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QuickMill Monza MOD.05010 with Graphic Display

Product Description

 - MOD.05010

- Programmable pre-brewing cycle;
- Electronic control of delivery unit temperature;
- Programming of dose of coffee in cup;
- Steam delivery programming;
- Water delivery programming;
- Built-in milk frother;
- Steam/water nozzle with anti-burn insulator;
- No water in reservoir indicator (with alarm on display);
- Coffee grounds container full indicator (with alarm on display);
- Grinder motor with safety fuse;
- Equipped with luminous display with all machine functions;
- Equipped with stainless steel, luminous push-button panel;
- Coffee grinding with micrometric adjustment;
- Metal delivery unit and grinder;
- 1.4 litre copper boiler with external insulation;
- Automatic refill with electronic level probe;
- Mater pressure switch;
- Gicar circuit board with heat sink;
- adjustable temperature of the boiler;
- display with 5 possible colours;
- washing program;
- optional: larger base with drai kit;
- 304 stainless steel cup warmer;
- 350 g coffee hopper (optional 600gr);
- Plug with safety fuse;
- Possibility of connection to the water supply system;
- Body made out of 304 stainless steel;
- Two-grid cup tray: small or large coffee cup;
- Non-slip feet;
- Operating menu in five languages;
- Equipped with descaling programme;
- Programming of amount of ground coffee;
- Ulka pump with brass sleeve;
- Professional expansion valve;
- Parker solenoid valves;
- Certified safety valve;
- Metal grinder motor with gear reduction unit;
- Delivery unit heated from 0 to 16 degrees;
- Possibility of entering personal password for using operating menu;
- Safety thermostat on boiler;
- Coffee or steam/hot water delivery can be used simultaneously.


QuickMill Monza MOD.05010 with Graphic Display

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Technical Specification

Technica Data

Messures (LxHxD)
36 X 44,5 X 44
28,00 KG.
230 Vac 50 Hz, 115 Vac 60Hz
1600 WATT
304 shiny stainless steel

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