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Elektra Nivola coffee machine Redrace for powder

Product Description

NIVOLA COFFEE CUP ELEKTRA ESPRESSO Elektra Nivola Red Race for powder Speed, the bright gleam of metal, streamlined forms that offer little resistance to the wind were the signs of modernity in the thirties. The creativity which generated the streamlined design of Nivola® incorporates the artistic and cultural influence of currents of thought that from futurism led to italian "Bolidism". An American movement in particular used them to revolitionize the way of designing everyday objects and machines: it was called Streamlining and had the merit of not only making the shapes of many industrial product more aesthetic and pleasing, but also inaugurated a new relationship between machine and man. It was the start of attention being paid to ease of use and practicality; in one world - ergonomics. Materials selected for their qualities of strength and durability, always in line with the quality level of the design: these are the finishing touch for a refined, sophisticated design. The Nivola® housing is in mirror-finish polished aluminium complete with a Plexiglass cup-covering dome. The grids are in non-corrosive stainless steel, the boiler unit and the filter holder are in brass, while the filter holder grip is in authentic Bakelite. Nivola® is a machine that has been designed to produce an excellent quality coffee at all times, even without any particular experience. A special technology makes it foolproof. If, for example, the water is not hot enough to prepare a good coffee or the steam pressure of the cappuccino maker is not yet at optimum temperature and pressure level, Nivola® goes into the stand-by stage. It only starts operating, a few seconds later, when ideal conditions have been reached. If there is no water in the tank, a warning is given before any damage can be caused. In this case Nivola® stops all functions until the tank is filled.


Elektra Nivola coffee machine Redrace for powder

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