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Nemox ice cream maker Chef 2200 Special Red Edition

Product Description

The most compact in the world and the most effective, it guarantees professional results.

* Professional results guaranteed.
* Inner bowl in 18/10 stainless steel
* Two choices, use fixed or removable bowl !
* Unique design, with no central shaft, allows alternative uses such as: Cooling of bottles of every type and size.
* This appliance is equipped with a powerful independent refrigeration system with compressor.
* Continuous operating capability allows rapid production of several different flavours.
* Mixing powered by electric induction motor.
* Produces ice-cream, sorbets, granita and frozen yoghurt.
* It makes ice-cream for 8/10 people (1000 gr.) in 20-30 minutes.
* Ice-cream can be produced either in the stainless steel inner bowl or in the removable bowl for more convenient use and storage.
* The only ice-cream maker with absolutely no obstructions in the centre of the bowl, allows easy removal of ice cream and makes it particularly easy to clean.
* It can take bottles and jugs of various kinds, for cooling any drink just in a few minutes.
* The refrigeration system complies with environmental regulations protecting the ozone layer.





Nemox ice cream maker Chef 2200 Special Red Edition

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Technical Specification



230V 50 Hz 150W
120V 60Hz 150W

Thermal cut-out: refrigerating and mixing unit
Compressor unit
4,10 cc
Forced ventilation
Reduction gear box
Paddle induction motor
RPM 24
Stainless steel fixed bowl
1,5 l
Includes one aluminium removable bowl
1,5 l
Max. quantity of ingredients
1 kg
Churning time
20 - 40 min
Appliance body
White ABS
Dimensions (W/D/H)
35x24x30 cm
10 kg
Ice cream spoon
Instruction book / Recipe book
Coloured gift box
45x35x40 cm 12 kg

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