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Saeco Philips GranBaristo Avanti HD8977/01
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Product Description

The most advanced at-home coffee experience. A stylish machine with revolutionary technologies that allow the flow of coffee in a faster manner and with a beverage warmer, offering many varieties and also optimizing maintenance

This Super-Automatic machine offers an abundance of indulgent options to customize your beverage to your taste. You can easily personalize and memorize length, strength and temperature for each drink. Feel free to explore, experiment and dream up any drink! Store your personal coffee settings in the easily accessible personal user profiles. You will be able to drink espresso, coffee, cappuccino and all other drinks always as you prefer, at the touch of a button.

Ceramic material ensures long-lasting performance and silent operation while not deteriorating. This means you coffee will be always ground like the first time, delivering the best of your beans for more than 15.000 cups. Every coffee you prepare will be topped with a silky, milk layer that beckons the taste buds. The milk carafe froths the milk twice, then pours a splash free creamy layer into your cup at just the right temperature. The carafe can also be stored conveniently in the fridge and it is incredibly hygienic.

The Saeco GranBaristo offers an unparalleled variety of drinks to suit any occasion thanks to the patented VariPresso brewing chamber. The secret is in the adjustable brewing pressure; set it on high for an intense, rich espresso, or lower the pressure for a long, classic coffee. Every minute detail of this machine was designed and crafted to the highest quality. The stainless steel finishing, inspired by Italian design and craftsmanship will stand the test of time in any classic or modern kitchen. An elegant vision of pure design, your machine will look as refined as the coffee it makes. The unique one-touch carafe quick clean allows you to thoroughly rinse the milk system at your convenience after every use. The advanced display shows you all relevant information to easily interact with your machine and get the best performance. The combination of icons and text will guide you through all customisation options and important maintenance activities.

Enjoy an unparalled variety of drinks to suit any occasion. Whether you crave for an espresso, a cofffee or a milk based recipe, your Super-automatic machine delivers a perfect in-cup result with no hassle and in no time!



Saeco Philips GranBaristo Avanti HD8977/01

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Technical Specification

  • Capacity milk carafe 0.5 L
  • Capacity waste container 20 servings
  • Capacity water tank 1.7 L
  • Coffee bean capacity 270 g
  • Color & Finishing Stainless Steel
  • Cord length >100 cm
  • Filter compatibility Brita Intenza
  • Frequency 60 Hz
  • Product dimensions 205 x 360 x 460 mm
  • Voltage 120 V
  • Waste container Frontal access
  • Water tank Access from the top
  • Weight of product 13 kg
  • Max. cup height 165 mm
  • Aroma Strength Settings 6
  • Coffee and Milk Length Adjustable
  • Grinder Settings 5
  • Pre Brew Aroma control Yes
  • Temperature settings 3
  • User Profiles 6

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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

great coffee machine

The coffee machine Saeco HD8965 / 01 GranBaristo One Touch has a Saeco HD8753 / 95 Intelia Evo One Touch Cappuccino coffee machines replaced with me. The black design combined with silver looks very chic, the processing inside and out very good, high quality and very clean. So far, no errors have struck me about the processing. The door opens smoothly and quietly and to. It also includes the enclosure and all edges cleanly. The construction of GranBaristo is narrow and deep. So it seems smaller and finer than the Intelia Evo. Accessible he is from the top of the water tank and the filling of coffee beans. Front opens the door with access to the brewing unit, drip tray for rinsing water and the coffee grounds container. In this way, he needs no extra space at the side. So it is also very space-saving. The included manual (Quick Instruction Guide) is gradually built up and also for beginners very helpful. A recent full version of the operating instructions, who they want is to be found on web pages of Philips. However, if you already have experience with a Saeco fully automatic, you do not need it. It is important that the water hardness is set. A strip to determine the water hardness, the delivery is. A filter cartridge is also included and you can use the same. After switching on the coffee machine heats up and rinses productive. Then you can start with the setting of the drinks. One can, as usual from my Intelia Evo, even with the much GranBaristo adjust eg freeness on the grinder, coffee and water quantity of the drink, temperature etc .. This is relatively easy in the touch panel, which reacts very well. Individual settings can be adjusted with the drinks on the menu. The menu navigation is self-explanatory. On the whole, you have to follow the instructions that pretends the coffee machine. I personally find the factory settings very good and the coffee was very tasty. The aroma can also be influenced in any case of very strong, strong, normal and mild. The coffee quality is very good, nice and creamy (creamier than the Intelia Evo) and hot. On the right side of the control panel there are drinks without milk content: a cup of coffee, café crème, espresso and a pot for the American coffee (tasted also very good). Left on the control panel there are drinks with the addition of milk and milk foam. All drinks taste good and are nice and creamy. The operating volume of the GranBaristo comparable to Intelia Evo, you really can be described as quiet. The brew group does its job without creaking and the grinder grinds very quiet. That sounded a bit louder at the Intelia Evo. The coffee machine is very user friendly and it tells you when the tank is full, water and coffee beans are missing, the door not to be etc .. The cleaning and maintenance cause no problem. Regular (daily) to clean are the water tank, the coffee grounds container and the water-collecting tray. Remove the brewing unit 1x per week and rinse and 1x per month lubricate the moving parts of the brew group with special grease. An improvement over the Intelia Evo: The brewing unit can very easily and simply pull out with a finger. It will also be much better, where you need to install the special grease. Every 6-8 weeks (with water filter up to 3 months) must be carried out descaling. The coffee machine registers it when descaling is necessary. My conclusion: The Saeco HD8965 / 01 GranBaristo One Touch coffee machine works reliably and to my complete satisfaction. It costs has cost a lot more than the Intelia Evo, but he compensated with a really tasty coffee. I recommend him without hesitation and very happy to!

LucyM. "Cute and cool"

Fully automatic without any real criticism. Small improvements are always possible

I have also used a Saeco coffee machine so far and could now test the Saeco Gran Baristo One Touch. The Gran Baristo is delivered well packaged. The package can be found Saeco typically the usual things that I had been at each machine there. Silicone grease, water filter, descaling agent and a small brush. Manual of course. The initial start-up is as simple as ever. Also, thanks to a good guide is the Gran Baristo One Touch understandable and easy to operate, but in my eyes minimally confusing like other machines. Significant advantages over eg. a Saeco Xelsis Evo, I've used so far, are the changes to the milk container and the construction of the grinder, which is now housed longitudinally in the machine. I find this really simple and the machine becomes considerably narrower as other coffee machines. Everything else, such as height-adjustable spout, keys and display are still perfectly fine. The individualization of the individual coffee types and the user I find still almost perfectly. So everyone can save their own favorites in the family. disadvantages for me to continue, I have criticized in other types, the amount of water of the reservoir, is likely what have much more volume for me and the maximum capacity of the cups. I at least many people know around me who love to drink from large coffee cups / mugs, the maximum quantity determined falls still made ​​too low. And by the flushing sacrificing unfortunately a lot of water from the tank. Here one has to be fair, however, say that it was more in older Saeco machine. That must what the machine off the cuff, you can! Prepare good and tasty coffee. This is also much more plays a role as with other machines. Freeness, intensity and course of their own taste should find everyone with different coffee beans varieties / brands itself. I am currently with Dallmayr Crema Intensa very satisfied. Low acidity, intense taste and a good crema. If I were to express a slightly larger gripe with this machine, this is the menu-change compared to the previous. Here I miss the pure drinks menu with direct settings for cup filling quantity etc. This is done directly through one-time saving over the individual coffees keys at the Gran Baristo One Touch. All though only a matter of habit, but not quite as clear in my mind. In conclusion we can say that Saeco has improved from year to year in terms of features and comfort of the machines. (Except that I mentioned drinks menu) The Gran Baristo One Touch is clearly one of the very good coffee machines, the already rather belong in the home for luxury. From me to at this point, like scarce 4-5 stars with a little air Those who want a touch of luxury and even more above, the remains of Gran Baristo Avanti with App-Control.

