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NEW Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 + Mahlkonig Vario Generation III
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Product Description

Happy to announce here at Italiankitchenaids to be one of the first Distributors to offer the last jewel from Rancilio: the New Rancilio Silvia V5 E 2016 !!!
The new NEW Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020, now consumes less than 0.5 Wh (watt-hour) in standby mode. It shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity, as stipulated by the Ecodesign regulatory norms. Rancilio LAB research and development department has gone even further than this. For us, innovation means operating for a sustainable future. For this reason, Rancilio Silvia E 2016 is equipped with a special boiler wrapped in a foam thermal insulator with a high rate of heat and noise absorption. A feature that enables a significant reduction of energy consumption when the machine is on. In addition, the internal parts of the Rancilio Silvia E 2016 in contact with water do not release toxic substances and do not compromise the quality of the beverage in the cup. The aim is to maintain great reliability and thermal stability.
The NEW Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020. handle, is designed ergonomically to make using it easy. Other features of this coffee machine include a cup warmer and a multi-directional wand for steam that makes frothing easier. It also has an innovative grinder and a water reservoir. Its base is made in stainless steel making it an ideal machine for use in the kitchen. In addition, this coffee machine comes with a safety feature: the boiler has now a thermostat that turns the boiler off in case of a mal function.
This coffee making machine is made with a contemporary setting in mind. Its looks and features are designed in a way that makes it a perfect product for a modern set up. Operational features of New Rancilio Silvia V5 E 2016 Ed. make using it easy and quick in making coffee.  The NEW Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Ed. espresso machine is in a class all by itself.  Whilst most manufacturers have a range of domestic and commercial machines, Rancilio is primarily a commercial coffee machine manufacturer.  Rancilio only make one domestic coffee machine; the Silvia.  All the expertise of building high quality commercial coffee machines has been compressed and built into a machine for the home that has a reputation for solid performance and reliability.
The machine is now In full conformity with the European EuP directive, they now redesigned the button to power up the machine that is not longer with the on / off toggle, like in the previous model, now it returns to its original position when pressed. 
The Pump:
At the heart of the New Rancilio Silvia V5 E  2016 EDITION coffee machine there is an electric pump made by by ULKA. The model is the ULKA EX4 23V operating at 48 watts.  This is the strongest pump in its class.  Here below a picture of the new pump.
Rancilio in the NEW Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 completely redisegned the structure where the pump is located. In the older version there was a major issue on the stirrup which was often breaking down.
The NEW Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 brews coffee the same way a commercial machine does.  The new Silvia Mod. E even has a commercial size, 58mm, portafilter.  The large size of the filter holder ensures the water is distributed evenly through the coffee.  This is part of the reason why the Rancilio Silvia Mod. E now is able to produce such good coffee.
The group head and filter holder are made cast brass and are chrome plated.  Cast brass is the best way to keep the temperature stable during the brewing cycle because it retains heat, By using cast brass, as is used in commercial machines, the New Rancilio Silvia V.E  2016 EDITION produces shots that rival your best café coffees.
The portafilter comes with a commercial, ergonomically designed handle, as standard equipment. Some other features of the Silvia include a built in cup warmer, hot water dispensing for hot chocolates, tea, and long espresso drinks.
Below all the the accessories you will receive with this amazing New Rancilio Silvia V5 E  2016 EDITION:
The set includes one original Rancilio filterholder, two filter baskets: one for 7 gr and one for 14 gr. You will receive also a free measuring spoon, and a tamper.
A newly designed multi directional steam wand makes milk frothing even easier, as you can use a variety of size and shape jugs. The Silvia has a large water reservoir which is filled from the top of the machine so this can be done easily at any time for continual production of great shots. A good grinder is as important as a good coffee machine and this factor is often overlooked.   Also, don’t overlook a good tamper! There are also some safety features that are worth take into consideration.  
To our surprise, the NEW Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 has upgrades from the previous model that make this machine even more desirable!  It has a large brass boiler that allows for ample steam product, a solid brass 58mm group head for superior heat stability and an iron frame with stainless steel casing for long lasting durability.  
There is a thermostat for the boiler, another for the steam production, and a third thermostat that turns off the power to the boiler if there has been a mal function.  This third thermostat can be reset anytime as it is really a circuit breaker style switch.  It is located inside the machine so be prepared to remove some screws.  Also, the Silvia has a 3 way solenoid valve that releases pressure within the machine once the brew switch is switched off.  This helps prevent scalding and dripping as well as letting the coffee puck remain drier for easier knocking out. Caffè Italia sells more coffee machines than most retailers throughout the world.  
This gives us a great advantage when it comes to comparing machines.  If there is a problem model we soon learn about it.  Likewise, an outstanding machine also becomes known to us very quickly. The NEW Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020. is a machine we love to sell because it is beautifully made, solid and reliable, and with a good grinder, beans and practice, will give our customers coffee that is truly enjoyable and without compromise.
The Mahlkonig Vario generation III is now equipped with a new bracket holder and is now much easier to use than before. It has 54mm ceramic burrs which will give up to twice the life of regular steel burrs. It will grind approx. 1.6g per second.
The other amazing feature is the ability to change between espresso setting and say French press. The grinder has two sliding levers. one is for macro changes to the burrs and the other is for finer micro changes. Once you have dialled in your micro setting for espresso to then grind for filter or French press just slide the right hand lever down to your brew method. Once you've finished slide back up to espresso and the micro lever is still locked in at your previous setting. Brilliant!!
The other nice feature is the belt drive motor. Most grinders are pretty noisy but this is super quiet. Plus its looks great and only takes a small amount of bench space.



