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Dalla Corte DC MINI AND GAGGIA MD58 Coffee Grinder

Product Description

Dalla Corte DC MINI

The boiler and brewing unit work completely independent from one another and allow the user to discover the full potential of an espresso blend as the brewing temperature can be regulated to whatever degree you like with consistent stability. The MINI Series brings DC quality and reliability to the Prosumer market.
  • The DTCS Multi-boiler system gives the DC MINI a temperature stability of 0.3* Celcius
  • Through a patented boiler design and PID controlled element the DTCS can hold this stability with ease
  • Brew temperature can be controlled quickly with ease using a dial, allowing you to find your coffees sweet spot.
  • The DC Mini is up to 30% more energy efficient than other single group systems. Through its multi-boiler system energy is only used as is precisely needed. The group head or steam boiler can be individually turned of when not needed.
  • Thermally Insulated - No heat is lost at any point of the heating to extraction process.
  • Volumetric Controls – Gives the Barista exact control the group water output.
  • Programable – Individual group brewing parameters can be set completely independently.
  • Simple Construction – Machine can be accessed for service by removing only 4 screws.
  • Professional grade components utilised inside.
  • Beautifully Finished - The Dc Mini Series comes in a polished aluminium shell, which a carbon encased boiler / group.
  • Ergonomic Design – Group is visible and low laying, Steam wands feature half-twist, and handle is shaped for ease in repetitive use.


GAGGIA MD58 Coffee Grinder

Gaggia commercials are some of the most robustly built grinders around, available in three sizes to cater for almost all coffee producing establishments.

Precision grinding blades make this italian built coffee grinder a must have accessory for not only every gaggia commercial machine but those wanting to produce excellent quality beverages day after day.
Excellent features, production capacity and price ratio. Has a continuous micrometrical regulation system and an aluminium dispenser with a built-in coffee press.


Dalla Corte DC MINI AND GAGGIA MD58 Coffee Grinder

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Technical Specification

Dalla Corte DC MINI
dimensions (w x h x d) (inches) 9,65x15,1x14,8
weight (Ibs)48,5 2
connected load   230/240 V 1 Ph, 115 V 1 Ph - 50/60 Hz
boiler capacity (l) 1,5
capacity group heads (l) 0,5
water tank (l) 3

Dowload Brochure

GAGGIA MD58 Coffee Grinder
Technical Information
Power supply:
250 w
Size (W x H x D):
19 cm x 47 cm x 21 cm
9 kg
1400 rpm
Grinding capacity per hour:
3-4 kg
Grinding flat blades diameter
58 mm
Coffee-beans hopper capacity:
0.6 kg
Ground coffee doser capacity:
0.2 kg

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