Christian "Graf Holderberg" (Neukirchen)

A small Saeco Revolution

The Gran Baristo does not play in the league newcomers, is therefore probably not the first machine of its kind that you buy. That is why I can save the startup instructions, as these can be compared to smaller models. The machines serving in the company its service I know most of Saeco machines can pull a fair comparison. Saeco has done the Gran Baristo a small revolution, namely the complete renovation / renewal of its brewing groups principle. So far, the brewing unit has always been the side to refer and the brewing unit has its internal flushing water always drained into the drip tray. Unlike DeLonghi, when under the cup usually prevails drought in Saeco always had a puddle present (in the drip tray, of course). The Gran Baristo is the past. Now there is an internal container and the drip tray under the cup. In addition, consumed the Saeco with the new unit is no longer as much water as previous models. The new design makes the Gran Baristo significantly narrower than the functionally similar comparison model with "old" Brew Group, the Saeco Moltio. Another significant difference from the previous models and Moltio Minuto are the keys. In the earlier models you had to press quite substantially in order to achieve an effect. In the Gran Baristo is sensor key. All important coffees are to be produced with just one button, specialties there using the menu on top of it. The brewing unit seems to be quite large in size, when you press a key twice (2 cups) is only one ground, the older machines grind twice. The machine regulates the pump pressure, on the issue of "American coffee" the pump is running in stutter mode to lower the pressure. The milk part is identical to the Moltio, where it has already worked well. The big advantage of this type of Milchaufschäumens that The milk does not come into contact with the machine, the preparation takes place in the upper part of the milk jug. This eliminates the meticulous cleaning of the machine, it must be cleaned of the milk container. However, the milk foam is not as tight. Very handy: The height-adjustable coffee dispenser can be moved completely to the rear to make higher glasses place. On the machine I auzusetzen nothing. Only the manual is annoying. Only a Quick Start Guide is multilingual there. A recent manual you have to draw and print from the Internet. For a device in this price range I think it would be really appropriate to be found a bound manual in local language. My conclusion: 5 stars (an entire star because of the instructions were a little strict) on wish I add a video to in the hope that you can appreciate a little the noise of the machine.

K. Widmann "k2u"

Saeco bringt vielfältigen Kaffeegenuss für daheim,

Dies ist mein 5. Vollautomat von Saeco. Im Lauf der Zeit hat sich wirklich einiges getan und die Geräte sind seit 2001 immer besser geworden. Die vielfältigen Einstellmöglichkeiten zeigen sich in einer sehr umfangreichen Gebrauchsanweisung. Jedoch braucht man die nicht unbedingt en détail zu lesen. Die Tasten auf dem Gerät sind selbsterklärend und die Vielfalt der Kaffee-Spezialitäten wirklich beeindruckend - man kommt sich vor wie in einer italienischen Eisdiele. Für mich am wichtigsten sind die Einstellmöglichkeiten in Bezug auf die Kaffeemenge pro Portion und den Mahlgrad (je feiner, desto geschmacksintensiver - bedeutet aber auch, dass der Pressvorgang länger dauert). Meine Erwartungen in dieser Hinsicht übertrifft das Gerät wahrlich. Der Geschmack ist ganz vorzüglich! Da es sich um ein Topmodel handelt, spielt natürlich auch das Design eine Rolle - in diesem Zusammenhang wird man wirklich verwöhnt. Das Gerät kann ich wahrlich empfehlen.

Coffeeitalia Customer "Sat-Fan" (Frankfurt a.M.)

After getting used very zurfrieden

The GranBaristo came with us and I have no fewer than five days needed until the machine was programmed correctly! The Pre-programmed coffee tasted like dishwater ........ To the machine programming needed to re Baccalaureate ;-) Joking aside, the manual has not really helped, actually you need the supplied DVD Each user can pre-program his coffee and gets an individually in Him programmed coffee. If you then know how to do it, that's a great thing! The milk foam is fantastic, the milk container can be kept in the fridge to clean it is easy. The outlet for the coffee is height adjustable and it really fit all kinds of glasses / cups underneath. (For this purpose you have to adjust the outlet not only in height, but by the same time Push back) The design is unique, I think looks super precious and is very easy to clean! The heat-up time and thus the commitment is quick, and the machine is really super quiet! I had a 14-year-old Saeco - the difference is like night and day ..... . The brewing unit has not changed much, can still super easy to see at this model from the front and easy to clean It is extremely compact and looks as already mentioned above classy. The only drawback: the container for water is very small, and we have not yet managed to program the machine so that the grounds container is too much water. Thus, the coffee grounds should be moist, but we get also still out! Really a great device! has its price, but is really great when you get used to the program. Each family member has his individually programmed, delicious coffee with milk foam genius ......

Anikgjen (Augsbrug)

A real pleasure for coffee connoisseurs

As we thought about our 2 year old coffee machines Saeco could not go better us coffee connoisseurs because Saeco has proven that it is much better. Not only the black, slim design with touchpad buttons looks very classy and is space-saving, the coffees are just perfect. We have not really thought that from the espresso beans a still more intense flavor can be filtered out. But until then it came for the first cup of coffee and all the other coffee variations that GranBaristo One Touch had to be adjusted properly so only once. This designed for users who already have a Saeco, almost self-explanatory. The manual is imaged, so that one usually sees the key that must be pressed, from time to time would be an image more but have been better. But ultimately, the settings were done quickly. Overall, you can adjust coffee strength and quantity as well as the amount of milk and the temperature for each drink individually for a total of six user profiles. The grind is controlled using a supplied spoon the bean trade. Clearly, the first Espresso is far from perfect, it sets off the second cup, and then really just enjoy yet announced. Another positive aspect is, at least compared to our previous Saeco that grounds container and drip tray after about 8 - 10 cups must be emptied. The beans can be easily pour the beans specialist and also the water tank is well positioned with the front left side. In addition, the water can be filtered even using a Brita filter included. The selection of coffees by means of very easy-to-use touchpad buttons, on which the different drinks are depicted. First, of course, one or two espresso was tested, what you can also dial directly to the GranBaristo. Simply press twice in rapid succession on the espresso cup and already run two perfect espresso from the machine. The Crema is a dream and perfect tan, as it should be. As already mentioned the taste is much more intense than at our previous machine, this was excellent. But now filters the GranBaristo really taste every nuance even clearer. Terrific. We went testing with the coffee varieties with milk foam. The milk jug makes a very sturdy, well-made impression is easy to fill through an additional opening with milk and is simply plugged into the GranBaristo. Milcharm pulled over the cup and get going. Clearly it is with milk jug and cup a little small on the draining board, but it's enough yet made ​​perfect, that espresso as milk run freely spills into the cup. The milk foam is as usual top notch, has just the right strength and although the GranBaristo stands at the temperature selection at us only means of Cappuccino is so hot that you have to allow it to cool a little. In contrast to our previous Saeco the milk jug is cleaned automatically after each use no longer, but can use a cleaning program, the jug henceforth flexible, as needed, to be cleaned. In the course of two weeks, then the remaining 14 tested of 16 coffee and milk specialties and drinks at all, we were just absolutely thrilled. So, now even the inner workings of GranBaristo. Grounds container and drip tray can be simple to empty and clean. Simply open the front of the coffee machine, pull out the drip tray together with the right set of tank, empty, rinse and replace. And so these two parts are easy to remove, so simple is now also the brewing remove. That's really as promised with a finger pull and is easy. The GranBaristo turns as desired and automatically, the shortest period of time are 15 minutes and then goes into standby mode. For Komplettabschalten you can press the on / off switch, which is mounted at the rear of the machine.

