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Saeco Aulika Focus

Product Description


  • 350 gr coffee beans
  • 2,2 l water
  • 18 coffee grounds
  • 1 l drip tray

  • One-Touch cappuccino
  • 2 coffee cups simultaneously
  • Hot water / steam wand
  • Double pump, double boiler
  • Integrated Pinless Wonder Cappuccinatore
  • Cup warmer
  • Pre-ground coffee option
  • Steel conical blades



Saeco Aulika Focus

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Technical Specification

Dimensions (w x h x d)
334 x 380 x 452 mm
15 kg
full silver
Coffee grounds extra capacity base
Power supply
230 V/50 Hz
Absorbed power
1400 W
Coffee beans container capacity
350 gr
Water tank capacity
2,2 l, removable
Coffee grounds capacity
Graphic display with icons and text messages
One touch cappuccino / latte macchiato
Approval pursuant to the 60335-2-75 professional standard

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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Easy to use

Looking for a new fully automatic machines which can make a late or cappuccino automatically, I came across these Philips Saeco machine. The good reviews and the test result with "review" have convinced me. The manual is clear and illustrated. The use of fully automatic machines is very easy.If are the grind and amount of coffee set everything goes as if by magic. The Late looks like painted and the Cappuccino tastes really great. At the Espresso Crema is firm and stable. For the price, there is no machine that these Philips Saeco zoom ranges.

Gaint "Giant" (Palatinate)


Bella Italia at home. Who wants to have, is really served by this machine Best. Excelent coffee is produced with prima Crema (on the left are even a sugar cube). Milk foam really perfect. Initial installation very easy cleaning as well. Bean container and water tank are sufficiently large. Operation is simple and if you have made ​​times familiar with the device menu, almost self-explanatory. The unit gets any case of me full marks in terms of buy recommendation, not least because it is in the product tests to the test winner Gleichauf. Therefore, the full number of stars with me. BUT !!! As good as the machine also is - what Philps / Saeco thinks actually reached in terms of power cable and printed manual?!? What pray tell is the power cord but even with less than 1 meter in length. I now times where the machine is not to be so right around the corner a socket !!!!! The length of the power cord is an absolute impudence. Even otherwise the printed manual - on one side is the operation printed in dozens of languages, with black writing on almost dark gray paper is used and also how small that one is lost without a magnifying glass !!! My old SAECO had for each language depending on a separate and especially readable manual book available. All the same it is with enclosed in the package also includes a CD ... and since there is a GERMAN manual as a PDF file for self print and has 66 pages , Only honest - toner, printer ink and paper are also not just cheap right? However, it's worth but somehow again because the espresso machine is really there described explicitly in all functions haarklein.

Byteschaufler "Byteschaufler" (Munich)

really good coffee from a first-class machine

If you're looking really good tasting coffee, and ease of use of the coffee machine, is by purchasing this device from Philips on the safe side. Very well packed, the machine is protected from damage during transit. For unpacking and installation it is best to have 4 hands available, because with almost 20 kilos it is no lightweight. If the Saeco then but at the assigned place stands (Caution: the filling takes place from above, so you need something more space), it is not just a beauty, but makes perfect their service. Finally, a product in which everything is what you need. It really lacks only the coffee. In the delivery are other than the machine itself still decalcifier, cleaning tablets, water filter and a maintenance set with brushes and fat as well as a test strip for determining and adjusting the water hardness. Class that also equal to the isolated milk container is supplied, so the milk does not have to be back in the refrigerator. The most important thing is the taste of drinks and here lacks nothing. All drinks taste great, aromatic and fresh. The milk foam is perfect and all the products are to be produced with just one touch. The coffee production is not very quiet, but I do not expect, if I want to have freshly ground beans and a good milk froth. Cup filling quantity and intensity can be quickly and easily adapted to your own needs. Cleaning is also easy. This should however make regularly in any case. A special feature and thus a further advantage is the ability to pre-heat the cups on the device. I look forward praise on the fresh coffee from this coffee machines and our guests every morning repeated the good taste and the variety of coffee specialties.

