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Gaggia XD Espresso Machine 2 group

Product Description

The Gaggia XD is a smart-looking coffee machine which will impress you and your customers, as well as giving you a real authentic Italian coffee house feel.

Designed for a constant work load, the XD is available in complete stainless steel or a black and silver stainless steel finish, and is made with all the care and attention that Gaggia is world-famous for. The standard Gaggia XD is available in 2 and 3 groups but it is also available in compact 1 and 2 group models for locations with limited space.

The XD has a large boiler with separate heat exchangers and each steam wand is equipped with turbo steam nozzles that steam and foam milk quickly producing a really high quality silky latte milk or creamy cappuccino foam.


Gaggia XD Espresso Machine 2 group

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Technical Specification

2 groups
3 groups

2 groups
3 groups
XE Semi-Automatic
XD Evolution Automatica
 Hydraulic specifications
Copper boiler - capacity
Lt. 13
Lt. 21
Independent heat exchangers tied to boiler
Autonomous brass chrome heating units
Steam spouts
Hot water economiser (dosing available with model XD)
Double scale pressure gauge for boiler and pump
Visual boiler water gauge
Automatic boiler filling
Manual boiler filling
Automatic anti-suction valve
Volumetric motor pump (fitted inside the machine)
 Electric features
Electric heating at maximun power
415-400V 3N~
5000 4500
6000 5600
(main switch set at max power)      
Electric heating at reduced power
415-400V 3N~

3500 3000

3500 3200
(main switch set at reduced power)      
Electric cup warmer
240 V
180 W
240 W
 Other features
Coachwork in painted stee
Gas heating system (with safety valve cap and piezoelectric lighter)
 Gas heating in Kcal/h
Power with gas heating system
Hot water production per hour (150cc cup)

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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Coffee king

Really excellent quality, for a product that will perform time after time, this is the machine.

nigel casseldine

Five Stars

Hubby now a happy man as he has been complaining about his coffee with his previous machine

pauline saunders

Excellent coffee with Grinder

Love this machine. Don't forget, you HAVE to have the Gaggia grinder to make a perfect espresso. Fresh ground coffee with the right grind is the only way to get a beautiful crema... and this delivers!

Denese Sanders

Good but needs a moveable steam wand.

Good machine except the wand doesn't froth the milk very well and it can't be moved so there is little room to actually get enough milk in the jug for a BIGGER cup.

Diane M

Five Stars

Easy to use excellent cup results

Peter H. Miller

Five Stars

Amazing Machine, loving every morning with it! Very well built, worth every penny.

Charles Hu

Five Stars

Works Great with my Gaggia classic. Can easily choke out my machine

Charles Hu

Five Stars

Great machine. Easy to use and makes a great cup of espresso.

Richard A. Fritz

Great Espresso

Easy to use and makes great espresso!


Five Stars

Great espresso machine! Solid build and GREAT coffees and cappuccinos! Love it!

Arthur R Monteiro

Gorgeous gaggia

It is more than I expected Wonderful machine!!


Simple and reliable

This coffee machine worked great for our family more then 7 years. Coffee quality was always good w/o any complains. It is very simple, has no electronics (all electric parts are switch and pump) and because of that it is reliable like Colt revolver. Only moment you need to take into consideration: this machine requires soft water. This is pure 5 stars machine, worth every cent it price.

Olexander K.

Five Stars

Great espresso and priced right.


Five Stars

Excellence espresso machine

Carmen De Diaz

Highly recommended

Outstanding machine - easy to use and brews a fine espresso. We had a very expensive, built in, all the bells and whistles machine and this is much better.

Kevin Connors

Five Stars

Great product, fast delivery


Five Stars

Easy to use and ;earning to make great coffee with good crema!


Five Stars

Perfect esspresso... the steam wan is going to take a while to master.

Teagan Paradise

Easy to use, real Italian Espresso, use your own Fresh ground coffee

Wow! This is very good! Grind up your own coffee and get the frothy, creamy foam from nothing but pure ground coffee the way Italian espresso is supposed to be. I am very pleased. I have a cheap automatic steam espresso machine too that burns the coffee and doesn't have the frothy bubbles like the Gaggia Espresso Machine can do. I give this 5 stars because it is easy to use, produces a real Italian Espresso, and you can use your own fresh ground coffee of choice.


Good machine.

A great machine. No issues at all, it needs to be cleaned a few times a year, and makes a nice hot, espresso.