Belles read island (Mainz, Germany)

Very good coffee, easy maintenance

The GranBaristo I bought a M-market offer, the old Xelsis has moved to sister wails for years and years, that they would also like a fully automatic machine. After we moved, the Xelsis an eating was for the new kitchen too large and thus all is helped. Here are the advantages (and disadvantages): - very compact size, but without compromising the operation. For comparison, I looked at the Exprelia that Gran Baristo like it better because of this compactness everything is better resolved. -very good coffee, all selectable varieties taste good. -The removable reservoir and the brew group: all plastic, but with high quality. Waste container and waste container can be used in the dishwasher, the brewing unit is rinsed under the tap. Very easy to take out everything and reinsertion. The containers are much bigger than in the Xelsis until the water tank. It can be 10-12 coffees prepare, then everything will be emptied. I can live with, with other manufacturers, it is similar. -The milk froth is just great. Much better than the Xelsis. Creamy and fine pores. Nothing sprotzelt. -The Coffee / Espresso is very hot, 64 degrees, according thermometer. Is quite sufficient to burn his lips. ;-) - the machine has an extra power switch, thus saving electricity. - overall everything is very high, except for a few little things. The Xelsis sees with her ​​painted metal body naturally fantastic, here much is made ​​of plastic, only the front made ​​of stainless steel. Nevertheless, the Gran Baristo looks much better than the Exprelia. -The operation and maintenance as a whole is very simple and clear. Neutral: - the removable bean containers can be found hard to stay between the cover and sliding flap beans stuck, it's something fumbling. - Sometimes you have a little longer "push" to the keys so that the machine responds. For the sleepy caffeine junkie in the morning a tough ordeal. - it fit not very big glasses, me does not bother, simply hold down you have big glasses by hand. Normal cups and espresso cups are not a problem. - the removal of the water tank could be better solved. - the "foam pin" must be pressed out above all the way to the right and hear a clunk in the milk jug. Otherwise it is nothing to do with the milk froth. Negative: - the frothy milk jug can be disassemble for cleaning. Unfortunately, we find it a rubber part, what the stink (for cheese) starts after some time, despite regular cleaning. When Xelsis this is not the case, as once is enough rinse with water and the pot is like new. Here I recommend a milk cleanser, this includes enzymes and triggers the milk residues. But you have to make from the outset, subsequently there is no use, as I learned here. - the door opens and closes sluggish, how long this will hold remains to be seen. -The temperature control does not work with my model. There are more and 63-64 degrees hot coffee stories get out, even if I set the temperature in the menu on low, the milk is also very hot, hotter than the Xelsis. not when Xelsis there is a cleaning program for the milk jug, here: Summary , The lack, or an explicit indication that the pot must be cleaned pingeligst. Is very great that the GranBaristo stunk from the beginning not to chemistry, the coffee you could drink immediately. (When Xelsis you had to throw away the first week all because of the coffee and the milk foam had a strange aftertaste.) Those looking for a good fully automatic, the good coffee makes, is easy to clean and compact comes, is right here.

Loud Quiet (Bayern)

Diamond among the fully automatic coffee machines

I test the Saeco for several days and there is always something new, what you discovered. I have not regretted the decision and actually I do not need now to go to a cafe. I can equal 16 different varieties prepare me with the full-automatic coffee and milk specialties. I had in front of the unit did not even have a clue that there are ever so many different ways. Whether different thickness, quantity or variety ... with just a few button presses makes the Full automat just the coffee that tastes good. Here you can then save its own distinct coffee preferences in order to be prepared the next time the same way - and for up to six people. The box was pretty huge, full-machine is in the kitchen is a real eye-catcher and seems whether its functions almost like having your own PC. I'm still excited!

Hemeraner "Hemer"

for a long time once again enjoy a really delicious coffee at home

Thanks to the platform markenjury.de I got the opportunity to test the Saeco GranBaristo Philips for 6 weeks - it has always been a desire of mine to own a coffee machine, as my coffee consumption has increased in the last two years due to shorter nights and me the Pads Coffee has not satisfied really. And my awareness of nature has defended itself against the purchase of a capsule machine. And so we test for 6 weeks, the Saeco GranBaristo and are thrilled. For a long time we enjoy a coffee, which is adjusted to our needs, because you can adjust the amount of water, the degree of grinding of the beans, the amount of the beans and the milk quantity individually. And thanks to the touch screen with self-explanatory images, get even grandparents their own coffee magic and wonder every time about the progress of technology. And every now and then any instructions appear on the screen, such as "please empty grounds" and the question mark on forehead bounce around only so, but if you have all the things looked up and carried out 1 time, it's really not rocket science. What is somewhat more complicated, is the cleaning of the milk tube - that you can not move them to "better times with more desire" Unfortunately, because everyone knows what happens with too long seasoned milk. Therefore, we give way to the container where the milk comes in and the hose first in water and mostly clean things at a later date carefully - very helpful is when cleaning the tube: the cleaning brush from Philips. Overall, we are with the Saeco GranBaristo very happy because the quality of the coffee and the operation of the machine perfectly meets our requirements for our daily coffee consumption - we had planned to return the coffee machine after completion of the action, but we were now so happy and also not really an alternative to the product found that we now have just done us any good, and the machine will keep - the one must namely briefly mention:. for normal home use the machine is already in the top price segment, but that's it worth to us and now I am enjoying my delicious Coffee in the midday sun and refuel some energy!

Stefanie high

As the coffee shop!

. We had to test now several months this fully automatic coffee machines and I come without further ado to the "sticking points" Since I have forgiven 5 star, outweigh the positive qualities far. Why this coffee machine is just great: · The coffee tastes absolutely delicious I can not tell the difference from the coffee shop (and I love coffee shops!) · The machine is small, hard, compact - fits into any kitchen, looks simple but elegant. · The difficult to flush the parts can be put in the dishwasher (before all milk essay and brewing) · Very positive I personally feel that 5 cups you have to empty the coffee grounds and drip tray after approx. Positive, because it is simply held continuously clean in this way · Optimum personal settings. freeness, capacity, intensity, temperature - everything is adjustable and can be stored in profiles · Easy cleaning programs, everything is explained on the display and automatically remind you when it again has come ... · The milk is the secret key of my daughter (kindergarten age), delicious hot frothed milk - very easy to use literally. Insert milk container out of the refrigerator. ! Pressed cup underneath and the milk button - that's it , there are also a few critical points: · What's bugging me, unfortunately, every day of the essay on the milk container. Of course you have the daily milk jug empty, but the paper is jammed. I have tried all the "directions" -. It jams every day .... A small button to open will facilitate much · Even cleaning the whole "I department" difficult it sit buttery deposition everywhere determined by the dishwasher not come off. Ie. I have concerned small brush and scrub ... Also a mini brush for the milk hose. It would be nice if these very reasonable things were already included, and you do not have to look for in specialist shops afterwards. · A bit of concern I do not feel that this plastic container holds eternity with the nature of the water tank, I have, since the plastic hanger depends only on two small plastic knobs. If the tank is full of water, I seriously fear that it breaks sooner or later. · Yes - and last but not least, the manual on CD. Anyone who has a PC available with drive in the kitchen ??? The back-and-forth running around the PC is really annoying. When times even know how to do it - ok, no longer need the instructions, but please Detailed operating instructions failed in the package (paper) -. That would be a great service Besides the few criticisms that are really only suggestions for improvement are we happy with this coffee machine. The coffee tastes so delicious, I need it no longer in the coffee shop, my daughter "taps", the frothed milk in the morning and evening and there is also a jewel in the kitchen. Toll!

