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Saeco Lirika Plus + Cappucinatore Siluro

Product Description

Saeco has always been a pioneer in the OCS and small Ho.Re.Ca.
locations market.
Today, thanks to its flair for development, to address the increasing
needs of coffee consumption outside the home, Saeco increased
its range with 3 new solutions that express the best and most
developed aspects of the OCS world.
Aulika is a perfect mix of tradition, innovation, design and
technology, thanks to the synergies created between Saeco and
Royal Gran Crema is the perfect sum of the Saeco style in a
compact and highly technological system.
Lirika is the new entry-level reference point for OCS bean-to-cup,
and guarantees superior performance and user-friendliness in a
modern and compact shell.
Saeco addresses the increasingly specific requirements of
out-of-home consumption with two lines of machines that fully
comply with customers‘ requests.
The need to be able to choose among different types of drinks,
including fresh-milk-based specialties, the user-friendliness
in self-service contexts, and the reduction of operating costs are
only some of the requirements that Saeco addressed in designing
Aulika, Royal Gran Crema and Lirika.
Three product lines were designed specifically for the B2B
sector, and are equipped with revolutionary systems for
the distribution of milk-based drinks, and have high capacity
water and coffee canisters, a compact and innovative design and
an operating software that was custom-made for the reference
market, for better credit management, for instance.
In addition, these 3 systems are 60335-2-75 certified for
professional use, are energy efficiency class A rated (with ecomode
on) and comply with the directives issued by FEA, the Swiss
Sectorial Associationn for Power Appliances for households and
“One Touch Cappuccino“ is Saeco‘s exclusive system for brewing a perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato, in the best Italian tradition, thanks to the special cappuccinatore, the “Pinless Wonder”. An innovative system, mounted only on the Lirika OTC version, that creates a delightful foam, collecting milk directly from its pack or from the fridge, as required in B2B applications. In this way, the “One Touch Cappuccino“ system delivers creamy cappuccinos or latte macchiato directly in your cup. In addition, Lirika OTC has a “Mini-Clean“ function: after every milk delivery, the system asks whether to activate the self-cleaning procedure with about 20 cc of hot water.
500 gr coffee beans
2,5 l water
15 coffee grounds
0,5 l drip tray
Milk from steam wand
2 coffee cups simultaneously
Hot water / steam wand
Single circuit
Pannarello on steam wand Cappuccinatore
Siluro (optional)
Ceramic blades


Saeco Lirika Plus + Cappucinatore Siluro

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Technical Specification

Dimensions (w x h x d)
215 x 381 x 430 mm
Weight 7 kg
Coloursilver / black
Power supply230 V/50 Hz
Absorbed power 1850 W
Coffee beans container capacity 500 gr
Water tank capacity2,5 l, removable
Coffee grounds capacity 15
Graphic display with icons and text messages
Approval pursuant to the 60335-2-75 professional standard


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