Paul Humphreys

This is also my best espresso machine in 15 years,

This is my third espresso machine in 15 years (the other two were NOT Gaggia). This is also my best espresso machine in 15 years. One must learn and practice the art of a barista to create the perfect espresso with this machine--but a perfect espresso is what you get. If you are passionate about espresso (cappuccinos especially ;^) and wish to experience that love at home AND are able to give the attention a quality espresso deserves, then this machine is for you. It takes a little time and a little effort to learn the proper grind and tamping pressure--once that is accomplished (not a difficult task) one can easily claim to make the best espresso in the county--(at least equal it)!

Charles L Bates

Good machine, but has its flaws

Bought this after looking at espresso machines in the same price range. It does what it supposed to do, make good espressos with ample crema (almost to the point of foam), consistently. Some drawbacks. The implements (measuring spoon and tamper) are of the cheapest plastic you can imagine, which is a surprise given the price range. As reported by others, depending on the grounds in the porta-filter the machine may spray coffee everywhere. This can be solved by inserting the special 'crema device' into the porta-filter---nothing more than a plastic spout that was clearly added later to deal with the spraying issue rather than add more crema.

jvhemert "Jano" (Edinburgh, UK)


A few problems with spluttering coffee grounds & hard to separate filter holder from brew unit It has changed a lot from the old one I had originally - probably an attempt to facilitate use.


Gaggia great coffee

Bought this for my wife who loves coffee great machine plenty of steam to heat and froth milk. I also bought the stainless milk jug and thermometer makes great coffee.

James Taylor "chicken Jim" (N.Ireland)

Just buy one, it makes great coffee!,

Since it's purchase, this item has been used 2 or 3 times a day for a good few months now and performs just as expected, making great coffee every time. (Incidentally, my son has been using one for 3 years or more without fault!). My only slight criticism is that because the water tank is made from smoked grey plastic, it is difficult to monitor the level when re-filling. This is just a minor annoyance and would not stop me buying one. A few floating plastic balls on top of the water would probably ease the situation! Recommended purchase.

Glyn Hourihan (England, UK)

real coffee,

Makes great coffee with guaranteed crema. Seems well made. Lavazza coffees seem best. Tiny plastic insert in the filter falls out if you bash the filter holder onto a bin edge to empty it - so scrape out the grounds with a spoon instead. If you make coffee without the plastic insert, coffee sprays everywhere - just so you know! Easy to use, making frothy coffee is easy but as the machine is a single boiler model, you need to turn off the steam function and allow the boiler to cool before making your next cup.

Edward Campion (Ireland)

Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine

I share most of the views expressed by other Coffeeitalia customers that the Gaggia classic makes a really good cup of coffee. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to owning this machine. I first bought the Classic about 6 years ago and was really happy with it. Then at approximately the 4 year point it broke down completely. Wishing to retain the machine I sent it back for repair to Phillips, who had then taken over the ailing Gaggia UK subsidiary. It cost me over £100, and was sent back with a 28 day guarantee. After 6 weeks, the machine broke down again. I so loved the coffee that the Classic made that I purchased a replacement through Coffeeitalia. Now, after 2 years that has broken down as well. In neither case was the machine over used - usually just 2 - 3 mugs of coffee a day. I would grade this machine with three stars because of the good coffee it brews, but no more because of its poor longevity. Regretably, I would not buy Gaggia again. This is no criticism of Coffeeitalia, which provided an excellent service at a very good price.

Peter R

Good coffee, poor milk!

The froth element of this machine is poor, it takes 10 minutes to heat up enough milk for 2 lattes. However the look and feel of the machine is very good and the coffee/espresso shots are very good. All things considered it makes a great coffee if your willing to heat the milk first then froth it on the machine or wait for the machine to do it.

Mr Steven Cook

Gaggia Classic

We love this machine; our house smells like a coffee shop and evokes all the great holidays we have had. the machine is easy to use; but not easy to clean. Makes great coffee but the machine broke after 18 months Would not buy another Classic

David Padgett

Coffee Maker

Purchased this for my Husband who had actually chosen the make and type. Unfortunately a regular size coffee cup does not fit underneath the taps! We have to make the coffee in a small cup and transfer to a larger cup. Also it is a bit of a nuisance cleaning everything if it is not in constance use. After three weeks my husband has gone back to using the normal cafeterie, so it may just land up as a dust collector. However, was very pleased with the condition of the model considering it was described as slightly damaged, as no damage can be found.

Jan D "buxstead" (London)

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