Dr. Watson


Some years ago I already had a coffee machine, but really pleased I was never with him - to quickly tasted the first excellent coffee despite intensive cleaning only thin and had no strong Crema more. After almost two months with the Saeco I know it was the brewing unit! Was the brew group still hiding in my first fully automatic and out of reach for me, I may in the Saeco "ran" and clean it every week. What sounds like more work, but makes sense and is really worth it. Through the weekly manual flushing (about 30 minutes time) is not just avoided tasteless mold and the coffee remains aromatic Included is incidentally a laudable extensive cleaning and Care Accessories as a starter kit. Similarly, a pH test strip is, with which you can check their own water hardness and whether the supplied water filter is required or not. As in many regions of Germany the water hardness is relatively high, I would anyway prefilters, but very useful! construction and installation is well described in the manual and with the intuitive menu relatively easy. The manual is included in paper-based German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Greek, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian. Each individual coffee so settle a heavy pile of paper will be due to production probably easier than recombine for each country, but does not affect just the environment. I will, however, not mosern, because I am pleased to have an instruction manual and for not having to anschmeißen the PC. ;-) also very nice to be able to determine the degree of grinding and the brewing temperature itself - so the most delicious coffee is brewed individually for each user. In my example, the normal coffee, highest temperature, brewed (as the freshly ground coffee powder is wetted and thus receives more flavor). The milk-based coffee a lot of fun, the Cleaning afterwards is a bit expensive, but absolutely necessary. After either 500 coffees or after a month a major cleaning is due, one should attend, because you have to throw away from and adjust to something or Accrued water. This is something time-consuming (about 2 hours completely), but run with me during the washing day in passing by. ;-) Conclusion: Delicious coffee, lattes as the restaurant and low-maintenance machine!


A lot of settings

+ Many settings: pre-brewing (3 levels), water quantity, beans amount, freeness, temperature (3Stufen) + individual combinations of: pre-brewing time, temperature and amount of water in the different types of coffee. (If the beans do not amount should be the same everywhere, you have to change them every time per slide switch.) + coffee is hot, Cappucino is warmer than in the Bosch VeroCafe bar. The foam is also creamy. + After some trial and error, the coffee tastes very good. - The material acts in relation to the price rather cheap. - The On / Off button only responds with intense pressures. (Is the second machine, I The first fell due to a defective display, but had the same inaccurate keys.) - The nozzle for hot water is impractical constructed. They can indeed fold slightly forward, but it is still too low to fill a cup with hot water. - The drip tray has a lot of rough edges and can be compared to Bosch VeroCafe Latte much harder to clean up. Conclusion: Despite the little flaws I would buy the machine again. After some change the settings I enjoy really great coffee. Since I have the machine, I was twice in different ice cream parlors, where I drank a cappuccino. Determination: home it tastes much better now :-)


... great device

We have switched from the normal Senseo on Saeco- Coffee Machine. This we have only since 06.13.2013 and are so far very impressed. It is of course a big difference !!! :) The front is very clear and easy to use, ... of course only first with manual, which you can watch from the CD-ROM. The brewing unit is indeed the side, but still is easy to clean only a little heavier rauszuholen, However, the door does not remain open on its own. :( Also, all major latte macchiato glasses can make less. :) Furthermore, you can adjust the water and bean amount and any quantity determined. :) To complain I would have just that they need a relatively large amount of water for rinsing. :( But maybe then it has a reason! And although the lowest drinking temperature is already set my coffee temperature is personally too hot ... but it cools off yes. :) Definitely recommended!


Milk Thermos not included

The machine was delivered quickly and produces decent cup of coffee. Anger there was with the shop. On their side a thermal container for milk as a product detail is mentioned three times. But he has not been delivered. On demand was responding unfriendly and unwelcoming. Therefore, I would not order from this store again. Therefore, only four out of five stars. The machine itself is great! The Crema tidy and the milk froth properly fixed.


Excellent coffee machine with simple operation

The Saeco Royal OTC is used in an office with about 15 employees. Here it was important that the operation is simple. And with the one-touch system folds outstanding. All coffees are prepared to just one press of a button quickly and tasty. A small drawback, the machine has, however, nevertheless, therefore only four stars. Grounds container can be seen only when you pull the drip tray. This is somewhat impractical. But otherwise expected Saeco quality.

Michael Rogatti

works flawlessly

The machine looks good, works flawlessly and is understandable to use if you have studied the manual. The only thing I do not particularly good, because since the predecessor was really better, is the small coffee grounds container. The machine is used in our office and at several references you have to constantly empty the container. The previous model had a twice as large containers. Otherwise, you can recommend the device in any case.

