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Luxury RGV 195 GL

Product Description

Steel and stability

The slicer RGV Lusso GL 195 is a mid-range product with a design very common. Aesthetically reminiscent of the professional slicers that we also find in supermarkets, even if the dimensions are reduced and the weight is not impossible. Stability is excellent, even if the photo is not great stand legs (or big feet in this case) rubber adhering on any surface. structure is mostly made ​​of steel, even if the fixed part to keep the food is plastic ... do not shake your head because at this price you can not find anything better. :) opening the box, however, we see that the missing device to sharpen the blades, but can be purchased separately online more than someone complains about this lack .

No fatigue

The technical characteristics of the slicer Luxury RGV 195 GL are very interesting. The power is certainly not enviable, with its 110 watts, but we see for example that put into action the engine is very quiet and does a lot of effort into the cut ... we will see, however, better after. For now let's observe that the RGV Lusso GL 195 has a blade with a diameter of 195 mm , which is essential for cutting meats that are not only salami or cheese. Same goes for the slice thickness, which also provides the opportunity to make slices icing ...:)

In many satisfied, but not all

... we tried the slicer Luxury RGV 195 GL with bacon and ham , the results have been very satisfactory. As said the engine does not seem to suffer ever, obviously the continuous work is suitable to accommodate a family and a crowd behind the counter at the grocery store. Not to mention that our examination can be removed very easily, even if the key is to remove the blade 'll have procuravela alone. It seemed to us quite solid but doubts remain, there are lots of positive comments on RGV Lusso GL 195 but someone wrote that the paint is blown away at some point .:)


In relation to the price Slicer RGV Lusso GL 195 has satisfied in full . A machine that tries to emulate as much as possible the features and functionality of the professional, even if the limitations are obvious. For example, the wattage is not very high, it does its job well, but not put under too much pressure. Missing then a device for sharpening the blades, but you can buy it separately. RGV The Luxury 195 GL it seemed so solid and easy to use, but someone wrote that the paint is gone at some point ... nothing really worrisome, are a couple of reports of many other very, very positive. Our vote is so high, even for the online offering that we propose below is quite advantageous .:)


  • Solid
  • Easy job
  • Good width from the blade
  • Excellent results


  • Missing device to sharpen the blade


Luxury RGV 195 GL

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Technical Specification

Technical details of the RGV Lusso GL 195

  • Structure in die-cast aluminum
  • lacquered base
  • Blade cover plate
  • bulkhead: in anodized aluminum
  • Professional Knife
  • Ring fixed blade protection
  • Cutting thickness up to 14/16 mm
  • Sharpener optional not included in the package
  • Blade diameter 195mm
  • Motor power 110w

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