CCB "" calitia "" (NRW)

a very good coffee machine, super delicious coffee and great self-cleaning

This coffee machine is very good and so does coffee drinking fun -especially space-saving and elegant design -Overall 16 different beverages prepares at your fingertips to -The coffee tastes delicious !!! -Programmable user and coffee profiles ensure that any coffee lover to him can experience perfect enjoyment moment - easy cleaning programs, everything is explained on the display and reminds -Sparsamt in consumption of coffee beans it needs just 4 to 16 grams -Some parts such as the milk jug, Brühaufsatz can in the dishwasher are given -The grinding mechanism is to 100 percent ceramic. This makes it particularly quiet and durable, and gets the flavor of the beans Neutral I find that one after about 4 to 6 cups of coffee grounds and drip tray must empty. This will indeed be kept clean, but in our Kr ..... as more coffee grounds and water quantity could hold. This can always be nervous times. -as well as that's the manual on CD for the PC and at the beginning it needs from time to time and therefore must always oscillate between PC and kitchen. Negative is that the milk jug is easy to clean and difficult to open. But otherwise a very good coffee machine with delicious coffee, simple operation and easy cleaning.

fox rabbit (Querfurt / stuff Anhalt)

My new favorite home appliance!

The coffee machine Saeco Grand Barista convinced at first glance by the very chic optics simple yet with a twist by the noble Stiff optics. I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and the device then live standing in my kitchen! The machine comes to photos not so noble over what she looks like in live actually. The stripe design reminds me of the look of carbon fiber and has a Tiefenstrucktur so that a 3D effect. The surface, however, is easy to clean and smooth. The only thing that bothers me is something visually the milk container that is on the front Abgropfschale. This is probably due to the compact dimensions of the machine necessarily needed basically also convenient because you can always see how much milk is still in the tank and can easily pick up the milk container. The structure of the machine was intuitive for me as a little tech-savvy woman and also as far as possible be possible without manual. After almost 30 min., The device was in place and the first coffee was brewed. However, I would have wished for a German manual in paper format in addition to the more poor and confusing Quick Start Guide. It is the machine instead a CD Rom on where the manual is stored. The setting of individelle Benutzerprofiele is without even looking at the manual possible if you have other technical equipment such as a camera or similar Has changed settings: Simply go to the menu with arrow keys up or runterscorlen, select the button with the check mark on it and select menu items again by high- and runterscorlen predefined settings and "log" with the Häckchentaste. So can select their individual specialty coffees program together up to 6 users. Individually adjustable include for espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, cafe crema, coffee or American coffee (large cup of coffee) each the strength of flavor, the grind of the beans and the water and any quantity of milk. So you can very easily adapted to your cup sizes at home, set his favorite flavor and recalled at any time by pressing again. The selection of the user (up to 6) is also done very quickly. Otherwise kNnan also at any time select the Saeco factory settings. In this respect, I'm going with the menu and the adjustability of the specialty coffees very satisfactory more individual Einstellbarkeiten frankly almost not! What I find a bit negative is that in some coffees, such as the Cafe Crema only up to max. 110 ml amount of water can be adjusted. That's very little. However, can be explained by a double pressure on the select button a duplicate Cafe Crema "commission". This, this disadvantage is compensated. If can not milk container on derr Cup holding simultaneously two coffees related (without milk) that the device has a double outlet. The machine is in operation quite noisy. Of course, both the grinding and brewing UMD foaming the milk neat sounds. But it is ok and a Cappucino tastes really delicious only when it hisses tidy when the milk is frothed. In general, I find the milk and the frothy milk from the machine even very good. I have tried different types of milk: Hansano fresh country milk with 1.8% fat, Hansano fresh country milk with 3.9% fat and UHT milk with 3.5% fat. The result of my tests: the "thinnest" taste Kaffeespezialitaten with milk of course with the low-fat milk. However, the foam is as creamy and fine pores (at least for the fresh milk) but significantly less and it also falls faster together. Equal to what concerns the Milchschumkrone are UHT milk and fresh milk of full fat. The foam is in the fresh milk, however, significantly creamier and fine pored. The UHT milk produced firmer and großporigeren foam -like UHT milk tastes sweeter likewise. In this respect, I find it in previous reviews that criticized the milk foam, important to know which milk has been used at all. With skim milk no sensational results are to be expected. This is my opinion, but then more milk than on the machine. The great thing about this machine is that the device can change the grind and the pressure depending on the specialty coffee. Because of this variety, you can also taste possible. The coffee provided you invest in a good variety beans and takes good fresh milk tastes like in the coffee shop. The ceramic grinder should not heat up or wear during extended use, thus ensuring uniform quality of the coffee grounds. I am very enthusiastic about the coffees from this machine and now drink more coffee per day as the machine is simply fun. The aroma of freshly ground coffee attracts now regularly through my apartment. The cleaning of the machine is very simple: First, they spühlt yourself while switching on and off briefly, on the other hand it registers if it needs cleaning. All Cleaning relevant parts are easy to remove and install again. The maintenance effort thus remains limited. Milk, water and bean container are readily accessible from the front or above. I always fill water with a carafe to as the Machine is with me under wall cabinets. I would prefer it to refer to the water tank. This is however not necessary. The beans can be good refill although a hanging cabinet hanging about 20 cm above the machine. In general, the machine is exceptionally slim and compact. However, the toggle switch for turning on and off is located at the rear of the machine, which is not ideal to reach when the machine is first time. But it is an off switch located on the display. If you press the machine goes into standby mode. I think that is enough in most cases. I'll just turn the unit off completely when I go on vacation or even longer'm gone. Then I can rumgreifen the machine sometimes. Something more complicated it is, if you try as a woman with small hands to uncover the milk container. The lid can be really easily removed by simultaneously pressing with thumb and middle finger on the sides of the container two terminals inward and simultaneously pulling with the other hand on the lid. As one woman with small hands but problems has to span the milk container lid so that you can still vigorously press the clamp switch inward opening is something tricky. So far I have but it always alone manage it. Another point is the garaging of large latte macchiato glasses. In many reviews is claimed that it would not do as well as I first thought that the outlet would be too deeply attached to large glasses. It is but if you know how !!! So sitting on the outlet part that you can push forwards and up and down. This part interferes with topsy make large cups and glasses. The joke is that you can remove this part to the front completely. Then fit tall glasses and in some cases even large coffee-to-go cup under the spout. The milk outlet is also installed without large glasses can be filled. All in all, the machine for home use or small office alsolut recommended! The coffee can be adjusted as you drink it most and also hot beverages with milk can be prepared with a touch of a button in a few seconds. In addition, coffee and frothed milk very hot (you can also choose to have the ;-) Conclusion: Coffee Shop enjoyment for the home. An absolute dream! I recommend this machine you!

Kunstmaexx (Hannover)

