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Dalla Corte DC Pro 3 Groups High
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Product Description

Form and function - this is the basis on which the dc pro was designed.
The form allows all users to work intuitively and to feel like they are operating with a "clever" equipment, that can really facilitate their job.
The function ensures the highest level of quality - cup by cup.
Furthermore form and function are encased in a beautiful and functional cover, made of high quality and resistant materials leading to an unique elegant look.


  • Cleaning - A semi-automatic cleaning cycle allows to perform the maintenance of the groups and the boiler.
  • Dial - Ergonomic design. Enables creation of milk foam with a half-twist of the dial.
  • Filter - The 54mm diameter filter ensures an high quality extraction
  • Groups - Ergonomic design. Completely visible, low-lying group heads allow the portafilter to be attached easily.
  • Multi-functional display - With control buttons – simple, easy to use programming and complete overview of all machine functions and settings.
  • Perfect milk foam consistency - Thanks to a 3-hole tip steam wand.
  • Simple construction - The machine can be opened up easily by removing just 4 screws to facilitate maintenance.
  • Cup heater - Cup heater allows two heating mode, continuous or intermittent.
  • Energy-efficiency - Each brewing unit can be turned on or off independently.
  • Grinder Control System (GCS) - Ensures automatic adjustment of the grinding and of coffee dose, thanks to the serial connection between the machine and the grinder on demand.
  • Milk Control System (MCS) - Perfect milk foam at the touch of a button.
  • Online Control System (OCS) - Controls all machine functionality remotely, regardless of time and location.
  • Portafilter - Ergonomic design. Balanced spout for coffee extraction that does not keep coffee traces inside.

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Dalla Corte DC Pro 3 Groups High

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Technical Specification

Technical data

dimensions (w x h x d) : (inches) 37x20,7x20
weight : (lbs) 194
power consumption (24h-stand-by) : (Kw) 11,3
max power : (kw) 5,1
connected load : 230 V 1 Ph, 200/230 V 3, 400 V 3N - 50/60 Hz
boiler capacity : (l) 13
capacity of group heads : (l) 0.5
serial connection : RS 232/485
low power system (LPS) : included
timer : included
rear-lightning : included

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