NEW Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 + Mahlkonig Vario Generation III

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Technical Specification

Technical Information:

Power W 1100
15 bar pump

Tank capacity 2.5 lt.

Cup shelf

Grid drainer for easy cleaning

Stainless steel bodywork

Dimensions: 29.0 cm (width) - 34.0 cm (height) - 23.5 cm (depth)

Weight 14kg

Preparation of 2 cups at the same time

Steam and hot water nozzle

Brass boiler

Chromed brass filter holder
 58mm diameter filter holder

Filters baskets 1 cup and 2 cup ground coffee

Technical Information

Model     Vario
Height     370mm
Width    125mm
Depth    160mm
Weight     3.7 kg
Watts     200
Flat Ceramic     Burrs
Size     54mm

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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews


Completely satisfied


All good so far!

Device tested immediately! manual was very good and easy to understand. So far everything is good and works flawlessly!

Cemil Yilmaz

after some adjustments to the settings and brand of coffee beans it just works like a dream

Had mine for a month now, after some adjustments to the settings and brand of coffee beans it just works like a dream now


I will recommend to everyone

Fantastick coffee machine. Fast delivery. I will recommend to everyone.


Good value for the money.

The best "at home" coffee I have tasted!


Máquina de Super café

Hemos regalado la máquina y vinieron super y hace café brillante. Definitivamente recomendable: Fácil manejo y buena presentación.

Anna Worle

Muy buena relación calidad-precio

Entrega muy rápida, como siempre. Exactamente como se describe y declive ideal para un ex. Como nuevo. Estamos encantados de haber recibido una máquina de este tipo para un buen precio. Nuestro viejo (Saeco Incanto de Luxe), había entregado su alma después de 9jahren. Por lo tanto, debe ser un Saeco de nuevo. La primera impresión del café bajo operación. Muy bueno.



Pero no quiere decir que todo lo que me convenció. corre gustos muy bien y café.

Irene Harms


Relación de precio y de buena calidad. Los primero tazas son i. O. pero están cada vez mejor de ella estaban pegando. En general estamos muy satisfechos y recomendaría la máquina.


Kleiner Preis - viel drin

Haben Sie die Maschine für ein paar Wochen nun schon und ich bin begeistert. Für die kleinen Preis absolut super. Es ist auch nicht so laut wie ich erwartet hatte. So auch morgens absolut angenehm. Der Kaffee schmeckt. Schnelle Lieferung. Sehr empfehlenswert für den kleinen Geldbeutel zu empfehlen. Darüber hinaus ist es geeignet für kleine Küchen!