Stylish enjoy with compact and elegant design machines

This fully automatic machine is not the first in my household, even the relatives and friends I have already taken one or the other device somewhat more closely. Seemingly every manufacturer has its own characteristics and a comparison of the various devices does not in any way sense, therefore, I have as objective to approach strives to this machine. Two distinct advantages to this fully automatic machines attributed to: - The compact size and the front-removal of use parts: so come users of smaller kitchens really get their money. Although the space for the coffee cup is closely sized next to the milk cup, I do not see this criterion to be disturbing. There are many pretty and slim coffee cups or glasses on the market, find here on any case place. - cleaning the removable parts (except the brewing unit) in the dishwasher - what a luxury! More Details Scope of supply: corresponds to the delivery of the usual offerings of fully automatic: Erstreinigungsset in the form of cleaning and Entkalkungskonzentrat. Operating instructions in writing and illustrated, as well as detailed instructions on a CD-Rom. In addition there is obtained a water filter cartridge that can be used individually (but not necessarily), a test strip to test the water hardness, a cleaning brush for coffee beans trade, a measure spoon of instant coffee and special grease for the Brew Group. Exterior and material quality: The machine is very compact and makes the outside a high-quality impression. The painted surface looks elegant, but is a little scratch prone. Even the inner life (as far as can be seen from the outside) makes a high-quality impression of the milk cup, the receptacle and the water tank are made ​​of sturdy plastic. The cup warmer has, however, after a short period of use on scratches. Overall, the machine offers a well-rounded elegant image. Operation: The written instructions to me personally a bit too complicated and extensive, luckily I'm in the lead on the touch screen and the learning by doing excellent deal (this is my experience with fully automated certainly benefit ). Operation via the touch screen is simple and works flawlessly so far. After switching initially starts a rinsing process (this also starts when switching off), then can the display shows the various coffees are called either to choose the standard or you put on one of the 6 possible user profiles and selects it into a custom coffee variation. The reaction time of the machine is surprisingly short, so you can drink the coffee quickly, which is incidentally served nice and hot. The noise of the grinder is pleasant low volume. If necessary, the user can manually call up maintenance and cleaning programs across the touchscreen. Panel guide you through the program. Otherwise, the machine in set cycles back to cleaning and maintenance functions, and to fill the water tank and empty the coffee grounds container and the drip tray. In the instruction of the cleaning recommendations are described in detail and subdivided into daily, weekly and monthly cycles. All use parts are taken forward and are easy to operate. The airtight coffee bean compartment and the water tank can be filled from above. The drip tray is attached by magnet and holds and all other vessel safe and well. Even the milk container can be easily and safely insert (milk function also works only with properly inserted cups). A major shortcoming in the operation: the amount of milk output can not be changed. Since the coffee dispensing can be adjusted in height, it would be advantageous if the milk flow could be adapted. If you use low cups and adjust the level of expenditure in accordance with, then it squirts significantly in the supply of milk because of the distance from the cup is then too large. A little disturbing is the volume when using the milk container. Generally I find the preparation of milk coffees via hose systems connected to external milk containers not particularly successful, because it makes a permanent intensive cleaning for hygienic reasons necessary. Fortunately, the cup can be cleaned in the dishwasher but. The grounds container needs to be emptied after about 10 preparations, the water tank (1,7l Capacity) ranges depending on the frequency of switching off in about 10 preparations (this is, of course, and the coffee size). The machine switched on the individual time specification in the standby mode, switch it off you have to it, however, even with the help of attached to the rear of the machine switch. In addition, the Saeco still has a Brühfunktion with normal instant coffee, which can be filled in a separate compartment , therefore you brew the possibility of ground coffee, such as decaffeinated coffee.. Taste: About for taste as we know, with this machine, I can state with my chosen favorite type of coffee only that the coffee excellent taste and surprisingly close rankommt a Barista. The frothed milk has a creamy consistency (though I also use whole milk) and the more milk is used, the more foam is obtained. The individually adjustable volume and intensity inputs can here after some experimenting create everyone has their own favorite variations and save it in one of the 6 possible user profiles. Overall, the system offers 12 different specialties. In the Individual settings temperature, grinding fineness, bean amount and water amount and milk mixing ratios can be changed. Cleaning and Hygiene: The daily preparation of coffee or milk specialty coffees normal cleaning by wiping of coffee or milk splashes sufficient. The machine indicates when the coffee grounds container and the drip tray must be emptied (this is dependent on the amount of coffee mugs and on the frequency of switching on and off). The brewing unit can be cleaned under running water, all other containers may even in the dishwasher. Automatic is drawn to the cleaning process, after 3 weeks of use I can on the subject of general cleaning but so far no reliable statement give because the timing has not been reached. In the normal cleanings everything went smoothly, so far I could not detect any malfunction. According to the manual, the cleaning cycle designed but as a very complex and I very much hope that the purification steps are shown as promised in the display so I do not need to take the manual again. A little tip for descaling, if you do not want to filter water: In between Just perform a hot water rinsing with lemon juice concentrate that cleans, disinfects and decalcified super good, but you can attach the device to milk supplied water outlet. Conclusion: The taste of coffee the machine has really won me over. The daily operation, Mahllautstärke and also the costly and time-consuming maintenance is not really different from most fully automatic. Certainly, the evaluation criteria are individually marked and maybe I did forget one or the other point, if reviews but have too great an extent, then lose I easily track, so I beg your disadvantage.

Revisor Indep "often the tool is not the fool"

Can you fall in love with things?

I'll make it short. This machine is a dream Admittedly, as I have set up the first time, I was a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by the almost limitless variety of settings. Indeed, it does seem to put into operation almost a rocket science to this baby. Although the advertising claims "Intuitive operation" in reality saw the then but like that I drank 20 cups a day, played around again to the settings every time all sorts of taste changes wanted herausgeschmeckt me at the end but always the same darn coffee have poured into the head. Now Intuitive operation here is probably more of a desire of the developer. Advantage was the fact, however, that I had then downed enough caffeine to the instructions read seeeeeehr thoroughly. The upshot is that I can say: The taste of coffee with this machine. One can practically program each bean individually, so that the best possible flavor is produced. After a few weeks in operation it is really familiar with the machine, so that the term "Intuitive operation" may be even more likely to be applied. The machine performs now in my extended family every day their service and each tasted the coffee perfect, of every preference on each Person has been programmed. TOP. There is only one drawback for me would theoretically deduct a star, but do not do it because I have no means of comparison. Who here has experience with other manufacturers, it may compare like. It is good that you can completely remove the milk foam unit from the unit and can make the whole in the refrigerator, poor, however, is that this unity consists of many small parts with EXTREMELY many angles, corners, grooves and gaps. Although the whole unit Dishwasher safe, but the milk is made ​​in these innumerable grooves and no dishwasher in the world it creates anywhere to clean. After about 2 weeks, which is quite then very unappetizing. We have started, once completely disassemble the unit the week and soak in boiling rinse water for hours and then with a toothbrush (bought us an extra attachment for the electric toothbrush) the thing to come to grips with. But even after the milk still persists in some grooves. As I said I do not know how other manufacturers solve the problem, so there is no deduction. All I know is that my old Petra for 80 € has a milk foam unit, consisting of only 3 rubber parts that are making very easy to keep clean. However, here also the milk foam quality is not nearly as good. It remains at 5 stars and an uneasy feeling when I think of restaurant coffee. (Clean the milk froth their unit as good as I ????) Note for developers: This is the amount of leakage can be programmed, is a good thing, not only uses a lot. Everyone certainly has a greater variety of cups available, each with different capacities. How about a small laser, which determines the volume and the machine adjusts automatically? I would be also be made ​​available, to test the prototype :)


Top !!!!!

The Saeco fully automatic machine is absolutely great !!!! He is also not quite as loud as many predecessors and the coffee tastes PERFECT !!! The only problem is that you from now on will only own the coffee good !!! ;-)

Natalie Z.


So I find this coffee machine super, I'm very satisfied with this device. The service is actually very clear and easy to understand and gestalltet. I do not want to miss the part. A pity, however, is only the complete User's Manual is included on only one CD. The delivery was made with me in just one day, which is good !!

