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- NEMOX 's "ESPRESSSO" line of high-end espresso pod system appliances are designed for both professional (restaurants, bakeries, caterers, offices, etc.) and home use. They combines the latest technology with ease of use for exceptional espresso drink results.
- Three models are available:
• ESPRESSSO - pod system for continuous extraction of espresso coffee
• ESPRESSSO CREMALATTE - pod system for continuous extraction of espresso coffee and Cappuccino frothing system
• ESPRESSSO ELECTRONIC - programmable electronic control panel featuring pod system and cappuccino system
- All models come with two different size pod filters, easily interchangeable by the user, to compensate different types of pods and ensure proper fit.
- From start-up, the machine is ready to make coffee or steam in approximately two minutes.
- The locking mechanism of the infusion chamber is elbow-joint shaped and is supported by stainless steel brackets and hinges. The mechanical movement parts use bushes or bushings of tempered and sintered steel.
- A self-adjusting mechanism with a micrometric screw permits the infusion chamber to perfectly adapt in order to compensate for minor thickness differences between different types of pods.
- The lower part of the brewing group is made of techno-polymer material, reducing heat loss and ensuring that the espresso coffee extraction is always at the optimum temperature.
- The machine has a large capacity water tank.

- To facilitate removal and filling of the water tank, the rear part of the machine opens using a magnetic and pivoting device.
- Water level is visible through a specific opening provided on the body of the machine.
- The body structure is made of steel treated with epoxy paint. The front panel is made of polished stainless steel enriched by a silk screening in silver color. The appearance is modern, functional, and professional.
- The upper portion of the machine features a cup warmer tray in polished stainless steel.

ESPRESSSO CREMALATTE and ESPRESSSO ELECTRONIC are equipped with two independent heat exchangers that allow the user to dispense espresso coffee and froth milk at the same time.
- Considerable energy savings can be realized by alternating use between the two heat exchangers.
- The espresso heat exchanger is made of brass. Water runs through a screw-shaped system, which can be easily removed for maintenance.The steam heat exchanger is made of aluminum.
- ESPRESSSO ELECTRONIC has two separate electronic controls: one for the espresso function, and the other for the frothing function.The programmable functions are:
• Pre-infusion
• Two programmable coffee dispensing buttons for desired amounts of coffee




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