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Gaggia GD three groups

Product Description

The Gaggia GD 3 Group Espresso coffee machine is stylish, hard working commercial coffee maker, bearing the famous Gaggia name, that is at home in any bar, coffee shop, restaurant or bistro.


Gaggia GD three groups

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Technical Specification

Technical Specification
2 groups
3 groups
4 groups

Hydraulic specifications
Copper boiler - capacity
Lt. 13
Lt. 21
Lt. 28
Independent heat exchangers tied to boiler
Autonomous brass chrome heating units
Steam spouts
Hot water economiser (dosing available with model GD)
Double scale pressure gauge for boiler and pump
Visual boiler water gauge
Automatic boiler filling
Manual boiler filling
Automatic anti-suction valve
Built-in volumetric pump (fitted inside the machine)
Electric features
Electric heating at maximun power
5000 4500
6000 5600
7300 6700
(main switch set at max power)
Electric heating at reduced power
3500 3000
4200 3800
5100 4500
(main switch set at reduced power)
Electric cup warmer
240 V
180 W
240 W
300 W
Other features
Tropicalised steel frame
Stainless steel drip tray
Coachwork in stainless steel -
painted steel and thermo-tightening ABS
Gas heating system (with safety valve cap and piezoelectric lighter)
Electronic board with coffee dosage counter (only on model GD)
Gas heating in Kcal/h
Power with gas heating system in Kcal/h
Hot water production per hour (150cc cup)

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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Coffee king

Really excellent quality, for a product that will perform time after time, this is the machine.

nigel casseldine

Five Stars,

Hubby now a happy man as he has been complaining about his coffee with his previous machine

pauline saunders

Excellent coffee with Grinder

Love this machine. Don't forget, you HAVE to have the Gaggia grinder to make a perfect espresso. Fresh ground coffee with the right grind is the only way to get a beautiful crema... and this delivers!

Denese Sanders

Good but needs a moveable steam wand.,

Good machine except the wand doesn't froth the milk very well and it can't be moved so there is little room to actually get enough milk in the jug for a BIGGER cup.

Diane M

Five Stars

Easy to use excellent cup results

Peter H. Miller

Five Stars,

Amazing Machine, loving every morning with it! Very well built, worth every penny.

Charles Hu

Works Great with my Gaggia classic. Can easily choke out my machine

Charles Hu

Five Stars,

Five Stars

Great machine. Easy to use and makes a great cup of espresso.

Richard A. Fritz

Great Espresso

Easy to use and makes great espresso!


Five Stars,

Great espresso machine! Solid build and GREAT coffees and cappuccinos! Love it!

Arthur R Monteiro

Gorgeous gaggia,

It is more than I expected Wonderful machine!!


Simple and reliable.,

This coffee machine worked great for our family more then 7 years. Coffee quality was always good w/o any complains. It is very simple, has no electronics (all electric parts are switch and pump) and because of that it is reliable like Colt revolver. Only moment you need to take into consideration: this machine requires soft water. This is pure 5 stars machine, worth every cent it price.

Olexander K.

Five Stars,

Great espresso and priced right.


Five Stars

Excellence espresso machine

Carmen De Diaz

Highly recommended

Outstanding machine - easy to use and brews a fine espresso. We had a very expensive, built in, all the bells and whistles machine and this is much better.

Kevin Connors

Five Stars

Great product, fast delivery


Five Stars

Easy to use and ;earning to make great coffee with good crema!


Five Stars,

Perfect esspresso... the steam wan is going to take a while to master.

Teagan Paradise

Easy to use, real Italian Espresso, use your own Fresh ground coffee

Wow! This is very good! Grind up your own coffee and get the frothy, creamy foam from nothing but pure ground coffee the way Italian espresso is supposed to be. I am very pleased. I have a cheap automatic steam espresso machine too that burns the coffee and doesn't have the frothy bubbles like the Gaggia Espresso Machine can do. I give this 5 stars because it is easy to use, produces a real Italian Espresso, and you can use your own fresh ground coffee of choice.


Good machine.

A great machine. No issues at all, it needs to be cleaned a few times a year, and makes a nice hot, espresso.

Paul Humphreys

This is also my best espresso machine in 15 years

This is my third espresso machine in 15 years (the other two were NOT Gaggia). This is also my best espresso machine in 15 years. One must learn and practice the art of a barista to create the perfect espresso with this machine--but a perfect espresso is what you get. If you are passionate about espresso (cappuccinos especially ;^) and wish to experience that love at home AND are able to give the attention a quality espresso deserves, then this machine is for you. It takes a little time and a little effort to learn the proper grind and tamping pressure--once that is accomplished (not a difficult task) one can easily claim to make the best espresso in the county--(at least equal it)!

Charles L Bates

capable machine.