Tim Rehschuh

Café Súper aromático, Saeco Incanto ha despejado la plaza

Puedo probar el jurado acerca de la marca Saeco Gran Baristo. La acción se extiende desde principios de febrero a marzo, cuando no está satisfecho, puede devolver la máquina de nuevo. Yo anuncié mi mismo porque me gusta beber y un montón de café y he estado pensando en una DeLonghi o nueva máquina Saeco. Una ley viene para mí no se trata, no se rompió en mi círculo un montón de Jura, en un tiempo relativamente corto. Mi Saeco Incanto ahora vivió durante 10 años, mis padres su Saeco Royal Profesional durante unos 15 años. ¿Por qué me convenció el Saeco Gran Baristo? - Diseño elegante - muy pequeño (20,5 cm de ancho) - improbables en silencio - 16 creaciones de café diferentes posibles individualmente ser almacenados (máximo 6 personas.) - Maravilloso sabor del café mediante la contratación de: - cantidad - temperatura - la fuerza - rápido calentamiento / preparación rápida - agua rápido caliente para una taza de té - buena espuma de leche (mis hijos beben en un momento como la leche) - pequeño tanque de agua / contenedor de residuos (bueno en términos de higiene, gérmenes / hongos) - limpieza rápida del depósito de posos y la unidad de infusión - fácil manejo por pantalla táctil - Pantalla de limpieza, vaciado, descalcificación - cappuccino perfecto, latte macchiato y crema de café (sabor y apariencia) - filtros disponibles de agua (puede o no!) Desventaja: - pobre manual de instrucciones, corto, largo sólo en la versión en PC - la parte superior de la jarra de leche deben limpiarse diariamente a mano, 5 piezas pequeñas son para fregar (la leche se hace en el mismo) => a Ansaugeschlauch no es tan limpieza intensiva! - Preparación del café se ajusta, si no hubiese suficiente agua en el tanque o en el recipiente de granos es repentinamente vacía. Frijol tolva / Rellena se muestra el tanque de agua, sin embargo, demasiado tarde para ciertas acciones. La cafetera está después de no continuar llenando! (Fue en el Incanto es el caso). Entrada en otras reseñas de clientes - Macchiato por vasos grandes latte del Kaffeedüse (se adelante, atrás, deslice hacia arriba y hacia abajo) eliminar por completo! - Una buena espuma de leche está formada por leche fría, baja en grasa - el alto consumo de agua a través del ciclo de lavado automático en A - y fuera es suspender (el botón de flecha curva en la pantalla!!) - Una bandeja taza climatizada está disponible - café seleccionado de forma incorrecta puede prevenirse pulsando el mismo botón - el depósito de agua no tiene que sacar, se puede llenar con una botella de agua => necesariamente la gran lectura manual, hay una gran cantidad de tecnología de este dispositivo pequeño pero importante! !! Conclusión: La pregunta de otra máquinas totalmente automáticas no se ha quedado para mí, doy mi Saeco Gran Baristo ya no está aquí! :-)

Eje cafetero "eje cafetero" (Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis)

The luxury class of Saeco

Since just over 3 weeks, we have the Saeco GranBaristo now in use. Both at home for private use, and in the office for 5-6 coffee drinkers it has served us well. She fits well into the upper class of the coffee machine a, both from the quality and features, as well as - of course - the price. The comparison with the models of DeLonghi and Jura they need not fear. It offers very comprehensive setting, 6 different user profiles for individual settings (for all different drinks) and the 8 most common coffees's directly with one touch. It is possible, for example temperature, adjust pressure, water and milk individually, so everyone can find their "perfect" coffee. Excellent milk foam is generated via a system in which the milk must not be routed through the machine, but it remains in the milk container. This can then be individually stored in the refrigerator and is relatively easy to clean. A similarly simple system offer my knowledge otherwise only DeLonghis. Cleaning is relatively straightforward, the milk jug is dishwasher safe and easy to remove the brew group. Programs call on the regular descaling and cleaning. Without care It's not ... PRO: -. Narrow, high optical quality - Very good milk foam, milk container removable for storage in the refrigerator, can be dismantled and dishwasher safe. - Height-adjustable coffee spout and pushed backwards, thereby also have large latte macchiato glasses space. - Very many settings, also individually in user profiles. - The main drinks for a keystroke. - Easy cleaning by removable brewing unit. CONS: - It is included only a Quick Start Guide. The manual is enclosed on CD - weak for the price. - Compact design, smaller containers for water, etc. - thus relatively frequent refilling / Empty necessary. - Removable water tank only up, or filled from above. Unfavorable when the machine is under wall cabinets. - milk nozzle not height-adjustable, thus the milk squirts something with smaller cups. Conclusion: Overall, they convinced us. There are certainly one or the other point of the individual more or less falls into the weight, but overall you can really recommend it.


Easy to use + freshly brewed coffee specialties

Coffee experience at home with the coffee machine GranBaristo by Philips Saeco. As the Italians now also with us unpacked the quality, slim and stylish machine, read instructions, reingesteckt plug, filled with water, milk and coffee, once cleaned with the cleaning program and after a few Minutes was first latte macchiato finished. . Super tasty and quickly push of a button Simply you can choose between different beverages: cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso and many others. Then select the coffee strength, the temperature of the water and the capacity of the cups or glasses. The result is a perfect drink and a whole special taste experience. The crema can be proud of. The Making drinks but also the maintenance of the Philips Saeco Gran Baristo Kaffeevollautomaten is easy. The descaling and cleaning programs are described in the supplied manual carefully extensive legal. The milk container should be kept in the refrigerator, so that the milk is not bad. Also make sure you clean the milk container daily. The Coffee Machine makes a button hot water for tea or soluble beverages. In the power consumption of the coffee machine is exemplary sparingly. Conclusion: The coffee machine Gran Baristo Philips-Saeco a top-quality device that thanks to slim design fits in every kitchen. For an excellent value for money and super tasty coffee specialties, there are 5-deserved star

Silvia M. "Bagheera"

Compact, but with all the extras

That's what I call technique that works. The compact fully automatic machine takes up very little space away in the kitchen, but offers all the coffees in outstanding quality. Only the setting of the various types of coffee and the assignment of user profiles requires some time. But if this is done once the operation is simple and of consistently high quality. The maintenance and cleaning is a fully automatic extremely simple and easy to handle. Only new users a fully automatic machine should be aware that such a little more cleaning and maintenance required as the coffee filter machine. That will more than offset by the benefit. My tip for all newcomers: saves on coffee. I can not wait for 5 to acquire € / kg coffee beans, which then produce an excellent coffee with a perfect crema. My favorite is the coffee roaster Aachen Plum. But here are the tastes thank God different. Have fun as a barista and let you taste the coffee. A strong buy recommendation.

V. Heyer (Willich)

madness device

I am completely satisfied with the GranBaristo. Looks great in my kitchen and the Espresso is a dream. Endless variety, which I do not really need but the normal filter coffee tastes great as well. Milk foam has a great consistency and the cleaning is super fast and easily made. Hammer device!

Coffee lover

Petit, compact et sophistiqué

Dans le cadre d'une campagne, je eu l'occasion de tester les Saeco GranBaristo 5 semaines. La campagne d'essais est touche à sa fin et la Saeco va me laisser à nouveau bientôt. Je suis depuis longtemps brouillé avec moi - je garde le bébé, ou me laisser le tirer en arrière?! La décision a été prise ce week-end - je vais me séparer d'elle à nouveau. Il est pas elle - il est à moi. Nous avons juste des idées différentes sur l'avenir ... d'abord les points positifs: il est petit et compact et vraiment inscrit donc dans toute cuisine (soins, quand il est placé sous une armoire murale, il peut y avoir des problèmes avec le réservoir d'eau de remplissage et les haricots contenant remplissage donner!) Il ya 16 cafés différents qui peuvent être déposés dans différents profils. Donc tout le monde dans la famille son café et mousse de lait quantité, déterminer la force et même la "chaleur" de café. Si vous avez des goûts différents, c'est certainement un avantage! La mousse de lait est contraire à de nombreuses affirmations vraiment bon. Hard, moelleux et chaud - comme il se doit! Cependant, il ya certaines choses que je devine encore si ...: Ça me rend folle qu'elle est si sensible. L'écran tactile est trop petit et trop garce pour mes petits doigts boudinés. Chaque matin, quand je presse le bouton, pour lutter contre la machine. IMMÉDIATEMENT. Pas après une brève période de réflexion et de «toucher» répétée. Les nombreux profils peut être grande si plus de gens vivent dans le ménage. Mais je dois pas l'utilité. Je aussi remarqué que courent toujours malgré les nombreuses spécialités ne cappuccino ou Caffè Crema 3 de la chose. Le conteneur de lait est tout aussi sensible que l'écran tactile. Lorsque la buse est pas engagé 10,000%, ne sont pas d'une mousse. Cependant, puisque le traitement est trop vague, parfois ne se verrouille pas. Mais je ne tiens pas à côté de la machine si elle puise dans NEN Cappu. Donc, il ya toujours des surprises fois. Je pense que ce qui tend à être très agréable - mais pas le matin, quand il vient à mon café. Comme je comprends pas drôle! Un autre point négatif: vous ne parlez pas pour moi ... Quand l'eau arrive à sa fin, je me rends compte que, malheureusement, que les demi-tasses ... Je l'aime mon café fort - mais pas tellement fort. Pourquoi ne peut-Saeco parce que pas me parler?! Et un point que je ne comprends pas?! Où toute l'eau proviennent de? Bien sûr, elle rougit. Ceci est dans le bac de collecte à l'extérieur de la machine. Mais les océans, qui sont sous le marc de café (c.-à-soi) ... où sont-ils proviennent? Qu'est-ce que la Saeco il? Je veux dire, ce sera l'une des raisons pourquoi je suis presque toujours à rajouter de l'eau déjà 4 café. Mais je ne veux pas .... Ce sont les principales raisons pour lesquelles je dois dire au revoir à nouveau, malheureusement, de la GranBaristo ...


