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Gaggia GE COMPACT 2 Group

Product Description


  • 3 year parts warranty inclusive (can be upgraded to include labour)
  • Two colours - Rouge Red and Silver
  • High Quality Plastic body on Metal Frame
  • Built in Pump
  • GE - Manual Flow (portion) Control
  • GD - Automatic Flow (portion) Control
  • Flow measurement on GD model
  • Two Steam Arms
  • Large area for cup storage and warming
  • Power supply needed: 30amp
  • Mains water supply and waste disposal connections needed


Gaggia GE COMPACT 2 Group

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Technical Specification


Operation Semi Automatic  
Boiler 13Ltr  
Power 5kW/30A  
Weight 70Kg  
Width 760mm  
Depth 540mm  
Height 500mm  

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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Coffee king,

Really excellent quality, for a product that will perform time after time, this is the machine.

nigel casseldine

Five Stars

Hubby now a happy man as he has been complaining about his coffee with his previous machine

pauline saunders

Excellent coffee with Grinder

Love this machine. Don't forget, you HAVE to have the Gaggia grinder to make a perfect espresso. Fresh ground coffee with the right grind is the only way to get a beautiful crema... and this delivers!

Denese Sanders

Good but needs a moveable steam wand.

Good machine except the wand doesn't froth the milk very well and it can't be moved so there is little room to actually get enough milk in the jug for a BIGGER cup.

Diane M

Five Stars

Easy to use excellent cup results

Peter H. Miller

Five Stars

Works Great with my Gaggia classic. Can easily choke out my machine

Charles Hu

Five Stars

Amazing Machine, loving every morning with it! Very well built, worth every penny.

Charles Hu

Five Stars

Great machine. Easy to use and makes a great cup of espresso.

Richard A. Fritz

Great Espresso

Easy to use and makes great espresso!


Easy to put on and off

Easy to put on and off. Very comfortable to wear. Wish there was a shorter inseam size available for someone with short legs.

Arthur R Monteiro

Five Stars

Great espresso machine! Solid build and GREAT coffees and cappuccinos! Love it!

Arthur R Monteiro

Gorgeous gaggia

It is more than I expected


Simple and reliable.,

This coffee machine worked great for our family more then 7 years. Coffee quality was always good w/o any complains. It is very simple, has no electronics (all electric parts are switch and pump) and because of that it is reliable like Colt revolver. Only moment you need to take into consideration: this machine requires soft water. This is pure 5 stars machine, worth every cent it price.

Olexander K.

Five Stars

Great espresso and priced right.


Five Stars

Excellence espresso machine

Carmen De Diaz

Highly recommended

Outstanding machine - easy to use and brews a fine espresso. We had a very expensive, built in, all the bells and whistles machine and this is much better.

Kevin Connors

Five Stars

great product, fast delivery


Five Stars

Great product, fast delivery


Five Stars

Easy to use and ;earning to make great coffee with good crema!


Five Stars

even better than i expecte. I love the grin timer and the 16 different grind settings.

Teagan Paradise

Five Stars

Perfect esspresso... the steam wan is going to take a while to master.

Teagan Paradise

Easy to use, real Italian Espresso, use your own Fresh ground coffee

Wow! This is very good! Grind up your own coffee and get the frothy, creamy foam from nothing but pure ground coffee the way Italian espresso is supposed to be. I am very pleased. I have a cheap automatic steam espresso machine too that burns the coffee and doesn't have the frothy bubbles like the Gaggia Espresso Machine can do. I give this 5 stars because it is easy to use, produces a real Italian Espresso, and you can use your own fresh ground coffee of choice.


Good machine

A great machine. No issues at all, it needs to be cleaned a few times a year, and makes a nice hot, espresso.

Paul Humphreys

This is also my best espresso machine in 15 years

This is my third espresso machine in 15 years (the other two were NOT Gaggia). This is also my best espresso machine in 15 years. One must learn and practice the art of a barista to create the perfect espresso with this machine--but a perfect espresso is what you get. If you are passionate about espresso (cappuccinos especially ;^) and wish to experience that love at home AND are able to give the attention a quality espresso deserves, then this machine is for you. It takes a little time and a little effort to learn the proper grind and tamping pressure--once that is accomplished (not a difficult task) one can easily claim to make the best espresso in the county--(at least equal it)!

Charles L Bates

capable machine.

I've been using a gaggia classic daily for about 6 months. Compared to the price of other espresso makers on the market you are getting a very capable machine for the money. Using fresh roasted and ground beans you can get a strong espresso with good crema every time. The point where the more expensive heat-exchanger and double-boiler machines score over a single boiler model such as this is on temperature stability. It is possible to time your shot to get close to a stable temperature for each shot but if you want serious temp stability then you have to pay 4 times as much. Steam performance is not bad for a machine this size. All in all good value for money.

Dave daints (UK)

Good machine but...........,

I've had 3 Gaggia now but it's time for a change. I started with the Baby Gaggia and must have been pleased enough to go to the Classic but frankly these machines only last about 18 months even when regularly descaled. My first classic broke down in warranty and although Philips give an excellent service it's still a pain being without your machine. Again must have been happy enough to have bought another Classic but that again broke down in warranty......... The problem is the Classic makes excellent coffee - when it's working So what to do when the Gaggia started to play-up just before Christmas; get another one or spend over twice as much? I bought the Rancilio

Steven Foster (UK)

Does not seem as well made as my first one

This is my second Gaggia Coffee Machine, the first was faultless until the pump gave up the ghost after giving long a faithful service. The new one I bought from Coffeeitalia in Jan 2013 seemed to have a problem shutting off the steamer, which I thought at the time was minor and would hopefully cure itself. Wrong, its just got worse and that is my own fault for not returning. The coffee making ability of the machine is great, but now have concerns that the built quality may have slipped from the original. My suggestion is if it has a minor fault return it.


Does what it should, however....

This machine is very capable. It is, however, supplied with two absolutely useless pressurised baskets for the coffee handle. It's almost hard to believe these things are deemed suitable, they're crap. They block easily and will spray coffee all over your countertop, and that's even when you follow their instructions. Thankfully, I was aware of this pre-purchase and had already placed a separate order for the non-pressurised basket. That one works like a dream. Gaggia/Philips should supply this machine with suitable baskets in the first place. Also of note, Coffeeitalia supplied me with a model different from the one in the above photographs. Whilst still a Gaggia Classic this is not what I was expecting. I've kept the machine but it came close to becoming a return and refund.


Quality Control

I've had one of these machines for 4+ years (the first one was delivered with a broken steam control). Its a great machine if you willing to spend the time perfecting your coffee. I've just ordered another as a gift and it turned up with both filters faulty, basically the holes in the basket filters weren't drilled right through, probably quire dangerous. I'd love to recommend this product but quality control issues that glaring shouldn't be happening.


Great coffee, poor reliability....

I have now had this machine for five years. Its generally only used an average of 3 or 4 times a week. I have to say it makes fantastic coffee and from that perspective I couldn't be happier. However, what's been disappoitning is the reliability. After three years - it had to be sent back for repair - cost £89. Now, after five years, it needs repair again - will cost at least £102. For me, this is disappointing.

DF "DF" (London)

Good coffee, poor milk!

The froth element of this machine is poor, it takes 10 minutes to heat up enough milk for 2 lattes. However the look and feel of the machine is very good and the coffee/espresso shots are very good. All things considered it makes a great coffee if your willing to heat the milk first then froth it on the machine or wait for the machine to do it.

Mr Steven Cook

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