Coffeeitalia customer

Fast, reliable - full recommendation

This is our first fully automatic coffee machine and the "Weekend coffee drinkers" we became the "Every-day-drinkers !. The operation is - as the name implies -. done very easily and with one touch, the aroma can be adjusted manually so that is not spoiled for something magenempfindlichere people of coffee. An espresso drinks there, cappuccino, latte macchiato, long coffee, hot milk, ... that should probably be anything ... The preheating plate for cups you can turn on when necessary, aroma and amount of coffee can be adjusted as well as the customized on the cups capacity, as well as the temperature. The filling of the water tank and the bean container is unceremoniously possible all parts for cleaning are readily available Cleaning is -.. as well with any other device . In the interests of hygiene and probably life of the appliance, the cleaning is of course inevitable corresponding time consuming After using the milk of the cappuccinatore must be removed, disassembled and washed out - well.. As an extra for the milk hose of the acquisition of a milk foam brush is recommended. All other cleaning is carried out weekly or monthly, with the indications on the display indicate the steps to do so. If you add everything together (water, detergent, coffee beans, ...) is one such machine in the maintenance of course more expensive than a normal coffee, but this pleasure we would like to do without. In retrospect, we're glad to have opted for a coffee machine, and not for a coffee pod or capsule machine. The flavor, freshness and variety of drinks speak for themselves. Also I'm not sure whether to clean pad / capsule machines also as comprehensive ... Get all see and recognize appropriate coffee residues, etc. and remove. We have the machine for five months in use and it works perfectly without any problems. A single trigger there because of the material used. Overall, it is - with the exception of a few places - quite a Plastikbomber what surprise at this price at first quite. The drip tray and the grounds container is made ​​of plastic and have a lot of ludicrously small angles and skating without any function, but the more difficult the cleaning significantly. Because the price otherwise probably relates more to the quality and the brewing unit really simple menu navigation, you can at the material time turn a blind eye. I give a full recommendation for function, menu navigation, many adjustment and Geräuchpegel (absolutely safe).


The "old" was better ....

My old Saeco Royal supernatant my many removals around the world and worked for 15 years still. A few weeks ago, however, their time was over and I decided to buy the successor model. I'm not unhappy to date (yes even new) Nevertheless, the old S. was uncomplicated. In the new model I miss especially the hotplate or I have not yet discovered? Hope, however, that I will be pleased with her ​​as long as with its predecessor.

Mumbai "India fan from OZ"

A practical machine - but ...

The coffee is ok, makes a nice crema. Only criticism: the water consumption. Before each circuit in standby is flushed and the coffee grounds container is plenty of water. Cleaning the coffee grounds container is unnecessarily complicated, because the water when emptying the tank must be drained until careful here. Why only 4 stars.


Super automatic coffee machine!

Coffee taste excellent, easy to use, many individual programming options, very good milk froth, bin Saeco fan, hope that this machine will last longer than my previous Incanto Sirius.

Ulrich Nicolodi

My review Verdict: fantastic

When unpacking the well packaged piece subtle aroma of coffee I went straight to the nose. Can not be, right? Can yet. The machine had already been tested at the factory as an enclosed list announced. Although I hatte- a little jitters before the first espresso operation is easier than expected. Who wants to, but can be hospitalized by a coach, a nice service from Philips. I let myself in the further use of the machine advised by a friend who owns a Saeco itself. Meanwhile, we have also decalcified once. This goes completely problemos, easily installed as described Saeco- descaler and fill with water, then you will be guided step by step through the menu. The coffee tasted from the very beginning to die, no matter whether we Macciato espresso, latte, cappuccino or other variants tried out. The milk foam is a dream. It is very convenient that the milk flows virtually in a separate circuit, which must be kept clean easily. We use so far also not the extra supplied with chic and insulated milk vessel, but stuck the hose easily into the milk carton. The cleaning of the remaining unit, which had also given us a bit of a headache, is not particularly difficult. When the coffee grounds container is full, is displayed. All other parts, such as the drip tray, the brewing unit or the "cappuccino maker", ie the part that makes the milk so heavenly creamy are also easy to remove and can be installed as the grounds container and clean by hand or by pressing a button. Without studying the well-structured and formulated operating instructions you will be the engine probably not fair, but it is nevertheless easy to use and the enjoyment of coffee is nothing to prevent. With us the Saeco Royal "Mrs Grindtooth" called by the dragon at Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver. She spits and hisses yes but at a different level than our previous simple coffee. Nevertheless, both the milling, as well as the Prepare the coffee is less noisy than other fully automatic, I know. We are completely satisfied. A great part!