pourrait très bien être

... Si il ne serait pas accrocher sur quelques choses. Je doit commencer en disant que je devais à la même stand de temps par une loi et je suis en mesure de comparer ainsi les deux systèmes. De tous les points positifs d'abord: très compact, facile à entretenir conçu. Que vous pouvez facilement retirer et de nettoyer l'unité de brassage, grande comme on peut couper autre disque ne. Le dispositif est également très facile à utiliser, parfois trop facile sur cela plus tard. Bien que tout le plastique, il ne fait une impression très apprécié et stable. Malheureusement, quelques petites choses ternissent l'image globale: - Le navire de lait: Qui vient effectivement à une telle idée stupide de dépeindre une telle chose encombrants dans une machine déjà très étroite? Il n'y a guère plus d'espace pour une tasse très sensible, et la sortie pour le lait est si défavorable que vous avez des cercles avec les grandes tasses déjà reinzubekommen fois du lait (mousse) ainsi que du café avec une position. Et vous ne pouvez pas tout simplement quitter le navire et accrochez la partie supérieure, de sorte que vous ne pouvez travailler avec le tuyau - Non, il n'y a rien à brancher, le système est maintenu à partir du réservoir de lait. Effacer inconvénient! - La mousse de lait: Malheureusement pour moi un critère très important (de café que je peux verser, que je dois pas des machines) - et depuis la machine tombe tout à fait à travers. La seule mousse raisonnable je suis arrivé avec 1,5% de H-lait, mais comme l'entreprise fois pas de lait UHT - tout le lait. Et à 3,5% de lait en force cette chose tombe complètement, la mousse est boursouflée et coïncide après une courte période. Et quel dommage non seulement on peut produire de la mousse de lait, du café a depuis été avec pur ... - Opération: En fait très bon, clair, presque à toute épreuve - mais seulement presque. Une fois entaillés, exécute déjà la machine hors tension, et vous avez aucune chance, immédiatement annuler l'opération. Et voilà un pavé tactile assez sensible, il vraiment assez de la plus légère des touches, et qui m'a déjà coûté quelques haricots - Adaptive MahlGeschmackSchlagmichtotSystem: Il peut vraiment prendre un certain temps jusqu'à ce que les goûts vraiment bon café. Ce qui me rappelle de la signification d'un tel système n'a pas de sens. Qu'y at-il à optimiser? Comment est-ce possible? Comment la machine qui sait haricots Je suis maintenant rempli? Est-ce que le test et des tests de goût ne pour moi? Moi est extrêmement méfiant et à mon avis, conduit à une consommation supplémentaire inutile. - Nettoyage: Jolie eau intensive, surtout si un rinçage Cappuccino est effectuée. Va bien avec moins, au moins en droit. Conclusion: Si la mousse de lait de meilleure qualité et pas ce conteneur de lait trapu, mais simplement un tuyau d'aspiration, je voudrais garder la chose et vis à vis rien. Mais ce fut pour moi les critères KO, même si je ne suis pas tellement convaincu de la qualité du produit dans le Jura (voir les nombreuses critiques), la mousse est là tout simplement fantastique, et pour moi ce fut l'éruption de conserver et Seaco pour revenir.


Große, kompaktes Gerät mit 16 möglichen Kaffeespezialitäten, aber auch ein paar Nachteile

Von tester-Plattform Marke Jury durfte ich die Philips Saeco GranBaristo für einen Monat und Stimme zu testen. Nach Abschluss des Monats hatte ich die Gelegenheit, um vollautomatische Maschinen zum Preis von 599 € (als Anzahlung vor der Lieferung gleich gereift) zu halten. Hier stelle ich mal direkt vor der persönlich für mich Vor- und Nachteile: Vorteile • Absolut kompaktes Gerät und Platzbedarf • Viele Optionen für perfekten Kaffee • ermöglicht VariPresso-Brüheinheit 16 verschiedene Kaffee- und Milchspezialitäten • Schnelle Erwärmung • -Einfache und schnelle Entfernung der Brüheinheit und den Kaffeesatzbehälter für die Reinigung Nachteile • Mangel an Gelegenheit, anstelle von Milch kann auch eine Schlauch cm saugen die Milch verwendet werden, haben wir 4 verschiedene. Milk Benutzer in der Familie (1,5% iger normaler Milch, laktosefreie Milch, Sojamilch, Mandelmilch). • Für kleine Wassertank, dadurch konstante Nachfüllen erforderlich • Jeder Wassertank muss Nachfüllen Ich hatte Angst, ihn zu brechen, weil er ist sehr empfindlich • Schnell eine Menge von Wasser in der Tresterbehälter • Handbuch auf CD-Rom, würde schnell greifbare Papier auch in sein das digitale Zeitalter Maut • Hohes Volumen in Zubereitung von Milchschaum, Wasserkaraffen Reinigung etc. • Leider keine Hinweise auf zu wenig Kaffeebohnen, Wasser oder Milch, wenn Sie beginnen • In einem empfohlenen Verkaufspreis von 1200 € zu viel Plastik aussehen Mein Fazit: Nach Einstellung meiner persönlichen Vorlieben, macht das Gerät absolut großartig Kaffeespezialitäten, aber es muss für mich persönlich auch einige Nachteile gebucht werden, so dass ich zu Hause meine bestehenden Rechts am Arbeitsplatz und die De Longhi nicht sitzen aus der Tür.


Gran máquina, pequeños defectos

Orden y envío el orden del café fue rápido y sencillo. Productos cumplen tres días después un bien empaquetados y sin daños. La primera impresión Después de desembalar inicialmente pensé "wow". La máquina tiene una gran y noble diseño, por lo que es muy atractivo a la vista. Las dimensiones de altura: 60,0 cm, ancho: 49,2 cm, profundidad: 29,0 cm son perfectos para cocinas con poco espacio de almacenamiento. Dado que el usuario ha estado desaparecido, tenía inicialmente sólo la Guía de inicio rápido para utilizar o para leer la guía del usuario en el PC. La Guía de inicio rápido no es muy significativa, mi PC para arrastrar en la cocina era demasiado engorroso y por lo que tomó para montar algún tiempo alrededor de la máquina y conectar. Puesta en marcha Llenar el depósito de agua y el depósito de granos de café era bastante simple. Los contenedores son fáciles de manejar. El botón de encendido se puede encontrar en la parte posterior de la máquina, junto al cable de enchufe de alimentación. Esto hace que sea difícil de encender y apagar. Después de conectar los rubores máquina sola vez a través de la ejecución de café. El primer café era imbebible. Las cuatro copas también siguientes. Se necesita algún tiempo para recoger el botón "Configuración" para ajustar el perfil de usuario para que pueda disfrutar del café. Otras pruebas Otras pruebas van bastante bien. Después de los perfiles de usuario se establecen (aroma, temperatura, cantidad) degustar los diferentes cafés fantástico y están también en la fabricación fácil. Después de cuatro semanas, "prueba" el café es una parte indispensable de nuestro presupuesto. Beneficios: - diseño y el tamaño - variedad de café - Gran gusto - Ajustes de aroma, la fuerza, la cantidad y la temperatura - ajustes se pueden establecer para cada usuario individual - boquilla ajustable para grandes y pequeños vasos - tiempo de calentamiento corto - Limpieza y mantenimiento de la máquina Desventajas fácilmente - en caso de manual de usuario impreso están incluidos - Posición de las entradas y Ausschaltknopfs desfavorable - recarga ("agua" o "granos de café") se muestra demasiado tarde - fue un símbolo por error pulsa, el proceso no puede ser interrumpido - boquilla de agua / boquilla de leche inyectado y es muy fuerte - es la limpieza de la jarra de leche no fácil de usar, ya que la tapa sólo se puede abrir con dificultad - goteo rascó rápidamente Conclusión: gran máquina con pequeños defectos que deben ser necesariamente mejorar!


