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Savinelli Roma Deluxe Complete Set: Savinelli Roma Deluxe + Savinelli DR3 grinder + La Pavoni Chrome base

Product Description

Savinelli Roma Deluxe Leva Chrome has a chrome base and is triple plated to maintain its beauty and elegance. The eagle represents the finest in Italian coffee machine tradition.  By lifting the lever, a spring loaded piston inside the group head is raised allowing water under even pressure to infuse the coffee in the filter holder. The lever is then lowered by the spring causing the piston to force the water through the coffee into the cup. This spring loaded piston will help you make consistently perfect coffee everytime.   The machine has a water level gauge located on the side of the machine. You can make all of your favorite cappuccinos or lattes perfectly with an espresso machine that has old world elegant ambiance!
The portafilter is made of chrome plated and has a heavy duty black bakealite handle.
The Savinelli Roma Delux Leva has the largest capacity boiler of all the Savinelli Leva machines.  It stands 38cm tall and allows for up to 20 cups of espresso coffee!. The boiler is made of brass and is chrome plated on the outside. The inner workings of the boiler are made of food safe nickel plate. The boiler heats and is ready to make coffee in about six minutes. There is no wait time between brewing and steaming.  The 1000 watt heating element even allows you to brew and steam at the same time.
The boiler temperature is actually controlled with a themostat for a quick and accurate responses. The boiler will cycle on and off consistently via the themostat and is set to maintain boiler pressure between .9 bar and 1.1 bar of pressure.
The main power switch is the only switch to operate. When turned on the switch will illuminate and start to heat the boiler. Under the power switch is a green temperature ready light that is illuminated whilst the machine is heating.
The stainless steel food safe heating elment is made to resist corrosion for long lasting durability.
On the left of the machine is a sight glass that will easily let you see the water level in the boiler. If the water level gets too low the coffee machine will automatically turn off to prevent any damage.
The base is made of stainless steel and is triple chrome plated on the outside.
There is a thermal fuse that will turn off the boiler if it overheats for any reason. The fuse turns the boiler off at 120C and is easily reset. This valve is a safety valve that is located on the right side of the boiler. It is designed to open and relieve excessive pressure in the boiler. The chrome exterior has a beautiful lacquered finish therefore any cleaning should be done with a soft cloth. The boiler should be decalcified twice a year with "Cleancaf" by Urnex. Savinelli recommends that the gaskets should be replaced every three to five years depending on how long the boiler is left on and frequency of use. The boiler should always be turned off when not in use.

Savinelli Grinder DR3.  The Savinelli Grinder DR3 is big on features normally found only in the most expensive grinders but for a realistic price. Classic Italian stylying and design blend with functionality!  The 250 gram bean hopper is made from glass for durability.  The powerful 140 watt motor enables the conical burrs to deliver you pecfectly and evenly ground coffee everytime.  A simple switch will turn the grinder on and when you have the correct amount of coffee ground simply press the switch again to turn the grinder off.

La Pavoni Chrome Base. The La Pavoni Chrome base helps keep you kitchen clean and tidy. The large capacity knocking draw is easy to empty and clean. The highly finished chrome only requires cleaning with a damp cloth.  


Savinelli Roma Deluxe Complete Set: Savinelli Roma Deluxe + Savinelli DR3 grinder + La Pavoni Chrome base

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Technical Specification

Technical Characteristics:
Totally built with precious metals (brass, stainless steel).
It has the return of the manual lever.
Voltage: 230Volt
Exercise temperature 120°C.
Control manometer.
Flashing switch and pressure warning light.
Pressure switch to control the pressure and security valve.
Security thermostat.
Steam tap.
Tank’s capacity: 20 cups.
Dimensions: width 22cm; depth 26cm; height 38cm.
Weight: 8Kg.
Accessories: 1 wooden coffee presser, 1 one cup filter, 1 two cups filter, 1 batcher,
1 funnel.


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