Aunt "Emma" (from a village in northern North)

drinking tea here would be a bean impudence

Today finally came my fullfill your dream coffee machine. The good old coffee has had its day ... so the mega-big and not exactly easy (perceived cement bag) board is structured packed, the machine removed relatively quickly and placed in the right place. As usual, the manual is overflown with zeal and the Quick Start Guide well structured preferred. An additional help, the instructions on the display of the machine. Visually, the device is compared to the good old coffee of course, already an eye-catcher. The design is modern and ergonomic. Remarkable are the large tank with plenty of storage space for coffee beans, water and coffee powder (about 2 liters of water / coffee beans 400 grams) and the robust grinder for coffee beans. For descaling and cleaning of the water a Brita filter is attached, which is integrated in the water tank. After a short initial cleaning / cleaning we go ... and what can I say; Macchiato both the wonderfully fragrant coffee and colleagues cappuccino, espresso and latte taste perfectly. This taste I know otherwise only known from the Coffee-2-go chains ... The preparation works at lightning speed ... The operation has quickly grasped as a freshman. The choice of drink is via a button. Practically the 2 existing water heater that it ensure that both water and milk quickly and simultaneously hot and "to be processed" quickly. The separate stainless steel milk container is conveniently isolated - so it stays fresh longer -. And is very easy to clean after emptying the cup is stable on the shelf and as an additional treat, you can keep the cups directly on the device and even preheating. In order for the different cup sizes do not become a problem, the capacity is of course adjustable. Also the heat and strength of the drink can be selected. The hygienic cleaning of the machine as a whole is very simple thanks to the easy accessibility of all the parts. Automatic cleaning and Entkalkungsvorgänge (also for milk supply) facilitate regular maintenance. The cappuccinatore is also suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. The collecting / drip summarizes estimated 1 liter of liquid, but should be emptied regularly for reasons of hygiene and cleaning. Thanks to energy efficiency class A and low power consumption in the auto standby mode the power consumption is low. *** Conclusion *** The coffee machine is perfect for the home, small office or company. Of course, the price per cup is higher than that of conventional coffee due to the acquisition and ongoing maintenance / servicing. The perfect taste and the simple and straightforward use make the device, however, the hero of everyday enjoyment.

Lena G.

Professional coffee enjoyment!

Once the packaging is removed, is the first impression and this is just awesome. As in a real coffee, the machine reminds me to the real part of what I have served during my Karstadt training. High-quality materials and elegant it looks at first glance. With its rough edges, it fits perfectly in here and also like better than other models in the series, which are built smaller and more round me. The start-up is easy, so you quickly the coffee in the 350g containers, milk in their 0 5l tank and the water can fill in his tank 2,2l. This means that 20 cups full of tasty coffee no longer a problem. Incidentally, the milk remains in their Thermo container about six hours fresh. Longer I would, however, do not dare and make better in the refrigerator for the next day. After that, it can already start with the first cup. Here the Tassenfüllhöhe and intensity (temperature, thickness, pre-brewing) of the coffee can be selected. This one gets exactly the coffee as you like it best. But can also simultaneously brewing a completely different coffee to his friends. Never again says it's too little coffee or because he is too strong or too weak. Only small adjustments that take a few seconds to complete before the coffee is brewed on request. One must, however, not only on a boring coffee involved, but may be due to the milk container and foamer alongside a strong espresso macchiato and cappuccino, latte or simply make only latte. Even pure hot water for a cup of tea is not a problem. Theoretically, even milk can be foamed, and these are then converted to a delicious cocoa. For me there are old acquaintances handles, can wake the memories. Each key is self-explanatory, so that even children can make their parents a delight theoretically. In addition, the display is very clear and well-lit. Once you have decided for a drink, and set everything, it goes very quickly. For a second water boiler ensures, so milk and water can be heated separately. This saves much time, as it will be found at the first use. Cups in cup warmer can be previously been preheated so that the drink is not as fast or cools the cup is unpleasantly cold in his hands. Let's get to taste test. I myself prefer the milky drink as I said variants. Approximately one minute after the selection I had, for example, I had my latte macchiato. It is very tasty, but he might have a little more foam. However, this is a shortcoming, which have nearly all machines. Either taps previously foam from or produced separately at which, or one is content with the small, but beautiful lot. The coffee itself was tested by my mother, because this their black drink. She finds that it has exactly the right intensity, which of course depends on the setting. She is thrilled by all means and is now always happy when you can have a coffee with me, rather than the finished coffee-coffee from the normal coffee. The noise level is normal. A mill can now not even work quietly and just hums something. Even heating and drain the water vapor goes, not without noise. However, it is not loud or disturbing. If you have used the machine, you have to have no fear that the cleaning is extremely complicated. Who uses milk it should even be cleaned in the day, because the milk residues would otherwise tarnish the new coffee experience and also they like to clog the lines. To prevent this happening, there is a self-cleaning function that needs to be easily selected. A very good thing that you can really use every day, so that the machine the next day conjures up delicious coffee variations. However, I personally recommend, at least every two weeks or once a month to clean the machine again even with hot water. All in all a good thing, when I personally can not expose something big. This machine can can easily keep up with professional equipment of WMF. As a trained restaurateur I can recommend these fully automatic machines with a clear conscience. Even ETM Test Magazine judgment is 1.6 "Good". === === In short The device convinces with its straightforward operation, a foolproof cleaning, a perfect crema-density and a variable taste, so that each taste nerve is hit.

