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Product Description

The innovative design of Cellini, where the quest for new forms and quality unites with technological research to create a decisively avant-garde coffee machine.
Gauges to indicate pump pressure and boiler temperature.
The machine is equipped with an active cup warmer plate to keep the cups always warm.
Extractable main cable.
The water tank may be filled from the funnel behind the cup warmer located on the machine top or by removing the water tank.
Turbo steam nozzle for heating and frothing milk and for heating other hot beverages such as tea and hot chocolate. Can be interchanged with the Automatic Cappuccino maker.
The Cappuccino Automatic system immediately takes the milk directly from its container, delivering it perfectly frothed and heated into the cup; this system ensures the maximum hygiene, requiring no manual dexterity from the operator.
Professional chrome-plate brass filter-holder and a filter for using coffee pods ESE.
The machine is equipped with two gauges to indicate pump pressure and boiler temperature, active cup warmer to keep cups warm.
One cylindric heating element to heat the coffee group,is activated while switching on the machine and grant the perfect temperature also for the first coffee maintaining the even temperature of coffee group for the next coffees.



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Technical Specification

Chrome steel body; with removable transparent water tank, capacity (approx. 25 cups of espresso) 1,25 litri
Chrome-plated brass filter-holder with “Easy Espresso System” *
Steam tap with interchangeable turbo steam nozzle or Automatic Cappuccino maker *
Steel boiler heating element, coffee thermostat, steam thermostat, safety valve, pump overheat protection 1350 W
Pump pressure gauge and boiler temperature gauge *
Active cup-warmer to keep cups warm *
Cylindric heating element to heat the coffee group *
Automatic anti-drip valve *
Button controls *
Maximum pump pressure 14 bar
Power 50 W
Average preheating time, including cup warmer 5 minutes around
Width, Depth, Height 235x330x385mm.
Weight 9,3 Kg.
Extractable main cable, length 1500 mm.
Power 230/240 V. 50 Hz
120 V. 60 Hz
- Main cable, coffee measure spoon, coffee filters, coffee press
- Automatic Cappuccino maker
- “Easy Espresso System”


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