Tout-terrain avec peu d'entretien

Premièrement: le café est délicieux! Peut sembler étrange, mais je pense qu'il ne peut pas dire de tous entièrement automatique longtemps! Avec la force de la capacité, la quantité et la température réglée et choisir parmi 16 variantes de café, ne devrait guère resteront lettre morte, un désir pour un café de spécialité. Même la «maintenance» détient assez limité. Comparé à mon Jura ENA, je dois recharger beaucoup moins d'eau et vider le marc de café goulotte. Cela est assez grande, parce que dans notre famille de quatre personnes tous comme de boire beaucoup de café. Dommage que je trouve à rayures inélégante, beauté cependant, est bien connu dans l'œil du spectateur .... En outre, la machine est pas exactement calme. Donc, si beaucoup commode veulent boire du café, pour lequel le GranBaristo destiné à considérer!


Kleinste Maschine mit vielen Kaffeespezialitäten

Die GranBaristo ist derzeit der dünnste Kaffeemaschine, bietet aber dennoch viele Kaffeespezialitäten auf Knopfdruck. Aufgrund der geringen Breite der Maschine ist fast überall seinem Platz, wird nur die Breite der Wandeinheiten etwas problematisch. Dieses Nachfüllen der Kaffeebohnen und das Füllen des Wasserbehälters ist ein wenig schwieriger. Hier wird der Drehtisch in einem früheren Saeco hatte bewiesen. Sehr praktlisch ist die Einstellung der verschiedenen Kaffeesorten, die dann durch Drücken einer Taste ausgewählt werden kann. Diese bekommt jeder leicht seine ganz besondere Kaffee. Sehr gut, um die separaten Milchbehälter, der auch sehr leicht zu reinigen verwenden. Der Milchschaum ist sehr stabil und dauert eine lange Zeit, so dass Sie Ihren Latte Macchiato bis zum Ende genießen können. Praktisch ist hier die Einstellung der Kaffeeauslauf. So ist es nicht nur in der Höhe, sondern auch für die Maschinen heranschiebbar oder komplett abnehmbar, so dass auch große Gefäße ihren Platz finden. gefräst Nur die Nachricht an den Wassertank auffüllen könnte etwas früher sein, damit nicht beispielsweise für zwei Cafe Creme Bohnen, aber das Wasser nur genug für einen. Dies wurde noch besser in einer der früheren Maschinen geregelt. Aber alles, ein für den täglichen Gebrauch Maschine absolut geeignet, die dank dem Design sieht gut aus überall in alles.

Spin biker "spin Biker"


We got the coffee machine GranBaristo for testing. These are a very lean version of a coffee machine with gerademal 20.5 cm width. This can also be found in smaller kitchens very easy a place for it. We like itself very well. Here some manufacturer's instructions: - Saeco fully automatic coffee machine GranBaristo One Touch 1.7 L - 15 bar - 1,900 watts - integrated milk carafe - color LCD display - color: black - Dimensions: 205 x 460 x 360 mm The device can prepare up to 16 different types of coffee, all easily adjustable via the display: . Man but can also store their own settings as freeness, capacity, intensity and temperature, so that they are always available We taste the different types of coffee very good, especially because of the coffee is always freshly ground. This coffee you really can not compare with the normal filter coffee now. It tastes much better! Cleaning: the brew group and the milk top can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The display can be easily select the cleaning programs and you will be automatically reminded when it's that time again. The water tank: makes the water tank not just the most stable impression. Two plastic chopping secure the cover and I think it is questionable how long this will last. The water tank has a volume of 1.7 liters. It is a pity that during scalding receive notification until the middle of that too little water in the tank , The brewing process is then stopped in the middle. The milk container: In the milk container 0.5l fit. It is very easy to take in and out of the machine and is easy to clean. The situation is different with the lid of the milk tank. To clean this, you have to him until all items dismantle what is not so easy. A pity is that no thin brush to clean the milk hose was supplied. The milk foam is a little too thin for my taste, but that's a matter of taste. The service: The service itself is actually very good and clear. What precipitated not so good, is quite sensitive touchpad: It really goes a lightest of touches and off you go ... can cancel the program you do not. The wasted before one or the other bean. Conclusion: All in all, we like the SAECO GranBaristo really good - apart from a few little things.

Sonja L.

Not bad, but with slight defects

So my first coffee from the machine was not great. The coffee tastes rather laff default. With a lot of hassle you get off to a good coffee. But no comparison to the Jura in the office. The milk froth quickly falls in on itself and is not creamy, although I have taken 1.5% milk, with which it is best to go. The place for the cup is very limited. Therefore some bib. The milk foam outlet is placed too high, so that the milk splashes next to it. It is not particularly loud, but a little quieter would be nice. Especially the milk foam outlet hurts in the ears. The Short Guide is a disaster. So you have to insert the Manual CD into the computer in order to understand the machine. If you have worked through the infinite adjustment possibilities, you get off to a good coffee. Nice is the possibility to create different user profiles. In order for a personal monitor coffee draw. The design is very chic. A little retro. Update after 2 weeks: I managed to conjure up a really delicious coffee. It was connected with a lot of "committee" and took a lot of time, but now I can really live with the result. By setting amount of water freeness and temperature (!) You can conjure up a very individual coffee. I do not know if other machines also have so many settings. I've got my first impression therefore revise a little.

Andreas Hoffrogge

Not bad, but with slight defects

So my first coffee from the machine was not great. The coffee tastes rather laff default. With a lot of hassle you get off to a good coffee. But no comparison to the Jura in the office. The milk froth quickly falls in on itself and is not creamy, although I have taken 1.5% milk, with which it is best to go. The place for the cup is very limited. Therefore some bib. The milk foam outlet is placed too high, so that the milk splashes next to it. It is not particularly loud, but a little quieter would be nice. Especially the milk foam outlet hurts in the ears. The Short Guide is a disaster. So you have to insert the Manual CD into the computer in order to understand the machine. If you have worked through the infinite adjustment possibilities, you get off to a good coffee. Nice is the possibility to create different user profiles. In order for a personal monitor coffee draw. The design is very chic. A little retro. Update after 2 weeks: I managed to conjure up a really delicious coffee. It was connected with a lot of "committee" and took a lot of time, but now I can really live with the result. By setting amount of water freeness and temperature (!) You can conjure up a very individual coffee. I do not know if other machines also have so many settings. I've got my first impression therefore revise a little.

Andreas Hoffrogge

máquina de clase con pequeños defectos

En total, la máquina nos ha hecho un muy buen servicio hasta ahora y vamos a beber definitivamente más café que antes. Los siguientes puntos son muy positivos: - estrecha - Fácil de operar - Ajuste independiente de la leche, intensidad del café y el grado de molienda - Fácil de limpiar - Uso práctico del tanque de agua - Muy tranquilo - Fácil de recarga de los frijoles y el agua un pequeño defecto es que el tanque de leche está en el colador y tomando así distancia del lugar taza. Es estrecho, pero cabe. Por desgracia, también puede proporcionar ningún cristal latte macchiato bajo la Kaffeedüse, pero es demasiado bajo.

Petra Holters

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