machine,

Although the machine was despatched from Italy 9 days before Christmas it arrived in 4 working days very securely boxed. The set up was helped by a well produced handbook and we quickly produced our first cups of espresso. So much nicer than high street cafes. As long as the basic routines are followed each time you switch on, the machine consistently produces delicious coffee. The one point of concern is that the machine shipped with a continental plug with adaptor which I believe is illegal in UK. This is something that Coffeeitalia needs to address.


Over two years old and still making great coffee!,

I have had this machine for over two years now and it gets used daily. So far I have had no issues with this machine apart from the steam wand developing a small hole, luckily it was still under warranty. A quick phone call to Philips and they sent the part in the post, as I was happy to fit myself. This put everything back into good working order! It continues to produce great tasting coffee and is simple to use and easy to clean. Ensure you set the grind setting to a finer setting as the original was too course. This is easily seen as the expelled grinds are not compact and dry as they should be. I previously had a Delonghi EAM3500 which needed constant repairs and the coffee it produced was not as good or consistent as this Gaggia. Some of this may be down to the EAM3500 having metal grinders over the Brera ceramic ones. Overall this is still a good machine and I am sure the newer Philips Saeco models, which all seem to have ceramic grinders and similar mechanics, will be just as good.


Great machine great coffee,

Took along time to decide which machine to buy finally decided on this one and have been delighted by it hardly drink tea at all now and have converted other half to coffee, coffee depends on bean you use and still in process of finding the perfect bean but overall very pleased with it.. Other reviews have said straight coffee cold not found this a problem but warm cup first, descaling a slight problem went through cycle but warning light would not go off remembered seeing a review that stated new machines had different process, switch on to standby press the 2 coffee buttons for 6 seconds and the machine the goes through the cycle itself. Would recommend this machine without hesitation.

nicola phib

Excellent machine and great value for money,

Lovely coffee, easy to use. No problems so far in cleaning etc. Coffee strength adjustment instructions clear. Basically it does what it should and much easier than expected.Makes house smell nice is a side benefit.

JSZ1066 (London UK)

Italian Coffee at home

This was bought because traditionally the Italians know one or two things about coffee. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants that restaurant coffee taste at home.

Barbara Wright

Excellent machine,

User-friendly and produces excellent coffee. Having owned previous coffee machines, this is the first automatic one I've bought. Very impressive. Highly recommended.


Great Coffee Machine,

It does all I require it to do, efficiently and fast was used to having the Gaggia Classic, but this is much better. I would recommend this to everyone.


Gaggia Brera coffee machine,

Thought long and hard before this purchase but very pleased with the choice. Plenty of personilased ajustments available at the press of of button. eg Coffee strength , size of cup . Very easy to operate and maintain. Warning lights for ran out of Coffee, No Water and coffee grounds bin full. Instruction say to descale every 2-3 month (easy process )however after 2 weeks descaling light has come on which as I live in an area of very soft water was a concern, however having looked this up it appears this is also triggered after a certain numbers of brew and is seet to standard water hardness.

Howard McC

Great machine,

Arrived much earlier than stated which was great, and it works brilliantly highly recommend. uses beans as well as ground coffee

Peter Cooke

Fantastic coffee machine,

Fantastic coffee machine. I am by no means an expert, but I know quality when I see it and this coffee machine is good quality.

Matt (Southampton)

Five Stars,

Great little machine, better than more some more expensive machines I have had the misfortune to own !!

mrs w williams

Perfect Coffee,

This is just brilliant. Perfect coffee every time and so easy

Mr Bob Law KCC Schools

and makes VERY nice coffees!,

Very simple to use, and makes VERY nice coffees !


Coffee shop at home,

great machine

rick walsh

Love it.,

Love coffee and this makes a brilliant cuppa, its very easy to fill up with water and coffee. Easy to maintain and a perfect result every time. I buy bulk cream from local cash and carry and also have got bags of coffee beans from there when they were on offer at 50p a bag instead of the usual £5.49 so a very happy man

P. O'Flynn "Palyniam" (Leeds West Yorkshire)

Great coffee, quick and easy too,

This is an excellent machine. It just works really well and is so easy to use. Obviously the quality of what comes out depends on the quality of beans used but the machine itself, makes an excellent job of turning beans into pleasure!

Leigh Johnson

Five Stars,

What a great compact machine - love it



Overall quite pleased with my new Gaggia Brera. Makes very nice coffee and Lattes but find that the Americano coffee could be a little hotter. It doesn't seem to stay hot very long so needs to be consumed quite quickly. Also the brew unit is a bit of a pain taking it out and installing back into place every week after washing, but all in all I have no regrets about purchasing the machine and would recommend it to a friend.

Colette Keane

Good device with some foibles,

Got this as a present, and it took a while to work out why it kept demanding to be primed. The water tank needs to be pushed in "just so" and then it stays primed for ages. you can feel the valve engage if you do it carefully It makes great coffee and the grinder is good.

Geek99 (East Midlands)

and easy. To de-scale just press the short and long ...,

Clean, quick, and easy. To de-scale just press the short and long coffee buttons together whilst the machine is on standy-by and the whole de-scaling process is automatic. Just keep re-filling when the water light comes on. How easy is that?

Glenroy Ramocan

Stylish, Easy to use & excellent coffee machine!,

I bought this machine for my hubby, as he loves good coffee and I wanted to purchase a quality unit that allowed you to grind whole beans, as most machines on the market these days a limited to the use of capsules only, which is not the same. If you want this, it does of course come at a premium but worth every penny. Slight issues with postage, as took a while to get to me from Italy but well worth the wait.

Sam Edmonds

Good coffe!,

This machine does make lovely coffe and cappuchino! Not too difficult to figure out how to work and doesn't take up too much space.

Maria Sullivan

Four Stars,

love it

D. J. Kirby

Rubbish/expensive junk

I bought the gaggia for £410, it broke 10Mths after. I send back 2Mths ago to be fixt back to gaggia and still waiting to be fix. Constant problem eg:guarantee/who when and why how can where to send etc..... Not recomment to anyone.

Z. N

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