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ELEKTRA T1 SIXTIES Deliziosa Electronic AND GAGGIA MD58 Coffee Grinder

Product Description

ELEKTRA T1 SIXTIES Deliziosa Electronic

The main feature of the Sixties in a commercial environment is its extreme compactness - the result of a design study in placing a whopping 6 liters of boiler capacity into such a small frame and body. This machine's high wattage heating element is desired to heat the boiler quickly for quick recovery and temperature stability. The Sixties Series even generates a lot of heat to keep those cups nice-and-toasty on top. With a direct water line connection, you never have to worry about filling any water tank, but you do have to remember to recharge the water softener and change the water filter. Available configurations include polished stainless steel or copper/brass finishes and lever activated, semi-automatic dosing or touchpad, full automatic dosing.
* Beautiful Ultra-polished stainless steel finish.
* Commercial-grade steel frame with anti-twist unit connections.
* Incorporated motor and positive (rotary vane) displacement pump with vibration-damping fastening.
* Available in semi-automatic with lever on side of grouphead that activates microswitch for water through the grouphead. * Double electronic level control system monitors water level in boiler to make sure heating element is submerged in water.
* Patented heat exchanger accessible from above boiler for easy inspection and cleaning. * Filter on the grouphead removed any large contaminants that may have passed through a broken filter on the water line.
* Multi-directional steam wand allows movement of steam wand in many different directions.
* Steam valve and water valve have pivotal lever controls. * Elektra trademark on back of machine made of anonized aluminum.
* Dual-acting, high-precision gauge shows both pump pressure and boiler pressure. * Coffee disperser lever made with a Briarwood-colored bakelite knob.
* Heating element with safety thermostat for additional protection.
* Electronic boiler water level control unit positioned in cool area and is protected against humidity.
* ETL Sanitation Listed and UL Listed approvals only on 2000 watt machine.
* Bakelite handle on portafilter, pull lever, and valve controls.
* Accessories: 1-cup and 2 -cup filter baskets, single spout and double spout portafilter, instructions, and stainless steel braided hose for direct water connection.
* Optional Accessories: pod kit to use E.S.E. pods, commercial-grade rechargeable water softener, Elektra logo cups.


GAGGIA MD58 Coffee Grinder
Gaggia commercials are some of the most robustly built grinders around, available in three sizes to cater for almost all coffee producing establishments.
Precision grinding blades make this italian built coffee grinder a must have accessory for not only every gaggia commercial machine but those wanting to produce excellent quality beverages day after day.
Excellent features, production capacity and price ratio. Has a continuous micrometrical regulation system and an aluminium dispenser with a built-in coffee press.


ELEKTRA T1 SIXTIES Deliziosa Electronic AND GAGGIA MD58 Coffee Grinder

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Technical Specification

ELEKTRA T1 SIXTIES Deliziosa Electronic

* Weight: 35 Kg. - 77 lbs

* Shipping Weight: 113 including pallet.

* Power: 110-230 Volt

* Boiler capacity: 5.5 liters (largest boiler for a single grouphead machine).

* Quality fabricated in Italy.

GAGGIA MD58 Coffee Grinder

Technical Information

Power supply : 250 w

Colours: Silver

Size (W x H x D): 19 cm x 47 cm x 21 cm

Weight: 9 kg

Motor:1400 rpm

Grinding capacity per hour: 3-4 kg

Grinding flat blades diameter: 58 mm

Coffee-beans hopper capacity: 0.6 kg

Ground coffee doser capacity: 0.2 kg

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