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Rancilio KRYO 65 ST

Product Description

The KRYO 65 dosing grinders is designed to set new quality standards for grinding and dosing espresso coffee, operations which are essential for obtaining a high quality beverage in the cup. The Rancilio LAB technological department has developed a patented revolutionary system which allows optimum extraction and ensures the creaminess and body characteristic of a perfect espresso.
KRYO65 is fitted with 2.5 inch (64mm) diameter burrs, ensuring a production of 15-20 lb/h (7-9 kg/h). The dose can be regulated between 0.19 and 0.35 oz (5.5-10 g), with a coffee bean capacity of 2.9 lb (1.3 kg). It is available in an automatic (AT) or semiautomatic (ST) version.


Rancilio KRYO 65 ST

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Technical Specification

Technical features

semiautomatic (ST) and automatic (AT) version

fins in die-cast aluminium

ThermoSteel treated steel burrs

continuous micrometric adjustment with anti-accidental rotation lock

aluminium outlet

hoppers in food-grade polycarbonate


aluminium, ABS and polyamide


anthracite grey

Dimensions (W×D×H) Weight Coffee bean container Adjustable dose Production Burrs diameter Voltage Frequency Power
8.7×15.1×22.6 in 220×385×575 mm 28.7 lb 13 kg 2.9 lb (1.3 kg) 0.19-0.35 oz (5.5-10 g) 15-20 lb/h (7-9 kg/h) 2.5 in (64 mm) 110V - 230V - 400 3V 50/60 Hz 450 W

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