Yvonne W.

Super Kaffeemaschine

Wir haben weg die Maschine gegeben und sie sind super kam und macht brillante Kaffee. Unbedingt zu empfehlen: Einfache Bedienung und gute Einführung.

Anna Worle

Sehr gute Einrichtung

Wir haben die Kaffeemaschinen für ca. 4 Monate und sind vollstens mit den Kaffee-Produkte, die sie zufrieden stellt.


Eine sehr gute Einrichtung

Ein sehr gutes Gerät, liefert auch große Milchschaum.

Jurgen Mertens

einfach lecker Kaffee

Hallo. Die Kaffeemaschine ist genial wir bekommen eine zweite für unser Geschäft! Gruß Maik Krause

Lothar Krause (Neu Wulmstorf)

un excellent café et meilleur café

facile à utiliser et tout simplement délicieux café.

Client (Madrid)

très impressionnant

La machine fait le café parfait, et la gestion du lait est également très bon.



Un excellent café. Il offre une excellente qualité de café. Facile à utiliser, pas de gâchis et un nettoyage facile. Dépasse de loin la Saeco automatique précédente je devais dans tous les aspects


Très bon service et une machine fantastique

Très bon service et une machine fantastique, la femme l'utilise toute la journée, je le recommande vivement à la fois le vendeur et la machine à personne

K P Steventon

Facile à utiliser

Un gros achat, mais bien la peine. Facile à utiliser, tasse expert chaque fois. Je le recommande sans aucun doute.


Super Milk - not very quiet

The machine pleases us very well, but she is a bit noisy. In the end it comes down to the coffee and that is great. I would recommend this machine for the price.

Elmar Buschkuhle "Elmar Buschkuhle" (Erwitte - Horn)


We are very satisfied with the machine. the coffee tastes very good and also the operation and maintenance of the machine are easy to deal with.


Sabores de café, pero un cuidado Tamagotchi

Los sabores de café, la máquina también es fácil de usar. Algo está acostumbrando a los altos requerimientos de limpieza de la máquina. Yo había imaginado un poco más fácil. El personal bien entrenado y paciente.

Stefan Endres "iStefan"

Zufriedenen Kunden (bisher)

Ich mag es, vor allem für den Preis. Ich habe einige Probleme hatte, aber ich denke, die Bedienfehler. Wir hatten es nur für eine kleine Weile, aber wenn es hält, werde ich glücklich sein.

mike Girlande

Buen precio y excelente calidad caffe

Si usted está buscando una gran máquina de expresso, quieren invertir un poco sin olvidar la calidad ?, esta es la opción! SAECO es una gran marca, tiene expriencie y traerlo a casa a buen precio. No lo dudes, este es el próximo máquina caffe para los amantes del expresso y capuchino.


Bueno dispositivo

Para los hogares, este dispositivo es realmente ideal. El café sabe muy bien y también la limpieza de los componentes individuales es fácil. Permítanme aclarar términos, puedo decir que la espuma es realmente fija solamente.

Escuela de obediencia Samis "entrenador de perros"

Saeco machine à café, facile à utiliser

The display is very clear, I'm just a little disappointed because the crema was better with my old Saeco. Otherwise, no complaints.

Helga Mark Mann

alles ok

Ich entschied mich für dieses Gerät nach langer Suche, weil es das beste Preis-Leistungsverhältnis versprochen. Die Bedienung ist sehr einfach, einmal im Handbuch sah und Sie alles verstehen. Der Kaffee ist sehr lecker und der Milchschaum wirklich gut und flauschig. Sie können die Intensität des Kaffees einstellen und variieren auch die Menge


just for espresso

Hello, the machine is top handles and makes a great impression. For espresso or small coffee cups also completely okay, but for cups from 100ml of coffee is very watery even at the highest level.


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