Sarah F. (Northern Germany)

Super super super

Cette machine à café est juste terrible !!! Facile à utiliser, super goût du café, expresso, latte et cappuccino machiatto sont faites pour chaque satisfaits !!! Un peu tout peut satisfasse tout le monde !!!

Nicoletta & Alexander

altamente recomendado

Fácil de usar, muy buena crema (contenido de grasa también con un 1,5%). Fácil de limpiar. Café sabe mucho mejor que nuestra máquina Senseo pod anterior. Incluso los grandes vasos para capuchino encajan debajo de la salida de café se empuja hacia atrás.

I. Todos (Ulm)


Alles funktioniert wie beschrieben, große Maschine. Am reichsten hilfreich war das ... VIDEO ... auf der Beschreibung der Maschine. Große Macchiato und Cappuccino tolle Bar.


The two putative sides of a coffee machine

Presumably, it may be an isolated case (at least you can only hope), but I would like to report about it because I had to annoy easy. But back to the day when the Philips Saeco HD8930 / 01 Royal coffee machine with me got home. It was a beautiful day, the first hot days were still ahead of us and I went on a Saturday morning from opening the package and then disassemble the 19kg in their items. On opening the actual package I discovered a small chipped Eck the Styrofoam protective sheathing. I did not think anything yet, maybe I was too self, and removed the rest of the packaging material. Then, however, I no longer believed in my own fault, because inside was all fine coffee powder. Scattered on the machine, in the crevices of the Styrofoam and the bottom of the box. It was not much, but still with a supposedly new coffee machine every speck of dust is too much. You'd think so. At least, can write something about the exterior, which was displayed on the product images here much better than in nature now. It is predominantly matte plastic, much wobbles and looks very stable - nothing for people with beautiful kitchens. Unfortunately, then hardened my suspicions, because just next to one of the adhesive strips on the water tank, I saw tiny remains of a former tape. Did I get a refurbished coffee machine? The customer service could not help me and wanted to exclude this hypothesis. It would probably have somebody the first adhesive strip away the packaging and a new glued. Why the coffee came in my package, it there was no answer. But that's not lost the relationship goes - I had the machine up to this call already connected and attempts to try. Unfortunately, the filling of the water system was not possible. As here already already a customer realized. A very annoying issue and I'm jealous - all the coffee machine works properly. But what can you do, these traditional and rather dark side is part of a coffee machine. Because otherwise much is on offer for that price, included a comprehensive manual and the operation itself and for newcomers a Kaffeevollautomat little problems is ready - was my review for this product.

Jon-Paul Kaiser (Munich)


Good Machine Production, but it would no longer buy me for this award, is not necessarily the price, after 6 months of use attracts Maschiene no milk, though was a free repair, but should not be in such a short time a defect to have.

WP "Speedy" (Munich)

Melitta me plaisait mieux!

Ma machine fuyait, donc besoin d'une nouvelle - car Coffeeitalia est pas réparé, mais l'argent va rembourser - bien ... Lorsque mes lunettes Saeco Latte absolument pas glisser sous - juste 13,5 cm de haut, je ne voulais pas! moi spécialement pour acheter de nouvelles lunettes réservoir de lait est pas là - au prix ... La qualité du café est très bien comme l'ensemble du paquet, je n'a pas aimé!

Michael Scholtz


Il manque la buse à cappuccino et le conteneur de lait. L'empreinte pour les tasses a été rayé, ce qui suggère une bonne utilisation de la machine. L'emballage était usé. Je ai envoyé l'unité arrière.

Erhard Roth


Buena producción de la máquina, pero ya no me compre para este premio, no es necesariamente el precio, después de 6 meses de uso atrae Maschiene sin leche, sin embargo era una reparación gratuita, pero no debe estar en tan poco tiempo un defecto de tener .

WP "Speedy" (Munich)

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