I've been using a gaggia classic daily for about 6 months. Compared to the price of other espresso makers on the market you are getting a very capable machine for the money. Using fresh roasted and ground beans you can get a strong espresso with good crema every time. The point where the more expensive heat-exchanger and double-boiler machines score over a single boiler model such as this is on temperature stability. It is possible to time your shot to get close to a stable temperature for each shot but if you want serious temp stability then you have to pay 4 times as much. Steam performance is not bad for a machine this size. All in all good value for money.

Dave daints

Paint the kitchen with espresso

This is an excellent product with the potential to make first class espresso but... The Filter Holder has now been updated - you will hopefully figure this out just before you send it back due to its missing parts - they are no longer required and this is mentioned in an instructional insert. That's a relief but when you get to make your first espresso you will have it spitting all over the kitchen. Again just before you send the whole thing back you may decide the trawl the internet for a solution and will find out that the 2 filter baskets provided are both pressurised - for ESE pods! The filter basket for ground coffee is no longer provided! given that most of us who buy the machine will be trying to make a traditional espresso with grounds i find this most strange. anyway you'll need to buy a replacement double filter basket from such as happeydonkey before you are actually up and running. disappointing and a lot of faffing about but worth it in the end. all the above can be confirmed in the coffee forums


Good until it broke!

I bought a Gaggia classic in 2007 and had 2 years of very nice coffee. Compared to the other machines in the £150+ range, this is a value for money machine, despite its high price. Unlike the others in its price range It has a solenoid valve, which makes a difference. You do need to get a good coffee grinder (a burr machine, not one with blades) and a heavy tamper - the plastic one that comes with this isn't good enough. and of course, try some good quality beans - don't expect the ready ground in the supermarket to give you good coffee, whatever price you pay for the machine. Then the machine stopped working. It just stopped pumping, after 2 years of regular, once a day use. I'm really disappointed that something of that price only lasted a short time. But it seems to be the way with so many things these days. I wish I had listened to people in the first place and bought one twice the price that might have gone the distance. The other thing I didn't realise when I bought it was that although the body is made of stainless steel, the water boiler is aluminum. I wouldn't have bought it originally if I'd known that, given the health scares surrounding aluminum. But apparently Gaggia uses this in most of its lower end machines. The only lower price one I know that doesn't is the Gaggia Pure, and that doesn't have a great reputation for performance. I've no idea at the moment what to buy as a comparable replacement, and will have to hunt info down on barista forums to get advice. Any recommendations gladly accepted!


ok, but lots of annoyances

We bought this a while ago. first annoyance is that the little pipes for water inlet were high up. Nothing written in instruction that you had to pull them down. Second annoyance is that if you want to empty the watercontainer you will have to pull the little overflow away. Third annoyance is that there is a lot of water left in the filter (because of only one little hole in the filter) and therefore it is very difficult to empty the coffee out of it. If I'd have to choose again I will sepnd a lot of money on a ranchillio. Milk frother we do not use however as my daughter likes her babychinos I decided to still use the machine for that. Well I made about 5 and this is now not functioning anymore. However I have to give it a 3 star as the coffee is good with nice cream layer. Not sure if all of that is due to machine or where we buy our coffee


... don't lose the tiny wee plastic insert it makes great coffee.

As long as you get the grind right and don't lose the tiny wee plastic insert it makes great coffee.

John D

Gaggia classic is a class act

Four stars for quality build and construction of materials. Don't expect instant success but keep practising to achieve coffee shop quality lattes and cappuccinos. Essential to buy cleaning products to back flush machine. Research on many websites and coffee forums to find out more . One star lost for gaggia don't mention this in their blurb. However I'm thrilled with my new machine and love trying out different bean blends in it.


Good entry machine

The Classic does not disappoint as it is great value for money. Its construction is solid it looks the part and makes really good coffee. Only point is it needs some 15 minutes before the boiler water temperature is steady and that its water pressure seems calibrated higher than 9bar. Overall a great product. I had water leaks on mine but I consider this to be a rare incident.


Happy with purchase

Loving the coffee our Gaggia machine makes. Very easy to use. Only negative is that we had to buy a separate filter basket (highly recommend getting one from Happy Donkey) as the ones supplied have a tiny hole to fake the crema effect & easily (everytime we used it) become blocked with a tiny bit of coffee grind.


Wake up and smell the coffee

I bought this as a Christmas present for my partner and it was well received! I took me a couple of goes before I made a really good cappuccino, but it is apparent you really need good quality coffee and a little patience for it to warm up properly (takes 5 or 6 minutes). It is perhaps a little loud when 'brewing' the coffee and has a tendency to vibrate the cups causing them to move (but I am using very light cups!). But this is a minor gripe because it is a really easy machine to use and the milk frother is also pretty good too (so long as you have the machine at the edge of the working surface to be able to remove the frothed milk easily without pouring it everywhere. So far I haven't felt the need to buy an expensive metal frothing jug nor a replacement tamper either! It's now lasted a couple of months of heavy use and is holding up well.


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